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How To Do D.I.Y Wall Decor Under Ten Minutes | Golden Minette 👽👑

How To Do D.I.Y Wall Decor Under Ten Minutes | Golden Minette 👽👑

hey guys so I’ve been on this constant
mood lately to create since I’m on a very tight budget I’ve gone through my
art bag and my creativity box which I’m not gonna open completely because it’s a
mess but I wanted to see what I can create
because you know my motto creating something out of nothing but I’ve been
thinking about creating a wall piece to complement my wall because let’s face it
it’s boring and my white walls are no longer white so if you don’t follow me
on instagram you obviously didn’t read what I wrote about dragonfly’s but long
story short I’ve been seeing dragonflies everywhere so I look up the meaning of
it and it’s crazy how much it connected to me in my life so it’s
something that’s very inspiring to me and very very nature like you know so
for this DIY it was kind of random it just came to my mind and I I didn’t know
who’s gonna work out so I actually practiced it first with this practice
paper I’m going to use but basically you’re gonna need tape scissors and I
use this acrylic paper type of material so depending on the design you want to
go just apply the tape where you want also a quick tip for the tape when
whenever you reach to the edge I fold it in so cuz it tends to stick on other
paper so so I already had a head start but basically what you’re going to do is cut out the Dragonfly without cutting the whole paper because
we’re gonna use not the dragonfly but the outline of the Dragonfly if that makes
sense but basically you want to do is fold the paper lightly not not too much
to where you want to bend it and then just cut it it’s simple for your safety please do not spray
paint in the house or in your room like I did not safe at all
I almost suffocated suffocated sorry but I use this black spray paint do not use
the chalk one this is what I use the chalk spray paint I don’t know what’s it’s called but I
think it’s what it’s called but use the actual spray paint or you eat you will
like use actual paint but I prefer spray paint so here comes the fun part
remember we’ll be cut out the dragonfly thank god this is just my practice one
what you need to do be sure to leave it on like five to ten minutes to dry you
want to make sure the paper you cut out is on there on the canvas or whatever
you wanna paint over it flats make sure it’s flat well guys thank you so much for watching
I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project I hope to see yours as well
and don’t forget to watch my previous video because you’re missing out you
missing out on the golden life stay golden

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