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How to Hang a Picture : Patching Holes in the Wall for Picture Hanging

How to Hang a Picture : Patching Holes in the Wall for Picture Hanging

Hi. I’m Bobby Hester on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series we’re going to show you how to hang big pictures, small pictures and every
size in between. We’re going to show you out to use hangers and we’re going to show you
how to quickly and easily just hang a picture just like a professional. Let’s say that you
have a picture hanging on your wall and it’s been there for years and you decide it just
doesn’t quite fit you anymore and you want to take it down? But if you take it down you
have a nail hole. Well, what do you do? Well let me show you right now. Let’s take this
picture down and our anchor actually just came out just then. But we have this big old
nasty hole in the wall and we need to fill it. So there are several options you can do.
You can put caulk in there or put spackling. I’m going to use spackling. And I like to
get just a little dab on my finger or you can put it on a putty knife. This wall’s textured
so I’m going to try and kind of blend it in with the texture. So I’m going to get a little
bit on my hand and I’m just going to put it right there in the hole. Kind of dab it in.
Put plenty on there. Make sure the hole is completely filled. And then you’ll want to
let that dry for a while. The spackling is water based so after it dries you can come
back with a wet rag and smooth it out. So, we’re going to let that dry for a few minutes.
Okay, I ‘m going to get a wet rag. I’m just going to kind of rub on the spackling. It’ll
start to dissolve and I’m just going to kind of work it in different directions and pretty
soon everything just starts to disappear and blend into the texture of my wall. Now, I’m
fortunate that this wall is white, the spackling is white. You can still kind of see the color
difference. I could probably get by with that as far as not having to paint it. But if you
have blue walls or some real rich color you’re probably going to have to repaint so you might
want to take a paint brush and just dab in the area and try to work it out. Sometimes
it’s unavoidable that you’ll have to repaint the whole wall. But if you just give it enough
effort and try to blend out your paint you should be okay.

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