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How To Be A Better Baker

How To Be A Better Baker

– Hi my name is Kiano I’m
a tasty producer and today I’m going to show you
how to be a better baker. Pies are such a fun,
simple way to be creative. You have a crust and you
fill it with generally fruit that has a little bit of
sugar, a little bit of spice. So you kind of have a blank
canvas to decorate it however you want, you don’t have to
be professional to do it. Pie decorating can be as
simple or as complicated as you want it to be, even if
you don’t have proper tools you can use the most random
items in your kitchen. When you’re trying to
customize and like make you pie look like your own, you
really can use anything that’s available to you, use
whatever tools you have in your kitchen to customize
and make it your own. I think the fun thing about
baking is that most desserts have different components
so when you’re cooking with other people, everyone can kind of take charge of a section of that. So is you’re making a
pie, one person can tackle the crust, maybe another
person can tackle the filing. For example my sister is
into spices, she will raid cabinet, put a little bit of
this, a little bit of that in there, so I can pay more
attention to making the crust. So in the kitchen you’re
baking together but everyone has a piece so they can put
their own personal flair and personality to and they
will all get baked together like one cool little product but
everyone had their hands in it. I haven’t lived in my hometown
in over 10 years so anytime I go back home my family
immediately requests a pie from me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a
holiday, they’re like we want apple pie period even though
they’re asking for the exact same thing time and after
time again it’s a fun, creative challenge of how
do I take the exact same ingredients but make it
new where everyone is still like whoa I’ve never seen that before. Customizing decoration
is a huge part of it. There’s so many ways of
transforming a familiar dish so that excitement never fades. Very few people in my family
bakes, even to this day when I return home for any holiday
I am working with bare minimum equipment, when I
am cooking with my family I am always trying to
get creative and make desserts with what we all ready have. So I’m like all right how can
I make dessert for this dinner without cluttering the
family kitchen with things that they aren’t gonna use all the time. It’s so easy to say I
want to get into baking and then buy all of the
stuff but really you can make dessert with a lot fewer
things than you need. You can get creative with
what you all ready have around the house, there’s so many ways you can present your dish
and it doesn’t always have to be exactly as the recipe told you. I’ve always viewed a recipe
as a piece of inspiration or kind of an over view
guideline of what to do bu then the real joy of
home cooking is that it’s your kitchen, it’s your rules,
you can do what you want. If it says put one teaspoon
of cinnamon and you don’t like cinnamon put something else in there. There’s a lot of room to
customize and make your desserts a lot more creative and
unique, which is what people are going to respond too when you put it in front of them because
it’s gonna be different from what you can buy
from your grocery store and you have more control
over what you’re making and you can make it fit
to the equation better. There’s this whole world
of how you visually present what you’re making that
really can transition you into a whole different realm of
challenging what the tried and true is and you can
really get creative. So a dessert that I made
that was more of a challenge was making a Charlotte Royale. It is a old school English
cake, when I am making stuff at home I want to make
things that I want to eat. That means seeing this
really classic recipe but switching out the parts that I wish I could have it as I could never buy. So with the Charlotte Royale
I made I am a huge fan of cheesecake, it is one of
my favorite types of dessert and I decided to fill the
Charlotte Royale with cheesecake instead of Buvarian cream because I think what you’re making should excite you. So event though it was by
the book one way when you’re cooking for yourself and
for your friends you wanna make it tailored to your audience, you make it how you’re gonna enjoy it. Cake making has a lot more
moving parts that can go a little bit more wrong
once you know what makes a great cake batter,
what makes a great icing. You can start playing
around with how you present that and you can change the shape and decorate it really cool and pretty. With any thing practice
makes perfect, so when you’re making that batter you want
to make sure at no point are you over working that batter. A big mistake you can make
is wanting to have the batter look nice and smooth and
like luxurious where to make a really good cake batter you
want it to be just combined. So that everything is there
otherwise if you’re overworking it you’re actually you’re
gonna make a really tough cake. It’s always great to having
that moment where you put that thing you spent all
afternoon making on the table in front of people and
getting that wow reaction. You want to see people excited. To make a beautiful dessert
it’s not about doing the most complicated
thing, the recipe itself can be very simple, it’s
how you customize it and stylize it just by putting your own personality into it and getting creative. With cake making you generally
have multiple components and to make sure in the end
you end up with a beautiful cake you really have to pay
attention to every element and take your time, your never being too over ambitious with any stock. So if there is a part that
you’re maybe not as comfortable with take a shortcut make it simpler, you don’t need every element of what you are doing to be brand new to you. So to make something
different that people may have not seen before I decided to
do this rippled ombre effect. Borrowing inspiration from
another type of cake called a zebra cake, each color pushes
out the previous creating this nice ripple effect but
instead of having two colors back and forth in tiny quantities. I decided to do four
shades of brown to white so it took something not
people are familiar with the chocolate cheesecake,
it’s no bake and whip it up in 10 minutes and
through customizing it. It turned into a very
beautiful and unique dessert. There’s so many things that
could go wrong while baking. You can crack a
cheesecake, or maybe forgot to spray your cake and it
will not come out the pan. Or you over baked your cookies
and they’re hard as a brick. Don’t worry about it you can
salvage it and get a little creative to make something
new and could still have a really great dessert in the end. I think it’s really important
to know that just because something didn’t turn out as you intended, does not mean it’s always a lost cause. You can always repurpose
what you’ve all ready made and make another cool dessert out of it or sometimes you can even fix
it and cover up your mistake. When looking at a recipe to
make the first thing to do is figure out what part is
science and what part is flavor. Science I’m not messing with,
I’m not messing with how it’s going to rise or structurally
work but with the flavor that’s when it becomes customizable. When you’re making things
in your own kitchen your imagination has no limit you
can put whatever ingredients you want you can make it
shaped however you want. It really is a question
of your personality or what you did that day,
you could’ve have been to the farmers market and saw beautiful strawberries you’re gonna use that. It’s putting a lot more
of yourself into the food than you actually expected to. Baking is inherently a celebratory food, every occasion we have in life
usually has an accompanied dessert, it’s generally for
something or for someone. And I think there is nothing
more awkward or fearful than putting something in front of someone that you’re like hey I’m
expecting you to eat this and in their mind they’re like
ew I don’t want to eat that. How can I pretend that I like it. It’s always a goal to but
something in front of people that they’re genuinely excited to try. When you’re baking for other people, when you present it to them
there’s so much appreciation that comes into that, even
though it might not be perfect every time especially when
you’re starting to bake out. But when you take time
and effort to make things for the people you care about
it does not go unnoticed. And you have a secondary reward
that you get to make things for people but then after
that you get to share it with them as well and you get to
sit down with your friends, stand with your family over the food that you’ve just made for them. Enjoy each other’s
company have the laughs, blow out the candles and
just have a good time. Even when you’re baking
yes stuff can go wrong it might not be exactly as you envisioned it and it can’t be perfect all the time. But when you’re baking for
other people they’re gonna appreciate that you took the time, put the energy into making
something really special for them and that’s
always nice to share food with other people that you care about. – [Male] Oh yes! (upbeat theme music)

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