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How to Clean Out Your Attic

How to Clean Out Your Attic

How to Clean Out Your Attic. If even the bats are intimidated by the clutter
in your attic, it’s time to tackle the mess. You will need A clipboard Labels A marker
A vacuum A dust cloth Batteries and old cupboards. Step 1. Empty the contents of every box and bag in
your attic. Put aside anything you can’t imagine you’ll
ever again use, need, or want. Before you throw out anything that is really
old—a postcard, fishing gear, toy trains—check on the internet to make sure you’re not
tossing a valuable collectible. Step 2. As you are taking inventory of what’s in
the attic, have a clipboard handy so you can list what items you are storing in the attic
and where they are located. Step 3. Know the do’s and don’ts of attic storage. Do store dishes, pottery, holiday decorations,
clothes, and housewares. Don’t store blankets, stuffed animals, leather
goods, fur, or suede, which can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Step 4. Repack boxes, making sure things are clean
before you put them away. Mark each box with a label that lists the
contents. Step 5. Now that there’s room to maneuver, vacuum
and dust the attic. Now is a good time to tend to your smoke detectors. Change their batteries and gently vacuum them
to clear out dust, which affects their sensitivity. Step 6. When putting things back, keep like things
together—such as your carton of Christmas ornaments and the box with the fake tree. Old kitchen cupboards are great for storing
things in an attic. Step 7. Mark your calendar so you remember to check
the attic for leaks and other problems every six months. Doing it on the day of the daylight savings
switch is a good way to remember. Did you know On an episode of _Antiques Roadshow_,
a man came in with a painting he had almost stepped on in a relative’s attic—it turned
out to be worth $150,000!

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