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How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Sliding Door | Sylvane

How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner Through a Sliding Door | Sylvane

Hey, guys. It’s Kevin here with Sylvane. And today, I’m going
to show you how to install a portable AC
through a sliding glass door. Now, the kit that
we’re going to use is made specifically
for sliding doors. But if you don’t want to
purchase a kit, that’s OK. We have some tips for you too. Stick around. First we have to put
the brackets together. Grab the middle panel– that’s
the one with the opening– and insert a screw,
which is included, through one of the
holes on the side. Use the nut– it’s also
included– to tighten it just enough to stay attached. Then grab another
panel and slide it into place over the screw. When you’re happy
with the placement, tighten the nut to lock
the panel in place. Now, do the same thing
with the other side. Next, measure the
height of your door and compare that to the
length of the brackets. Adjust the brackets
so they match the exact height of your door. Place the kit vertically
along the height of the door and gently close the
door to lock it in place. Then attach the
included weatherstrips along the sides of the
top and bottom panels. This will seal any gaps between
the kit and the door frame. So now, let’s attach this AC. I have my hose that
came with my AC, and now I’m just going
to screw my door bracket adapter onto the hose. Now, some of you
may be wondering, can you actually use your
door when the kit is attached? Well, here’s a tip. Take a piece of
Velcro and attach it to the door frame and
the inside of the kit. That is an easy, nonpermanent
way to keep the kit in place. What about safety? Can a stranger just come
up and open the door with the kit installed? Well, most doors come
with a security bar. If you have one, adjust
it to the right size with the vent kit installed. What if you don’t
have a security bar? Well, here’s a tip. Cut a simple wooden dowel and
place that in the door frame while the AC is in use. But just to be
safe, we recommend that you uninstall the kit when
you’re going to go to sleep or if you’re going
to be away from home. That way, you can completely
lock and close the door. Technically, you don’t
have to buy a kit to install this
AC through a door. You can use the window kit
that comes with your AC, but most of those only
come with two brackets. So you’ll have to
cut some Plexiglas or some other material to
fill in that extra space in between the door. So if it were me, I would
save that kit for window installations and I
would get this kit to vent my AC through a door. It’s just so easy, and it
will work with most ACs. It’s a no-brainer. Hopefully that answers all your questions. If you found this video useful, I encourage you to click the big thumbs up and share it with your friends. We’ll also include some links
to our other articles on how to install portable ACs down below in the details. And over at our YouTube channel, we have other videos on ACs,
installation tips, and product reviews. So head on over to our YouTube
channel and check it out. Thanks for watching, guys.

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  1. Thank you so much! We only have a sliding glass door in our apartment and I thought that was going to doom us to melting throughout the summer! Very helpful!

  2. This was very helpful and the troubleshooting gives solutions for using your portable AC unit where you have available access.

  3. Great Presentation Loved It  The Velcro and security info was very much appreciated.  YOU ROCK!   Thank You Very Much…

  4. Just get this… best strongest smallest most portablest ac unit ever that's awesome!

    Frigidaire 12,000 Btu Portable Room Air Conditioner | White | 15.625 x 18.3125 x 30.125 | FFPA1222R1

  5. thanks so much I can't wait to watch later, I saved to education! mine from Avalon kit is so cheap it comes out 2xaweek

  6. Thanks VERY much, Kevin. When I contacted the manufacturer of my portable AC unit, the rep had no idea about a kit for installing it into a sliding glass door. As well, your tips on using velcro, and locking with an adjustable rod, are excellent.

  7. Is there a kit we can use to make the Soleus Air LX-140BL Portable AC work with a sliding glass door? 82"

  8. Very informative video, thank you! My question is how do I cover the vent hose opening so bugs don't enter the hose area? I purchased a Honeywell portable air conditioner 14000 BTU Model MM14CHCS.

  9. Good video, but where are you draining the condensation? is that gathered in the A/C unit and needs to be dumped? Thanks again for the info.

  10. Brilliant! Im so glad this exists, my apartment is upstairs with no AC and I live in socal. I have the exact portable AC he used in the video 😀 So i know itll work for sure.

  11. What happens if the height is more than 82 inches? My door is close to 100 inches. Anyone has got any idea? Thanks folks.

  12. WHERE Can I get one of those kits long enough to fit in my door ffs. Just need the piece not a whole new ac unit.

  13. I was ready to skip the intro but it was great 👍 the whole video now can I pay you to come install this 😩

  14. It’s not too much of an issue if there’s tiny air gaps around the bracket and door is it? I can’t for the life of me get it to fill in perfect where there is no air gaps.

  15. My doors go from floor to ceiling. That's about 94-96 inches. 82 inches is way too short. Do you have a bigger kit?

  16. Great video! I'm trying to install this on my sliding glass door as I don't have any windows in my master bedroom. Can you please advise where you purchased the sliding glass door installation kit? I can't find it anywhere on the web.

  17. Got the kit then realized I should have measured my sliding door height. My door height is an additional 8" higher so I have a large gap top fill. Make sure you all measure your door height before you buy or be prepared to install an additional spacer.

  18. Where to buy the kit? Most kit I found on the net support 190cm! Far from 82 inches you used in this video. Thank you.

  19. What material sheets options other than Plexi glass I can buy to fill the extra space? I need an additional 37.125"L.

  20. I would also like to know what AC unit you guys are using? I bought a AC unit similar to the one used in the video and purchased your kit, but your kit was not the same size. I couldn’t use it. I will be sending it back next week. This is not universal and can not be used with just any Unit. That should have been stated in the video.

  21. Best video EVER! LOVE this guy! Well explained. He is so calming and friendly, brightened my day and cooled my world. THANK YOU! xo

  22. Wow! $59 for those cheap plastic panels? That's insane! Just get bare panels on Ebay costs around 10~15 bucks and make hole by yourself.

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