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How to Collect Oil Lamps : How to Clean Antique Oil Lamps

How to Collect Oil Lamps : How to Clean Antique Oil Lamps

Cleaning your oil lamp, your fluid lamps,
this one has a little bit of fluid left in it with the wick full of oil. One thing to
consider when working with this stuff is to make sure you have cleaning material around
for your hands also. But when buying an oil lamp and transferring it to your bringing
it home, sometimes they will sell it like this but you never know when you buy them
whether they are cloudy underneath or in good condition so I would never recommend buying
an oil lamp that is not filled with fluid because you never know how they are going
to clean up. The other advice I can give you on cleaning your whale oil or your oil fluid
lamp would be to empty in a hazardous waste because it is fuel oil, into a container that
is acceptable in the town that you live in. If you have some small bristle brushes to
go in with warm soap and water to get inside and you may have to turn them up and leave
them over night or day or two to make sure all the moisture is gone before you add the
fluid. That is how I would recommend cleaning these so that you have a nice clean display
of your fuel oil.

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