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How to Collect Oil Lamps : How to Electrify your Antique Oil Lamp Collection

How to Collect Oil Lamps : How to Electrify your Antique Oil Lamp Collection

Using your oil lamps and converting them to
electric is a really great way to make them functional today in our homes today. So what
I suggest is you take the number one burner and you just unscrew it and take it off and
take this number one that has been electrified and I put the globe right on it. It has the
exact same size of the threads on the bottom that you can see that are going to fit right
into the center of the collar of the oil lamp. So you are going to screw that right on to
the base; very simple, easy to do. An inexpensive way to convert your oil lamps to functional
oil lamps today. So there you have your lamp with your electric burner on top and you can
take any one of these shades. It does not necessarily have to be one of these shades
but I find that this size in particular fits this particular lamp and you will see that
you are going to have to measure the size of the height, width and clip of each of these
shades to make them fit proportionally with your lamp. Ideally when you put a shade onto
a lamp like this, you don’t’ want to see the brass collar here. You want it to come down
to the old collar that would make it proportionally to the lamp. You have about as much space
up here as you have down here on this particular lamp. They are all going to be a little bit
different but I like to make sure the shade is covers that portion of the lamp and this
seems to fit just about the right size and I will show you.

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  1. If you want to take one that has been electrified and change it back into an oil lamp, would just remove the electric parts and replace with a new oil burner and wick?

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