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How to Buy the Best Desk Lamp – Buying Guide Tips From Lamps Plus

How to Buy the Best Desk Lamp – Buying Guide Tips From Lamps Plus

A great desk lamp makes working and
reading so much easier. Find a design for you at Lamps Plus. You’re going to be
using the lamp for extended periods of time doing work. Use a design that offers
high quality bright light. Note that we need more light for reading as we get
older. Studies have shown that people in their 60s need up to 80 percent more
light for reading than people in their 20s. Quality of light is also important,
look for designs with the color temperature range of 2500 to 4900. These provide a clear and pleasing light to work beneath. LED or halogen lights are
great for this. Next look for a design that’s adjustable. Adjustable lamps allow
you to fine-tune placement for specific tasks and to minimize glare. Look for
designs that have swiveling heads, swing boom or gooseneck arms. Then there is
size. For small desks choose lamps with small bases to preserve precious desktop
space. For large desks consider a lamp with extra reach such as an architect or
swingarm design that will give you full coverage of your desktop. Turning your
desk lamp on and off should be easy. Good design options include pull chains,
base switches, and touch operation lamps. Some other features worth looking at,
built-in USB ports that allow you to conveniently charge electronic devices
right at your desk. Banker piano lamps are named for the professionals who made
them popular in the early 20th century. These classics feature a distinctive
oblong glass or metal shade that helps to focus light right where you need it.
Finally let’s consider where you place your new desk lamp. Position the light
source so it doesn’t create glare. Too low and you won’t cover your work area
too high and the light is too diffused. The lamp should be placed so that
shadows don’t streak across your desk as you work. If you’re right-handed
this means placing the light source on your left side of your desk and vice
versa. There you have it visit Lamps Plus
to find the perfect desk lamp and work more efficiently and comfortably. Check
out our other videos and subscribe for more. Visit Lamps Plus to find the
perfect desk lamp for you.

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