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  1. @CollegeLoheart
    Hahaha sure thing budy… According the the statistics, Americans are the ones that are exposed more to bed bugs then Europeans.. You just managed to make a fool out of yourself.

  2. @1980KNIGHTRIDER I'm so sick of people saying this. Anybody can go on and make a howcast video. It's not just a few people, it's ANYBODY!

  3. lol! so much work! ts, ts… After you made sure your bed is green, Just sink it's 4 legs into 4 hard plastic bowls of water and just make sure your covers don't touch the wall or floor. Presto, you sleep in the sea (indoor sea you've made) and the bugs will drool looking at you from a distance thinking: Oh that son of a &^%$. You still want to get aggressive on them? ok. Buy diatomaceous earth (from perma guard) and put it's dust around the carpet. That'll teach them a lesson they won't forget

  4. hotel cleark: hello how my i help you
    hotel cleark: sir ima have to call the police if you dont want me to CALM THE FRIK DOWN
    hotel cleark: oh that changes the story sir il get you a new room worth 5 million dollors
    gest: ok thank you have a great day

  5. @1200com

    ahaha. does putting 4 plastic cups of water on all your bed legs work? When you wake up in the morning, do you see the bed bug just floating there in the water?

    I really hate these motherfuckers. I had em for 2 months, and i hope they die in molting lava. I found a good steamer that put out 300 degree Farenheit steam, but I'm waiting for that to come back in stock. What else would i need other than the steam? Does the Diatomecous earth really work? I want these motherfuckers dead

  6. @BIGDADDYF50 Yep, the 4 bowls of water works. Bed bugs only crawl to their destination: You. But as soon as they touch water, they back up fearing the worse. They'll try to go around, cause they smell the carbon monoxide we all exhale (that's how they navigate until they reach your skin), but bed bugs can't jump or fly either. If you can protect the bed leg with a smaller radius cylindrical hard plastic container so it does not touch the water to avoid corrosion (if wood) or rust (if iron)

  7. This idea really does work. Its an old wives tale of SC and it truly works.
    1. Soak matress in Kerosene.
    2. While matress is soaking, clean the rest of house/ soak other matresses because your alone matress is not their only resting place.
    3. After 3 days of soaking, Soak mattres in water for as long as needed to rid of kerosene.
    4. Cover matress and let dry out.

  8. @yoohoosgrrrl I know of a better way… soak mattresses in kerosine…. take them outside your house and away from dry vegetation… then, burn!

  9. So you want me to vacuum my bed, then stick it in the washer, then stick it in the dryer, then get it dry cleaned, then have it steam cleaned, then put an uncomfortable plastic mattress cover over it…
    fuck that shit, aslong as the bugs dont bother me, im ok.

  10. God I just saw a creepy bug in my bed. Larger than a bed bug. I would pay so much to make it so the pest kind of bugs didnt exist. When you think about it bees are alright. It's the wasps and cockroaches and bed bugs that really creep me out. Can't sleep after I saw that bug. I can't help but think if any bug ever crawls into somrones mouth while theyre sleeping.

  11. HOW TO EASILY GET RID OF BED BUGS. SPREAD AROUND A POWDER CALLED: FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS (you can find it like : Lowes, Home Depot Garden Center. Do mostly what the video says, but Don't hire an exterminator because he's not going to get rid of the problem, he's only going to take your money.

  12. I just found a bedbug in a bed tonight. Now im sleeping on an office chair with no blankets. Thanks for the support family.

  13. Get plastic bags and cover everything with that, (the bugs cannot walk up hill on smooth plastic surfaces), use those traps made with yeast and sugar! 

  14. the only way is to have a bird at home!!! that eats these critters!!

    we need get rid of all beds..pillows…bolster comforters..furnitures..and i mean really really get poorer
    because their aim is to make you poorer.,..thus you need get rid of everything they infest and infiltrates into!!

    all these methods above does not work.sorry!

  15. after that..dust the flooriing, furnitures and everything they infest with bicabornate of soda and salt|!

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