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How to Hang a Picture : Symmetrical Design Schemes for Wall Hangings

How to Hang a Picture : Symmetrical Design Schemes for Wall Hangings

My name is Craig Hale. I am an interior decorator
and on behalf of Expert Village.com I am going to help you hang pictures on your wall and
create interest without spending a whole lot of money. All right so let us just quickly
talk about why this actually works as a scheme for hanging things on your wall. The reason
is what we have done we have created a symmetrical or formally balanced arrangement. Basically
if you draw a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor and divide it, you’ve got equal
amounts of things on your wall, so we have got half the picture in one ensconce in the
left and half picture in one sconce on the right. See what we have done is we created
balance on the wall but for hanging the main focal point directly in the center of the
wall and flanked it with two other items to help take out negative space. Another reason
that this works is that the fact that you have got these red, hard sconces and you are
picking up the red that is in the print and then you have also got really curvilinear
shapes that are also picked up at the top of the skyscraper. So what we have done we’ve
created a symmetrical balance and we have created a very formal and traditional way
of hanging things on a wall.

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