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How to Clean Out Your Closet

How to Clean Out Your Closet

How to Clean Out Your Closet. If your closet has become a dark, scary place
where clothes go to wrinkle, it’s time to go in with a weed-whacker. You will need Bags and boxes New hangers Wire
shelving A second closet rod and a dresser. Step 1. Put aside everything you haven’t worn in
two years. Trust us, you won’t miss it. Studies show if you haven’t worn something
in two years, you’ll probably never wear it again. In fact, we wear the same 20% of our clothes
80% of the time. Step 2. Ditch the “wish” clothes — you know,
the things you’re hanging onto in the hope that you’ll be able to fit into them again
someday. Step 3. Try on anything you’re uncertain about and
ask yourself, “How does this make me feel?” Unless it makes you feel good about yourself,
add it to the “go” pile. If you just can’t make up your mind whether
to keep something, put it in a box and stash it in the attic or basement. If six months go by and you don’t miss it,
ditch it. Step 4. Once your pile is complete, separate everything
that is in good shape and donate it to charity. You’ll feel a lot better knowing your old
clothes will be put to good use. And, if you ask for a receipt, you can even
claim a tax deduction. If you’re a woman with gently used business
attire, check out “Dress for Success,” an organization that provides professional
clothes to disadvantaged women who are rejoining the work force. Step 5. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey,
but I’m needy!” bring your best clothes to a consignment store. Step 6. Give your old wire, wooden, and plastic hangers
the heave-ho and invest in the ultra slim, flocked hangers sold at home goods stores,
as well as some custom hangers with places to hang multiple items. Things will hang better, and you’ll be able
to fit more in your closet. Step 7. Make more space in your closet by adding wire
shelving up above your clothes and/or installing a second rod under the first. Or, if you have the room, stick a small dresser
on the floor of your closet. Step 8. Group your clothes together, like blouses,
pants, and dresses, so you’ll find what you’re looking for easily on busy mornings. And face all your clothes in the same direction
for a less cluttered look. Did you know Ashlee Simpson’s closet is
1,300 square feet!

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  1. How to clean out your closet.
    Step 1. Take all the shit in it and throw it out.
    Step 2. You're now done, take a beer and just chill.

  2. Ashley Simson's closet is so big cuz she has the money to make it big cuz a poor person can't afford to build a closet so big.

  3. @MecTheGamer They probably already have (we probably don't know) . They make all this how to do shit for stupid shit . I'm pretty sure that they're going to make a how to breath video !

  4. if you empty out my closet, there's nothing there. literly. i dont have any rods, shelves, storage places, anything. im hoping to give my closet a makeover before i go to bed tonight

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