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How to Light an Oil Lamp

How to Light an Oil Lamp

How to fill use light oil lamp lantern hi it’s AlaskaGranny here are the steps
to lighting an oil lamp the oil lamp burner unit screws on to the vessel container so
you would unscrew this top burner section and you fill the oil lamp lantern up with oil the wick of the oil lamp needs
to extend down into the oil because it has to bring the oil up to the top of
the burner unit of your oil lamp lantern keep the oil vessel at least half full then you simply put it
back on screw it back and then this little knob here raises and lowers the
wick in the oil lamp there are three ways you can cut a wick to get the amount of light that you
want from the oil lamp lantern you can cut a wick straight across you can cut a wick in a curve or you can
cut it in a point this wick is cut straight across this wick is cut in a curve this wick is cut into a point
the point gives you the most amount of light from the oil lamp lantern cut your wick the shape you want
roll it up so it sticks up a little bit above the burner and then you’re going
to light it once you get the wick lit you want to roll the wick down so it’s just at
the top of the oil burner unit that’s when you put your globe back on you nestle
it carefully in there and then if it starts to smoke then you want to roll the wick
down until there’s no more smoke there you have it your oil lamp is ready to
use make sure that you realize all of it gets hot if it gets knocked over it can
be very dangerous so you want to be careful where you place it when you’re
done using it and want to put out the oil lamp lantern you simply give it a blow down the top of the chimney to put it out try these
steps the next time you light an oil lamp lantern learn more at alaskagranny.com
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  1. Hello, hope your doing well. I just made a fantastic buy on a box of oil lamps, all different types and sizes. I've searched and searched and have not found out information I'm looking for. Here goes, on a pedestal table oil lamp does it matter what kind of chimney to use to put a glass shade on. I've seen some lamps with shade resting directly on chimney. And seen some that has hardware to hold shade on. Thanks, if you know or where I can find information.

  2. What about this for reading got tips for that? and Im in a g30 van is it safe smoke and all. (not worried about brakeage but air quality

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