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How to Buy a Floor Lamp – Buying Guide – Lamps Plus

How to Buy a Floor Lamp – Buying Guide – Lamps Plus

How to buy a floor lamp. These tips will
help you buy the right floor lamp for your space. Floor lamp types. Choose a
type of floor lamp based on the lighting you need. The shaded floor lamp provides
perfect ambient or general room lighting. Torchiere lamps direct light upwards
towards the ceiling providing the level of brightness you need without glare. Arc
floor lamps offer a great solution for large seating areas and sectionals.
These lamps feature single or multiple lights arranged at the end of a long arc.
Ideal for task lighting, most pharmacy floor lamps have an adjustable lamp head
and base. If you want a floor lamp that provides ambient lighting as well as
task lighting, consider a tree torchiere floor lamp. Swing-arm floor lamp feature
an adjustable swing arm. If you want an easy way to charge your electronic
devices, look for a USB floor lamp. For the option of having two levels of light,
choose a floor lamp featuring double pull chains. For larger rooms, consider
floor lamp sets. They’re an easy and quick way to visually unify the space. Floor lamp height. To pick the most appropriate sized floor lamp for your
space, consider the eye level rule. Take a seat on the sofa or chair and measure
the height from the floor to your eye level. The shade should be at or below
eye level to avoid the glare. If you’re placing the floor lamp further from
where you are seated, use a taller lamp. Now you can choose the perfect floor
lamp for your space. Thanks for watching.

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