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How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity….

How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity….

hello everybody this is Pastor Devin
Stephenson, Pastor servants of Christ where we are always changing lives one
mind at a time I’m on my way welcome back to the house
got my bottled water in hand: GLASS WATER as always and getting ready to make my
way to the to our our service but I wanted to share a quick word with you
guys and when I say quick I actually mean
quick not only in time but also because I’m gonna give you a piece of the
scripture I’m not going to give you the scripture and it’s a in its totality but
I’m going to explain a piece of scripture that you have probably heard
quoted or you have quoted yourself tons of times and have never probably thought
about what it actually means in proper context so there’s a scripture that we
love to say it says how good and pleasant it is that brethren dwell
together in unity before we get to the part where it is like to do the drips
down for the top of the head down the beard down the ephod into the cup for
the sleeve or whatever you know let’s let’s deal with how good and pleasant it
is that brethren dwell in unity okay brethren not being male nor female
but this is for everybody who considers himself to be Israel who considers
themselves to be part of the ecclesia or the family of yes way it is good and
pleasant for people to dwell together in unity but the issue with this though is
that a lot of people are always talking about dwelling together right so you
know you got an issue with this because a lot of people are talking about
dwelling together in unity or I’m sorry joining together rather but they don’t
talk about the unity peace all right so a lot of people are always talking about
dwell together let’s dwell together in unity but do you really understand what
that means because it says that you will not have
any any good that we’re good actually meaning God as well right god is good
all the time and all the time God is good Mike oh my goodness is basically
saying oh my godness so you can’t say how God or how good and pleasant it is
unless there is unity so this is a divisive scripture for many if we can
just keep it a hundred because a lot of us are in a position where we are not
worried about dwelling together in unity you have a lot of people that go to
church buildings but they have schisms and they have different classes
different sects different groups and sections that you fit in you know just
like in high school right you have the cool crowd in the church you have the
crowd and the church that dresses well you have the crowd in the church that
doesn’t have as much you have the crowd in the church that is a certain color
you had the crowd in the church that you know that can preach he had the crime in
the church they can teach you had the crowd in the church etc etc etc so a lot
of people are telling together but they’re not unified
think about how how crazy that is a lot of us are going to places to worship so
we say worship meaning extreme respect so a lot of us are supposedly going to
be respectful of God but at the same time we are neglecting a huge part of
Scripture which says that when we get together it needs to be unified where is
the unity and that which we do where’s the unity and that which we speak so
many of us are going around and we are not unified we are not in unity we are
not doing things that give honor unto God simply because of not being unified
also we could be keep it real not only unified one with another but how many of
us are making sure that we are unified with gospel how many of us are unified
with the maker of all things like him how many of us are unified with his word
because before we become one a lot of people want to talk about becoming one
with yourself but before you can become one with yourself or especially become
one with your spouse how do you not become one with your God and a lot of
people don’t understand this this is um this is why a lot of people who their
lives are about money to become successful at making money because even
though it’s not going to do much for them after they leave here and even
though it’s not really going to make them happy but if they’re driven because
they want to be one with money you know they figure the more money I make the
better person I am they become one with that idea and that concept and it drives
them to get more and more and more sometimes to a place where become
dangerous because now they feel as if their life is meaningless unless they
are worth a certain amount or they finally realize that all of all of the
money that they got the love of money you know began to become the root of
evil whether it was the evil desires or whether it was something as simple as
you know evil intense as far as now depression creeps in or now you got to
get it somebody you want to take away somebody’s life because they’re messing
with your money so to speak so you know but if you become one with anything then
you’re able to grow that’s why in the Tower of Babel we have a story to tell
Babel that we go into not the story of you know but the factual events of the
Tower of Babel that happened in the Bible we’re told about the fact that
they were going to try and build to go to heaven you had to understand that
they were unified and they were strong they were able to get things done and
they were so unified that they were going to accomplish their goal even
though they were not going to be able to quite make it to heaven because they
weren’t ready so yes we and this infinite wisdom has to make sure that he
takes their plans and tears them apart and therefore they can’t get to heaven
anymore he changes their language so that they can’t communicate and that
they no longer are unified right so unity is the key how good and pleasant
that’s great you know it’s good it’s awesome it’s God in there it’s pleasant
it feels good your emotions are taking care but understand that if there’s no
unity then there is no God in it there is no pleasure in it you’re just simply
going through motions and dealing with things that are not for you dealing with
depression that’s not for you dealing with haters and things that are not for
you and I’m not talking about dealing with haters at all cuz everybody’s gonna
have people who ignore what God has for them and try to be dismissive of what
God has for you but what I am saying is a lot of you are living and and eating
and breaking bread no breaking bread with your haters and you don’t even
realize it because you’re so busy you know trying to
you’re so busy trying to just dwell together with people how many sisters
out there that we know of and even brothers who just jump from relationship
to relationship give their heart from person to person and keep getting their
heart broken need to be in a relationship as soon as that one
relationship ends because they’re not worried about unity and seeing if this
person is even someone that can that is yoked with them let alone equally yoked
but they’re just so quick to want to be with somebody because they just want to
dwell so don’t be so quick just to have to dwell or live or be with somebody
simply because that’s what you want that’s what you feel you have to have
how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together when brothers
well together in unity so anyways as always you know if you have any
questions comments or concerns put it in the comment section hope that you got
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investor service of Christ we’re all changing lines one mind at a time this
is our year freedom we’re gonna be free to be ourselves equal to nobody else and
until I had the chance to be before you again I wish you Shalom which means

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