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How to clean your dirt bike like a pro

How to clean your dirt bike like a pro

Hey, I’m Kyle from Big#1 Motorsports I’m a technician here. and I’m gonna show you how to wash your dirt bike like a pro. You’re gonna want 4 tools. An air box cover, these are about $30 and you can get one for any bike you have. A piece of scotch brite to polish the aluminum parts, An exhaust plug to plug the muffler so you don’t get any water in the exhaust. And some bike wash. You wanna start with the bike on its side. Gonna wash all the heavy debris off the bottom This way it gives you access to stuff you wouldn’t have if it was standing upright on the stand. Then we’re gonna flip it to the other side and wash it on that side Then wash it upright and wash out the air box with soap. So we got this old girl almost factory clean and it only took us about 15-20 minutes We’re gonna blow it all dry now and then put some chain lube on it Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel Thank you guys for watching. Go ride.

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  1. I'm trying to find a lube that I can spray on my engine and spokes before I ride that leaves a fine layer so if I don't wash a muddy bike that arfternoon won't stain my new alloy engine cases. any ideas.??

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