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How Amethyst Cathedrals Are Made. You Will Be Surprised To Know!

How Amethyst Cathedrals Are Made. You Will Be Surprised To Know!

Hello everybody, this is Ana satya aka @CrystalHealthGoddess and today I have created this setup here with all these amethyst cathedrals here because I wanted to share something with you that I bet many of
you don’t know, I didn’t know myself for many years actually I will always look
at the Cathedrals, amethyst Cathedral citrine cathedrals, and you know? think
think they are absolutely gorgeous beautiful because they are but I never
really thought how are they made? because to be honest I never even thought if
they come like this or is something done to them? so them, I’m gonna tell you the
story. I work directly with a family of miners in Brazil so I feel very blessed
because I have the ability to get a lot of special Amethyst, like it is one of the
crystals that I specialized in, and have a lot of amethyst crystals right. I have a
great relationship with them and I remember one day they contact me they
say that they have you know got into Miami a huge trailer container actually
of amethyst so they always call me you know to go first and see you know what I
have, so I can take which is a wonderful thing, so I remember that day I was
talking to him right and we were talking about amethyst and I really don’t know
how it came to be but we engaged in a very very interesting conversation and
then he told me how they are made and I was fascinated and not only I’m going to
tell you how they are made because half of this is man-made, they are man made,
but I’m also going to tell you why. So um so the first I’m going to tell you
how Amethyst are taken out of the mine right, so I’m going to tell
you a little story so imagine you’re a miner right?
so they go into the mine into you know like a cave right? and there is a wall
now mining is very very hard work, it really is. So they don’t just go and start you
know like taking rocks down and then they find crystals. Which is one of the
interesting things because I have no idea how they do it,
so what they do is they have this like, imagine a straw, they have these very thin cameras right so what they do is they drill a hole in the wall the
rock wall, and then they put the camera through there right? so then with the
camera they see behind the rock wall and they see if there are crystal there, if they find and they see that there are crystals, then what they do is then they start to break
down you know, the rock wall taking it down, so then they can freely access
right, to all of their crystals that they saw were behind that wall, rock wall. So okay, now they have found that behind these huge rock wall,
there are crystals so they are going to do a lot of work, to take all those rocks
down, dig a hole through a tunnel let’s say, and access to the crystals so then
they start extracting the amethyst right? they start to get in and down and
then for example, imagine the difference. This is a small one this is a huge one
right these are huge ones so what happened is that when they get the
amethyst which is is fascinating to me because I love
crystals I love them so much that I don’t think any crystal is ugly I just
don’t like the way they look if they come from Mother Earth I absolutely love
them, I don’t care how they really look I love them, but they don’t! they actually think that they are not very pretty, because when you take a huge crystal out
of the earth it doesn’t look like this at all right? it looks maybe let’s say let me see close maybe right it looks um you
say this is this is original this is the rock matrix so to speak but this one has
been polished, but this is natural this is the way it is, this is natural right,
this one is like that however the big ones when the big ones
are been taken out, they don’t look like this, maybe they are broken, maybe they
have pieces right of the rock matrix, but they don’t really like it, actually
I’m going to show you how they look. Okay I’m back, so imagine this is a huge
amethyst crystal right, that they just extracted it, um from the from the earth so
let me get close, so let’s say that when they take it out imagine this big cathedral, when they take it out, it looks like this right, is crystal it has some of
the matrix but it looks like this, so they don’t like it. Imagine if this cathedral will be like this, to me? and I’m sure to you, you will love it, because
still it is fantastic, it is really beautiful like that, but for whatever
reason which I don’t understand and I’m not trying to find understanding over this,
it is what it is. In Brazil, and most of the world,
they don’t like it so then what they do and this is the fascinating part, then
what they do, okay let’s make sure it doesn’t fall. What they do, ok let me move this like
this, all this that you see here, this? is a real crystal this is 100 percent
natural amethyst crystal, but then what they do they put cement, cement you know
when you building a house, when you build in the road,
cement! so they put cement all over right? and then when the cement get harder this
is how it looks, so really, this is 100 percent natural
this is exactly how the crystal came out the earth, but this? all this is man-made
this is a cement and this is how they amethyst cathedrals they are made. I
didn’t know myself for many many years I never even thought about it until you
know they told me so now I’m going to go close with the camera so I can show you
the difference so you’re going to see what a big difference how this is 100%
natural is just polished but still is natural, and this? this is cement, it is
man-made in order for the amethyst Cathedral to look like this it needed
the help of the man to create with cement the base, so they kind of like a
structure is like this, to me I I really wonder how will they look right Oh
naturally without this, but at the same time I understand because imagine for
example this cathedral right? this is fantastic,
this is one of my favorite is like a it’s like a cave I can pull a half of my
arm inside, so these let’s say is like a cocoon
so then they break it and then they realize that it has a hollow and it’s
filling with crystals but you want to stay standing up right? on its own, so
that’s the reason why they create with cement like a base so all this is cement
and then they do it around the same thing so then when it dry, then it stays
like this and this is the base but is man-made with cement, and then this is the cathedral itself. So I’m going to get close with the phone, to show you, very close,
so you can see what I mean. ok so now that I am close, I wanted to
show you this. This is an amethyst baby Cathedral
this is 100% natural this is exactly the way that it comes out of the earth
the exception is that on this, you see? is very smooth this has been polished right, like
if you will get a paper-sand and then you just like a really Polished, of course you
know, they do it a lot more professionally than just with like a paper-sand, but these to
give you an idea this is just polished but is exactly is completely natural.
However, see the difference? with this you see? this is cement, this is what men
creates in order to create like a foundation for the cathedral, to create the cathedral, so look at the difference between the natural rock or the matrix
and this one. This is cement, man-made, this is completely natural. Now, by me
showing you these, it doesn’t mean that the amethyst cathedrals they loose any of
they wonderful qualities or they are less beautiful or anything like that, at all.
I’m just trying to educate you and show you some things that maybe you didn’t know,
because I didn’t know at some point. So I’m sure you might don’t know, and besides,
these are very interesting things to know, how things are made, so this is you
see the other one this is cement as well right? see they see the difference? so
this is cement right? and then it’s going to go around a little bit you see?
all that is cement these one’s the same. ok so this is how um crystal amethyst
cathedrals are made. So I really hope you enjoy this video I really love to teach
about crystal not only the metaphysical properties so how you can use them to
help you improve your life in so many ways, emotional, physical, mentally,
spiritually. I mean I’m so passionate about crystals because they have helped
me through the years so so so much. I’m incredibly grateful to them and I have
learned to work with them, to love them, to truly appreciate them, but it’s very
rewarding for me I really enjoy, to educate others about crystal healing,
about these wonderful energy beings, because crystals are alive, trust me, they
are, different vibration, different frequency, but they are light beings, just
like you and I. We’re human right this is the crystal Kingdom but they are life. So
I just really like to to educate and teach people about crystals and this is
one thing that I know many people can consider interesting because to me what
fascinated when I find out, so I wanted to share with you all today
how amethyst cathedrals or featuring cathedrals they are made. I really hope
you enjoy the video comment anything you want to be kind
and positive, keep positive your comments subscribe to my channel and I will start
doing a lot more videos educational videos so there is something in
particular you would like me to talk about let me know in the comments and I
will start making videos about it. Thank you very much I hope you enjoy it and
always very grateful for you to follow my channel. Namaste

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  1. What kind of effect does that cement have on the energy of the Amethyst? I would take the natural over the cement all day I think?

  2. I knew that these geodes/cathedrals were being coated with something… didn't realize it was cement. Thank you for sharing

  3. When eager to know if i have a real one or a fake one…its so painful to listen to her explain how its done..geez youtube

  4. Known this for quite awhile how they extract and some glued and cement together.

    For displaying yes, they need to have cement to hold or to display the Amethyst crystal itself.

    And for wholesale Amethyst pricez ate going by kilos…so sometimes you find more cement than actually needed..

    Also there is glued amethyst when they broke after extracting.

    I had seen videos of how they extract you can find some on youtube too.

  5. It makes them stronger as well..I collect lots of gems but find them hard to get because I live in Tasmania Australia..You made a lovely video, Thank you..

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video. I'm very grateful that you shared this information<3 Health and prosperity<3

  7. Have you seen any of the geods emerging on the market today, and starting in the past several years, that are dyed colors? Absolutely disgusting, I hope that trend dies off very soon! Very pretty NATURAL piece you have =)

  8. I just purchase my first Amethyst yesterday… I am hooked. I love it. I live in Southeast Florida as well. If you have a minute could you please email me? I have a few questions. [email protected] Thank you very much Namaste, Patty

  9. Can someone tell me if the crystals are ever treated with varnishes or chemical polishes to increase sparkle? If so, how can you tell this has been done? Great video thanks!

  10. Yep. The cement helps to keep the geodes upright so they look beautiful. Some amethyst clusters look great as a flat crystal too.

  11. thank you for your wonderful video! If I could add a few words: when I started collecting (amethyst in particular) about 15+ years ago, most of the cathedrals I was getting had NO concrete at all. They were well shaped, stood up on their own for cathedrals (plates were different) and they showed their natural basalt or feldspar matrix. Life was good. Then, more and more, they started to come with concrete backs, which were then painted a green color ( a little different than the basalt matrix) Now, they almost all come through with painted backs. The paint hides the concrete, so it can't be seen where the natural matrix ends and where the concrete begins. So, as you said, the concrete serves several purposes. First, it is used to strengthen a piece of crystal which otherwise might have been set aside because it had nice crystals, but didn't display well, or had faults and weaknesses and was likely to break. As the amethyst got more rare, as deposits were mined out, it couldn't be set aside, it needed to be sold, so it was reinforced with concrete. Then, as someone said, it adds to the total weight of the piece, so sellers don't mind selling regular concrete for the higher price amethyst brings. Also, the painting hides the concrete joints as mentioned, and it also makes the back a uniform color So they add concrete and paint them for commercial purposes, and customers get used to the new way, and many people prefer the painted look, though I prefer the natural/original. I hope that makes sense to people and wasn't too long 🙂

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