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How to Cook Steaks on the Blaze Aluminum Kamado | Dwell Method | BBQGuys.com

How to Cook Steaks on the Blaze Aluminum Kamado | Dwell Method | BBQGuys.com

In this video, I’ll show you how to Grill
the perfect steak on the Blaze Kamado. The first thing you will want to do is get
the charcoal started for a high heat sear. I am using 3 fire starters around the base
of the charcoal pile. Allow your fire to catch and stabilize with
the lid open, and the bottom damper completely open. Once your coals are glowing, go ahead and
shut the lid so that the grates can preheat. Leave your top as well as bottom damper wheel
set to all the way open, and it’s time to prep the steaks! Today I have two thick cut ribeyes that are
about an inch and a quarter thick. The fat in ribeyes makes for a succulent cut
to grill. I like to keep the seasoning simple with some
kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Next coat them in a little high heat oil,
grapeseed oil works well, or you can blend a 50/50 mix of coconut oil and clarified butter. The Hood thermometer is reading right around
600 degrees, that means we are ready to sear the steaks! Go ahead and place them on the grill, and
let them grill with the lid closed for about 2 minutes, we are starting off searing them,
then I’ll show you how to finish them with the dwell method. Alright it’s been 2 minutes, I’ll go ahead
and crosshatch them. Nice, I love the thickness of these grids,
they make for an excellent sear. Alright, now close the lid and let them go
another couple minutes. These are picking up some great smokiness
from the drippings hitting the charcoal, I’ll flip them to the other side now… beautiful! The ribeyes are getting some great caramelization,
all that is left to do is let them sear for 2 minutes, then it’s time for the last crosshatch
before dwelling the fire to allow them to cook to your desired doneness. For thinner steaks, dwell might not be necessary,
but since these are thick cut, i’ll show you how I finish them. To dwell the fire, we will cut the airflow
by shutting the top and bottom damper completely. Allow the steaks to dwell about 2 minutes
for rare, and 3 minutes for closer to medium. Once you have dwelled the steaks to your preferred
doneness, open the top and bottom dampers and then burp the kamado, by lifting the lid
slightly, this allows a little time for the oxygen to stabilize, instead of having it
rush in all at once. These ribeyes look awesome, now all that is
left to do is allow them to rest for 5 minutes before slicing. Check out the inside of this steak, tender
and juicy! Now this, right here is my kind of perfect

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  1. I know what I'm having tonight…STEAK!!!! Fabulous looking steak Tony and it's great seeing that Blaze Kamado in action. Tell Paris I said hello!

  2. Does Blaze Grills have plans to sell a larger version of this Kamado soon? I like the idea of owning this instead of a green egg.

  3. can someone explain how to properly control the temperature in the grill? my charcoals always stop burning and at times my charcoals even burn off too quickly! what am i doing wrong?

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