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How our EPOS system helped Appleton’s of Elie to sell more

Hi. So, I’m Julie Grieve
and the company is Appleton’s of Elie and we are a partnership. I’m a partner
and that’s my husband and I that run the business and we are in the lovely,
sunny town of Elie. The company was set up eleven years ago
by my mother-in-law. She had always wanted
to have a business of her own and we always joke that she started the business
because she ran out of space at home. So, we have thousands of products.
We sell everything from cards and lamps, some clothes, scarves, handbags,
jewellery and you know, gifts and interiors. We have a really lovely range
of wellbeing products. We sell a lot of candles, home sprays,
that sort of thing, so it’s a real mix. Before intelligentpos, my mother-in-law
used the very old-fashioned till and she had to work really hard to try
and keep track of specifically things that we sell in here that are zero-rated. So, books, some children’s toys,
that sort of things are zero-rated, and the girls had to make a note of those
so that she could account for them properly. And then she was using kind
of old-fashioned notes and bits of paper to write things down
and they all went off to the accountant to come up with the sales.
So, very different from now. I think one of the big things
that intelligentpos has changed in the business is our ability to manage our stock. So, before with the old till you would not be aware that you’re running out
of one of your best sellers so, for example, we have mugs
that say ‘I’d rather be in Elie’ and these sell really well,
and very quickly your stock can go down. Now we get a stock alert
that tells us we need to order more, so that’s been really,
really helpful for us. These backward scanners work seamlessly and it means that you’re not entering
a lot of manual entries so for stock control, it’s great
because the product’s in the back office, you scan it, it deducts it from however many
you’ve got and then it’s an easy sale. We’re using the gift cards, which is fantastic,
really easy to account for the VAT, which was another big issue
we had beforehand. And we’ve got lots of different categories
and departments so it’s easy to analyse which things have sold well
and which things haven’t. The great new addition is the fact
that you can enter stock in the back office, so we use that a lot, particularly when you get
a big order of cards, that sort of thing. It’s much easier to do it
in the back office. I recommend Intelligent Point of Sale
all the time to people. I just think it’s a fantastic system. It’s a really good value,
it’s very stable, you don’t generally have issues with it
and it gives you all of the reporting that a system much more expensive
than intelligentpos has. So, I heartily recommend it
all the time, yes.

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