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How to Budget groceries with cash – Using my SECRET strategy

How to Budget groceries with cash – Using my SECRET strategy

Hey everyone, it’s Lauren from Laurengreutman.com. Today we’re going to be talking about how
to budget groceries with cash instead of using your debit card. So if that interests you, and you want to
learn how to stand budget for your groceries, keep on watching. Okay, friends. So you know I’ve been teaching budgeting and
cash budgeting for years and a lot of you have asked the question of how to budget for
groceries with cash because you just can’t figure it out or how do I stay within budget? So I want to just share with you my tips. I’ve been doing this for 11 years. So these are the tips that I personally do
to budget with cash, plus a new little ninja tip that you want to make sure that you stick
around to keep on watching, that’s going to help you guarantee that you stay on budget. So the first thing you want to do is if you’re
setting a grocery budget, let’s say you want to spend, you’re trying to cut back on how
much you spend at the grocery store. Let’s say you look back. I always recommend people look back over the
last three months of spending and take an average of what you spend every week and then
start with that number. So let’s say you’ve been spending $200 a week
at the grocery store and you’re trying to get that down to $100 a week, maybe $150 a
week. The key for you is going to be to take out
cash and use that for your groceries. Now you might be wondering, well, how do I
know that I’m going to have enough money or how do I know that I’m going to stay within
budget? I have some tips for you with that but before
we get started on that part, is in order to set a budget for your groceries, you need
to make sure that you can look on the past few months of spending and get a realistic
amount to start with and then once you hit that amount every single week, then you can
start learning how to whittle it away. The first battle is getting to that number
and sticking to that without getting overzealous and going from like $200 a month down to $50
a month or $200 a week down, $50 a week, whatever your budget is, this will really help. So the first thing you want to do is you want
to get out your grocery store flyer. So let’s work off of a $200 or $100 a week
budget. Let’s do that. That’s a little bit more realistic. So what I would do first is I want to look
on the front and back pages and if there’s like a wrap around the outside, these are
called loss leaders. These are the items that the store is putting
on sale to get you into the store. Now the things in the middle are typically
not on sale. Did you know that? A lot of these items, especially meats, produce,
frozen goods, are not on sale. So what you’re going to do is you’re going
to get out your smart phone. This is the next step and you’re going to
download the Instacart app. I have the link below with my direct link. If you want some referral credits, you can
sign up with my link. So you’re going to sign up with Instacart. You’re going to select the store that you
want to shop at and for me, this one is I like to shop at Aldi a lot, but for this one
I am going to use a Price Chopper, which is where I live in upstate New York. I’m going to use Price Chopper as my store. So you can see here, you can choose what store
you want. So I’m going to go back and I’m going to choose
Price Chopper. Okay? So there’s Instacart loading and now you can
see the store right there at the top is Price Chopper and what I’m going to do is I’m going
to go to my shopping cart and make sure it’s all cleared out. This one that I have right now is not cleared. So I want to empty my shopping list and then
we’re going to put all of the items that you want from the flyer into the Instacart app. Now, what does this do? This is my ninja trick. This really helps you know that the thing
you need to know, this really will help you. Once you’re done with your shopping list,
you’ll see a sub total right here. I wish I could show you, okay? You’ll see a sub total. That sub total is without taxes, fees. You can see the Instacart has some different
fees. There’s a 3.99 delivery fee and $11 service
fee. So just keep that in mind that if you actually
used Instacart, we’re not going to use Instacart, okay? If we’re using cash, we can’t use Instacart. You’re going to go through and you’re going
to put all of your groceries in the Instacart app. You’re going to look at the subtotal and you’re
going to see where you’re at. Now, if your grocery budget is $100 a week
and you’re at 150 then you’ve got some work to do. You’ve got to figure out what you can go without
or maybe cook some cheaper meals, not get as much snack foods, make more things from
scratch, and you know at that time you have to start making those hard decisions. Now, once you get your amount down, give or
take between five or $10 over or under and you have your list, you know you’re ready
to go. You’re not actually going to place the order
through Instacart. What you’re going to do, this is the cash
envelope wallet. I’ll leave the link below. This is my favorite cash envelope wallet and
I actually have a walk through of how I use it. I’ll put the link up here so you can go watch
that video after this one, but I’ve already taken out my $100 cash for my groceries this
week. See, I have my $100 cash. I have my shopping list in here. Now, this is the cool thing. If you use coupons, right? Take your coupons out, calculate how much
off you’re going to get from those coupons and apply it to the subtotal and then you’re
going to get what you actually, the price that you’ll actually have, plus, give yourself
a little bit of room for tax. Now, Instacart jumps the prices up from the
local store quite often, and so keep in mind that one thing that I do, and I actually shared
this on a Rachel Ray episode about impulse buying, is that if you put a smaller shopping
cart underneath your main cart, if you’re shopping and you, you’ve gotten everything
that you put on your Instacart list and you got some coupons and you’re realizing that
the prices are a little bit higher on the app than they are in the actual store, go
and add some things that you took off your list into that smaller cart in the bottom. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
put all of your groceries through the line first that you had in your shopping list and
then you’re going to use all of your coupons and see where you’re at and then if you have
money leftover, you can add a couple of the other items from the smaller cart below to
get you up to your hundred bucks and then the rest you ask for them to put back. Say, “I’m not going to need this today.” In retro, another thing, if you get to the
cash register and you go over budget and you’re like $115, you got to make some changes. What are you going to take off and be okay
with that. You are in charge of your money and you cannot
pay your bills with the cashier’s opinion of why you put stuff back. So be confident with the fact that you have
$100. This is your paycheck for groceries for the
week. You can’t go over this because you only have
100 bucks. Leave your debit card at home. That’s another trick; leave it at home. So let’s do a recap of how to budget groceries
with cash. The first thing that you’re going to do is
look at your past three months of spending on your grocery and take an average of what
you have been spending every week. Then at the beginning of every week or when
you start your budget, you’re going to take cash out for your groceries that week. I know when I was getting out of debt and
couponing a ton, I wish that I had had this Instacart ninja trick because it would really
have helped me stay in budget a little bit better, but so the first step we already talked
about, look over the past three months of expenses. The second step is take that amount out in
cash every week and for a month, stick to that amount and then step three is figure
out if you can lower it. If you feel like you’re buying too much food
and you have waste, try lowering it by $25 next week, $50 the next week and it’s a process. You’ve got to give yourself grace to figure
this out, find the ropes, learn how to use coupons. Another thing that I personally do in my personal
finance planner, I’ll leave the link to that below as well, is I make my grocery list right
inside the planner. Here’s my list started and I also make my
meal plan in here and I make my grocery list and I actually take this into the store with
me. If I’m doing quick trips on the go, I actually
use an app called, let me pull it up for you, the Flipp app, F-L-I-P-P, you can see that
and you can actually put your grocery list right inside of there and check it off really
easily and you can pull up the sales flyers of all of your local stores so that you don’t
have to bring the actual paper flyer in with you. You can bring the sales flyer in there, which
is really cool. So that’s another tip that you can do is,
once you’ve made your Instacart list, then you can transcribe it into the Flipp app and
have your grocery list digitally in the Flipp app instead of bringing your personal finance
planner into the store. So that’s it. It’s pretty simple. So I hope this helped you learn a little bit
more of how to budget with cash and I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll catch you
next video. See you.

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  1. Thank you for watching this video on how to budget groceries with cash! I hope you found it helpful! Do you struggle with this part of your budget? I would love to know!

  2. Great video! It is important to stick to the list and to make sure that you bought everything on it. This will prevent you from making an impulse purchase, and help you to avoid return trips to the store because you forgot an item.

  3. I use the same trick only a little different way. I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart so I go to their app to make my list. I then take that list and go to Aldi and compare the prices. If it's lower then it goes in the cart if not then I plan on getting it at Walmart. I also used Flipp and Ibotta when making my list.

  4. Our family uses Alexa to keep our grocery list. Since we have teenagers I never know what they're cooking and what we have run out of. So when they use something they tell Alexa to put it on the list. I can see that list on my cell phone.

  5. I meal plan and order my groceries online…it automatically applies coupons and deducts them. I can easily track my total so if I need to remove items I just hit delete….I only spend my weekly allowed amount, I order, pick up and dont carry a large amount of cash around the store with me. Then I dont even need a grocery cash envelope. It works great for my family😁

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