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How to Hang a Picture : Hanging Pictures on the Wall at Eye Level

My name is Craig Hale, I am an interior decorator
and I am helping Expert Village.com today talk about ways to decorate your walls and
different types of objects it is decorated with and also how to even arrange them on
your wall. So now we are going to talk about how to get the perfect hang for the piece
of art or your mirror or what have you. The easiest thing to do is to take a tape measure
and measure up from the ground. Measure up five feet and mark it with a pencil, as I
have done here. On average five feet is most people’s eyesight. So once you found the
five foot mark on your wall you want to take whatever it is that you are hanging, measure
the height which this is 22, divide it in half and that is where you are going to hang
the center of the mirror at the five foot mark.

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