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How to Hang a Picture : Using Sconces to Decorate Negative Space Near Big Art Pieces

How to Hang a Picture : Using Sconces to Decorate Negative Space Near Big Art Pieces

My name is Craig Hale. I am an interior decorator
and I am helping Expert Village.com today talk about ways to decorate your walls and
different types of objects it is decorated with and also how to even arrange them on
your wall. So you found your big piece of artwork. This time it is an inexpensive museum
print 25 bucks max, framed it myself, probably another $25 plus the glass which is not going
to cost you too terribly much. But you have hung it up here and you are looking at it,
something that suggests not really right. There is too much negative space on either
side of your print. So what you are going to do is you are going to find your pencil,
your tape measure and nails and you are going to hang items on either side to fill in the
negative space around this print. So the easiest thing to do is, I am a big fan of eyeballing
so what you want to do is you want to kind of sort of hold it back, step back and look,
have the center of this wall sconce in between the top and bottom of the print. Mark the
very tip top of it and then taking your ruler measure from the top of the sconce down to
the top of the hole for the nail and that is 8.25 inches. Good luck finding your spot
again there it is and 8.25 inches marked on the wall. Now since these aren’t very heavy
you do not really need super big nails. So I am going to just take these little bitty
guys, pound them into the wall
and then hopefully there Oh! God, that was easy it went on the first time. So then basically
you are going to repeat this on the other side hanging the two sconces to fill up your
negative space on the wall.

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  1. If you don't want to mark your walls with a pencil, I'd recommend trying Hang & Level. The tool shows you exactly where to hammer your nail or hook without any guesswork or measuring.

  2. But please do take note, we don't care if you have the Mona Lisa hung next to us, a self respecting sconce does not appreciate being placed over a porcelain throne…FYI.

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