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How to Care for a Turtle : Pet Turtles: Heat Lamp

How to Care for a Turtle : Pet Turtles: Heat Lamp

The next thing we need to talk about is the
heat lamp and heating, for the basking area, for your turtle. They do need a little bit
of a heat lamp, as well, they need an area to get out of the water, to bask with that
heat lamp, we’ll get to the basking area next but we’re talking about the heating here.
You’re, at least, going to need a heating fixture. It has to have a ceramic top, always
make sure it has a ceramic base to it, you never want to buy a plastic one, those melt
especially at the temperatures we’re dealing with here. You want to make sure it’s rated
for right wattage bulb, remember we’re using this particular one, it’s rated for one hundred
and fifty watts, so we’re going to be good to go. We’ll have plenty of space to use with
that one. You’re going to put this right here on the opposite side of the enclosure, of
your heater, in the water and that’s just so we’re spreading heating around a little
bit and we’re not heating the one side of the cage, really hot. So this is going to
go on the opposite side of the enclosure and you’re going to get yourself a red, blue or
black bulb to go in there. This is a bulb that’s got to be part of the visual spectrum,
for the turtle, and you can leave it on twenty-four seven, to give him some heat. You’re probably
going to be looking somewhere around the hundred watt area. You want to give him a basking
area, of somewhere between eighty five and ninety degrees. You’ll have to play with your
wattage a little bit, to get that, depending on how hot or cold your house is and you’ll
definitely need a thermometer for that for that, but we’ll get to that a little bit later
as well. Again, you want to make sure it’s a red or blue or a black one, that way you
can leave it on, all the time, and it’s not going to bother your turtle or stress him
out too much.

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  1. the important thing is make sure the lamp isnt to close to the basking area — All lights in the tank includeing heat lamp should only be on 12 hours a day — so 12 hours with light and 12 hours dark

  2. all these people saying it is allot to run this ..it really wont cost much at all ..and the guy says it should be on 24/7 BUT it should only be on 12 hours a day then 12 hours dark

  3. That was really helpful!

    But I never heard of those UGH UMMM heat lamps. What is different from the UGH UMMM heat lamps and just normal heat lamps? Also my local petsmart doesn't carry the UGH UMMM heat lamps. Do you know of any pet stores that carry the UGH UMMM heat lamps? How much do the UGH UMMM heat lamps cost?

  4. I use a normal lamp, and ive read that a turtle won't eat under 75 dagrees, and my turtle (new from today) is a verry small one (baby) and ive not seen it eating yet, is it normal?

  5. can i use ordinary yellow bulb 50 watts for my 2 inches RES? i cant find that bulb here in Philippines..

  6. i have a question can you buy any heat lamp cause i found a heat lamp for reptiles but dont know if i could use it for my turtle

  7. i am from india where do i get all this the pet store do not have it so should i search in light bulbs shop

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