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How to Clean Patio Furniture, Decks, Grills and Outdoor Rugs

How to Clean Patio Furniture, Decks, Grills and Outdoor Rugs

Patio furnishings have come a long
way. Outdoor spaces can be as nice as indoor spaces these days. And, just like you’d clean your indoor
furniture, the outside stuff needs a little love too. So, today I’ll show you how to clean several types of patio furniture to keep it looking it’s best. First, you know those care tags, the ones you never want to cut off? Here’s why You’re going to want to check those for care
instructions. Cleaning your patio furniture before the warm season and a few times during and after, will keep it looking good. Let’s start with and common types of
furniture: Resin Wicker and Metal. For these all you really need is a mild
detergent like dish soap and water. Two ounces of soap and a gallon of water
should do the trick. Apply the soap on the furniture, scrub
detailed areas with and not abrasive brush, or a sponge if you like, then rinse thoroughly. You can use a pressure washer but make sure to use the low pressure tip
and all-purpose cleaner. Now here’s a tip for metal and resin
pieces, you want to follow up the cleaning with
a light coat of car wax or paste wax. It’ll help restore the shine and keep the metal
from rusting. An oil base soap works great with wicker or finished wood. Just use a soft
brush, cloth or rag, and wipe clean. Rinsing is typically not necessary with
oil soap but it doesn’t hurt for light cleaning, a spray cleaner will
work just fine. On the other hand if you have treated wood furniture, like a picnic
table or adorondike chairs, use a pressure washer with deck cleaner
and follow the bottle instructions for mixing. With a low pressure tip, spray away the dirt and rinse thoroughly. And of course your deck can be cleaned the
same way. For concrete and stone patios, an
all-purpose cleaner works great. We have videos for cleaning and treating
decks and concrete surfaces on our website. The use of fabrics in upholstery, canopies
and panels is a really popular. It can make a space feel so much more
warm and inviting. And if you’re worried that fabrics are going to stain or collect dirt, don’t. Most actually designed to be cleaned and
some are even moisture resistant. Check your product care instruction tag for
specific cleaning instructions. For most types, a good rule of thumb is to
brush off loose dirt and gently wash with a mild soap and luke warm water
solution. A nonabrasive sponge works great. Rinse thoroughly and allowed air dry, and never use bleach are harsh cleaners. For canopies, umbrellas, and covers, fit them back on the frames to dry and
this will help them keep their shape. A fantastic finishing touch your outdoor
space is an outdoor rug, and it’s really easy
to clean. All you need to do is set the rug on concrete, grab your vacuum and
vacuum the top surface. Flip it over and scrub with a mild
soap solution. Rinse the back, then turn it over. Scrub the top with a soft brush and
rinse it all clean. Let the carpet dry on a table or deck railing.
And don’t forget about your grill. It can always use in cleaning every season to
keep it in good condition and more importantly make the food taste better. A soft brush does a great job. For more
details check out our grill cleaning and maintenance videos at Lowes.com/videos. Outdoor furniture will last a lot
longer if you take a few preventative measures. When you’re not using your furniture
while in season, store things like cushions and fabrics in deck box, and collapse your umbrella if you have one. When the cold off season rolls around, storing can save you a lot of
cleaning time and help your pieces survive the elements of winter. Clean and thoroughly dry cushions
before off-season storing. You can keep them in a stored deck box or plastic bins and just cover some of the larger stuff. You can also use the covers during
summer when the furniture’s not in use especially during storms. See how easy it is to clean your your patio
furniture? It’s really the little things that make a big difference.
For more simple ways on how to spruce up your outdoor space, check out our other
how-to videos at Lowes.com/videos.

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