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How to Hang a Perfect Picture

How to Hang a Perfect Picture. From dorm posters to Dali prints, a level
picture is a happy picture. And a happy picture is going to make you – the
happy picture’s happy owner – even happier. You will need Framed picture Tape measurer
Some painter’s tape Picture hook with nails Pencil Hammer Level Drill and masonry bit
Wall anchor and strong magnet. Step 1. Figure out where you want to hang the picture. Step 2. Determine what kind of wall you have. In general, most older, pre-World-War-Two
homes have plaster walls, which can support thin nails. Most newer… Very new homes may have metal studs instead
of wood. Slide a strong magnet along the wall to locate
one, and slowly drill a fine-thread screw into place. Step 3. Measure the size of the picture you want to
hang. Step 4. Use painter’s tape to outline the picture’s
dimensions on the wall where you want to hang it. Step 5. On the back of the picture, measure the distance
from the top of the frame to where the hook will need to be. If your frame has picture wire, pull the wire
taut toward the top of the frame when measuring. Step 6. Measure the same distance from the center
and top of your tape outline, and mark the spot with a pencil. Larger or heavier pictures may need two hooks. Step 7. Secure the hook or hooks in place, and hang
up the picture. Step 8. Use a level to make sure the picture is hanging
evenly, so everyone is happy. Did you know The glass in a picture frame
should not touch the picture or painting it covers – it can cause damage and discoloration.

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