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How to Correctly Hang a Drape at Home | Pottery Barn

How to Correctly Hang a Drape at Home | Pottery Barn

It takes precision and care to hang a drape properly.
But with the right tools and technique, it can be simple and straightforward to make
your drapes look professionally hung. Start by having all the right tools on hand: measuring tape, pencil, window hardware including a drape rod,
finials, and mounting hardware, drapery rings if you’re using them, a handheld drill, Philips head drill bit, or Philips screwdriver, a stud finder,
and a carpenter’s level. To determine the size of drape rod needed,
measure the width of your window, taking into account whether you’d like a wall mount, hanging
on the wall above the window trim, or a turn mount, hanging on the window trim. Allow one to three inches on each side of the window,
for when the drapes are completely open. Rods are usually mounted four inches above the window. To add height to a room, mount the rod closer to the ceiling. Be sure to consider the extra wall space needed for decorative finials, as the rod dimensions to not include the length of the finial. For low light filtration, mount the curtain rod six inches above the trim, allow the rod width to extend three inches beyond the window’s actual width. Once you have determined where you would like to mount the window hardware, use a carpenter’s level, or measure up from the floor
to ensure brackets will be level. Hold mounting brackets to the wall. Using a carpenter’s level, next to the bracket to ensure that it is straight, mark the location of the screw holes with a pencil. Prepare pre-drilled holes where you have placed your marks. For drywall, insert plastic wall anchors with a Philips screwdriver
and the pre-drilled holes. Align the bracket holes with installed anchors. Insert screws and tighten with a Philips head screwdriver, until the bracket is firmly attached to the wall. For stud mounting, align the bracket holes with the pre-drilled holes. Insert screws and tighten with a Philips head screwdriver or drill, until the bracket is firmly attached to the wall. If using double or clip rings, slide these onto the rod without the drapes. Tighten bracket set screws with the included Allen wrench, to hold the drape rod in place. Attach finials to the end of each rod. Your drapes are now mounted securely and evenly to your wall.

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  1. I love the video! we share a lot of the same interest on our site as well!. feel free to visit our channel, we would love to collaborate! good luck with future videos:) 

  2. I agree, this video does NOT tell how to hang a drape. No where is there mentioned what measurement to use for rings with clips! GRRRRRRRRRRRR I am trying to figure out how high to hang my drapery rod. This does not tell you this!

  3. I'm installing on dry wall and i do not know how to put the little plastic things where the screw will sit in.. How the fuck do I do it with out breaking them? I hate curtains

  4. no one talks about putting the drapes on the rod and then holding it up to check where you want the curtain bottoms to land. Right to the floor, an inch or a few inches above the floor…….etc. Hmm…..

  5. The music is way too loud and the woman's voice is very hard to hear.  Pottery Barn, you need to check your videos before releasing them onto YouTube.  The audio for this video is terrible.

  6. I purchased the same drapes and was hoping to hang them by the loops on the back, however they didn't come with loops on the back as advertised. They came with metal things that slide into the drape and you hang metal clips from. So, there is no hanging loop. No one at the company seems to understand this or be helpful. I'm unhappy. I was looking forward to these drapes working.

  7. Need help with height too. How much length do the small rings add? Also, since I'm using the drapery hooks to attach to the back of the curtains, do I use the bottom 2 threads or the top 2 of the 3? Pictures look like the top 2 but I'd like that in the instructions. I'll look for other videos so I don't have to hold up the whole thing to determine height

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