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HOUSE TOUR 2018 | Girly Boho Decor | RAVEN ELYSE

HOUSE TOUR 2018 | Girly Boho Decor | RAVEN ELYSE

– [Announcer] Raven Elyse TV (knocking) – Hey YouTube welcome to my crib. (slow bass music) Hey guys what’s up? It’s Raven and welcome to my crib. Today I’m obviously doing a house tour. This a long awaited very requested video, and I know I’m super late
with doing this video, because I have literally been
living here in this town home, for over a year now, it’s been very lived in very well loved. There’s some damages I’m
gonna have to pay for, when I move outta here (laughs), but you guys know that I am
also building my first home. I’ve taken you guys
through that whole process, and of course I’m going to take you guys, through the process of
decorating my new home. But for now I am still gonna
be living in this town home, for about another year ’cause
it’s gonna take a year, for my new home to be ready, so I still wanted to do a
proper house tour for you guys, and just kinda show you guys, what I got goin’ on in this town home. So first thing you see when
you walk in my front door, over there is my living room. This is actually the room in my house, that I am the most proud of in
terms of how it’s decorated. It’s the first room that
I kinda got all setup, when I moved in here a while back. I really like the way it came out, the whole color palette
and the whole vibe. This is actually a hand-me-down couch. This was my parents’ couch. You guys might remember my blue, white bluish colored
couch that I had before. I just felt that that blue
wasn’t really working for me, and my mom was getting
rid of her gray couch, and I was like good I’ll take it. So this is the couch that they gave to me. It’s a little bit you know
it’s been a well loved couch, I have a two year old remember that? But I like this couch I
feel like it just matches, the color palette a lot
better and I have these two, white fluffy pillows. I believe I got these from Home Goods, you can get these anywhere these days. Another color right here
which is from Target, you guys are gonna see that
almost everything in my house, is either from Home Goods or Target. One thing I really liked
about this town home, is these two windows right here. The last place that I lived
in I felt was really dark, so this brings in a pretty
good amount of natural light, and I just have this DIY
piece of art work that I made, which was actually
inspired by these pillows, that I got from either
Target or Home Goods, Target I’m pretty sure, and it kind of has these gold, they look like thumb prints
so I kind of did a replica, of that on a larger scale
with some gold foil leaf, and below that I have a
fake fiddle leaf tree. I have tons of fake plants in my place, because I can’t keep real plants alive. So all of my plants are fake, and I have it on just a
little gold weird end table, which I got on overstock.com I believe. So these chairs are from World Market, I searched high and low for pink chairs. I really wanted pink
chairs for my living room, and at the time when
I first moved in here, like about a year ago, pink chairs weren’t really
that that trendy yet, and now they’re like super trendy, and you can buy them anywhere, but at the time these were literally, like the only pink chairs I could find, they weren’t anywhere close
to the color that I wanted, so I really like these I
think they’re pretty good. I am kind of sad because
now there’s so many more, pink chairs on the market but yeah, these are from World Market. My coffee table is from
overstock.com as well, I like to shop on Overstock, Wayfair there’s another
one called All Modern. So I just wanted like a
nice white coffee table, but I wanted something that
was gonna be toddler friendly. And my TV is mounted
on the wall over here. Another really good thing
about this town home, is that it came with the little
like wall mount plug thing, so that you don’t see
the plug hanging down, it’s all already built in
and hidden behind the TV. It came like that so I love that, because it looks nice and clean. I have some more accessories
from Target and Home Goods, and I have another plant over here, with this really cute gold vase. I actually put together
the plant part myself, by getting fake leaves and stuff
from Michael’s craft store. Over here down here I
have a little gold poof, which was originally for Ziya’s nursery, in my old apartment and I
ordered it from somewhere online, I don’t even know but these
days you can get them, at Home Goods or where ever, but I brought it down here, and I have my little Roomba down here, his name is Stanley. He keeps my floors clean. I actually highly recommend
the iRobot Roomba, I use it all the time and it works. It keeps my floors so much cleaner. And then on these built-in
shelves over here, I have a bunch of little trinkets, photo frame, little statues and all these
plants over here are fake. I really liked this
feature in the town home, I think built-ins and shelves like this, just give your house a lot more character, and so yeah I just filled it up, with a lot of little gold
and white and greenery, and the same thing over
here on the other side, I kind of wanted to make
it match the other side, but still be different. So some of the things are the same, but I have like different little statues. This in Antoine. Antoine is from my other apartment, he used to be on the wall
but now he’s sleeping, he just sleeps on the top shelf. There guys this is my living room, and now let’s move over
here to this next area. This area is Ziya’s play room basically, it’s right smack dab
in between the kitchen, and the living room, but it works for me because, I don’t have a separate play
room space in this town home. So I wanted to make
the best of this space, the art work that you see on the wall, is a DIY I made this art work as well, with just some acrylic paint
and some gold foil leaf, I kind of just went for
like an abstract design, and in my favorite colors which are, mint green, pink, white,
black and gold (laughs), you’re gonna see that a
lot throughout my decor. And this toy box is a life saver, because literally we just
throw all the toys in here, it makes it look so much cleaner, keeps the stuff off the floor. I ordered it from Overstock, but it originally came in just a plain, wooden like light wood color, it wasn’t painted at all, and then I just took some white paint, and brushed it on there
and then got sandpaper, and sanded it down so that
it would look kind of like, rustic and kind of like
a white washed look. And this is really cute it’s
like one of my favorite things, about this little area over here. I got these two chairs from Target, and they’re the perfect size for Ziya, but I can also fit in them too, so we can have a little
tea parties and stuff, and so yeah these are from Target, they’re just like the perfect color, because this is like my
favorite mint green color, which is actually hard to find
this exact shade sometimes. So I got this table
from Overstock I think, ordered it online, it’s got like a faux marble top to it, but it was really affordable, and then I actually painted the legs gold. They’re a little beat up, because it’s been well
loved and well used, by a two year old. But yeah so I made this little area, so that she can like sit down, have a snack, have a tea party you know all that stuff. And then the star of the show over here, is the pink kitchen, which she actually got
as a birthday present, on her first birthday. And moving on over here
we have the dining area, with my dining table and chairs. I decided to be really
extra with this furniture. It’s a little flashy, it’s a little extra but I really like it. So it is a marble table top
if you get up close to it, it sparkles in the
light it has nice veins, running though it’s real marble, and then underneath down here, it actually has gold or like brass legs, and then I got these chairs to go with it, which are also like a
nice gold brass color. So very flashy, a little gaudy, probably don’t look that comfortable, but honestly they’re not
like too uncomfortable, they feel like the same as
like a normal wooden chair. The table I ordered online, and the last time I checked, it was out of stock, but if I can find it for you guys, I will link it down below, and the chairs are from CB2, so I can definitely link these down below, as well as over here on
my kitchen island area, I have these bar stools
which are also from CB2, and they match the chairs
so I really like these, if I have a lot of people over, we have plenty of space
to enjoy a meal over here, I can entertain even over here. Now how often do I really do that? Never so far. But one day I’m gonna
have a party (laughs), and there’s gonna be a lot of people, and we got people sitting right here, sitting right there, sitting over there, we have chairs for every body okay? So come on down to Raven’s BBQ (laughs), we gonna have a party (laughs). For Ziya’s chair we have
ditched the high chair. We used to have that
white Ikea high chair, that every body has, and I would just push her
high chair up to the table, or up to the island over here. But she’s a big girl now, and she really like can’t even fit, in that high chair anymore, so we have upgraded to
a nice booster seat. I have these little place settings set up, just for decoration, like I said literally
nobody ever uses these, but it’s cute. I got some plates from I
think all of this stuff, is actually from Home Goods, the place mat, the decorative
little plate thing, and then like the other
decorative plate thing, what ever you call it (laughs). Okay all of this stuff is from Home Goods, and then I have some
little trinkets up here, just for decoration again, another one of these
plants like the same one, that’s on the table over there. This is definitely from Home Goods. Somebody I think it was Adriana actually, she gave me these for a
birthday present I believe, and they’re little salt
and pepper shakers, but they’re little white
and gold pineapples. And then this area over here, is really good counter
top space for cooking, if I cooked, I don’t really cook that
much as you guys know. But I do shoot Raven’s Ratchet
Kitchen here sometimes, and my grocery hauls and stuff, so it is really good counter top space, for those rare occasions when I do cook. And then over here I just
have like some random stuff. I have a bowl full of fake lemons. I actually just recently
bought these two things, the other day from Target. And this is just a really
nice little ceramic jar, that you’re supposed to
put your utensils in. It says utensils so you
know exactly what’s in it. And I just though that was cute, and then this is like
a little spoon holder, putter downer thing like
when you’re cooking, like let me demonstrate. You take your thing and
you’re like cooking, and you’re like stirring up the sauce, and you’re like I still need to use this, but I don’t wanna like
put it down on here, because it’s gonna get dirty. So you put it on here
and it holds it for you, and then you can come
back and keep using it. Learn something new everyday. Over here I have a fruit basket thing, it’s kind of empty right now, I only got two little
sad bananas in there, but usually I have like all my avocado, and potatoes and stuff in here, and this thing is from
Target I’m pretty sure. Over here is my coffee nook area. So this is where I make my morning coffee. Honestly this whole set
up used to be much cuter, in my old apartment when it was fresh, and I just made everything and set it up. Now it’s a little crusty
because I’ve been using it, every day for like two or three years, but I made this little sign, that says but first coffee, wrote it myself thank you. And I would like, decorated these little syrup pumps, but now like all crusty (laughs), and drippy and nasty but
it’s supposed to say, caramel syrup and vanilla syrup, I had to like replace one of the bottles, so it just, it will never look as cute as it used to. Have my little gold straws, and I also keep like random
bottles of champagne, because I don’t really drink champagne, but sometimes companies send it to me, like for marketing so I
just keep them over here. Over here in this area I
have all this cabinet space, which is really nice, and I also have these shelves over here, so I try to just like fill
it up and make it look cute. I got these little what are these called? Terrariums I think? But they’re all fake fake plants. I got all three of those from Home Goods, and below that is just my sink, which has some dirty dishes in it, so we’ll just skip over that. This little white board is from Target, it’s like a marble
background with a gold frame, it came like that. It came with little markers, so you can like write your grocery list, like we ran out of milk, and we need some more eggs, and that actually really comes in handy, so highly recommend putting
a little list thing, on your fridge. This is the door to the bathroom, which I have dubbed Ziya’s bathroom. It has her little potty in there, we’ve been working on potty training, so that’s her little potty. So moving on over here, this is where I spend my life. This is my office and
like everything else, it’s kind of just in this one big room. We have a living room, a playroom, dining room,
kitchen and office, all in one open area. Which is good for a mom like me, who you know tries to keep an eye on Ziya, and work at the same time, but I’m excited for my new house, to have my own closed off office space, just so I can really get
in the zone and work. But as of right now I
spend most of my life, in this chair. If you guys watch my Snapchat story, you’ve probably seen me
literally sitting in this chair, all day and the chair is from Home Goods, I feel like it was my lucky
day when I found this chair, because it’s a unique chair, but it’s like perfectly
my favorite colors, like the teal and the gold, and it’s actually like kind of sparkly. I have my computer here obviously, this is where all the editing
gets done like I said, then I just have you know some little, little things like all
this stuff is from Target. Alright so let’s go upstairs. (upbeat electronic music) over here is my bedroom, down here is the other two bedrooms, so let’s start with my bedroom first. So this is my bedroom, and plenty of you guys
have probably seen it, in my vlogs but I zhuzhed it
up a little bit for you guys, obviously I cleaned it up for you guys, because this is definitely
one of the most messiest, rooms in my house usually, but my house keeper came yesterday, just for you guys just
so it could look nice. So I don’t normally, in my vlogs it does not look this nice, but you know this is still
kind of a realistic view, but a like a clean realistic view. So obviously the main
feature in here is my bed. This is actually a vintage bed, it is older than I am I’m pretty sure, because it used to be
my older sisters bed, when she was like a teenager, and it might even be older
than that I’m not even sure, but it got passed down to me. I painted it gold of course, because I love everything to be gold, and I have had it for many many years, and it is going to be
going in my guest room, in my new house. I ordered this bedding
from somewhere expensive, I don’t know what possessed
me to get expensive, white bedding knowing that
I have a two year old, and it’s probably gonna get ruined, but I have worked really hard to keep it, as clean and white as possible. I have some decorative throw pillows, so I have these blush colored fluffy ones, which are from Target, as well as like a metallic gold fancy one, which I think is also from Target, and a matching pink little throw blanket, you know just for decoration, and this is from Home Goods I pretty sure. Above my bed we have this painting, which I literally just did yesterday, for the purposes of this video. I mean I always wanted some art work, to go above my bed but
I kept procrastinating, I couldn’t find anything
in the store that I liked, so just like with the art work
that you guys saw downstairs, I decided to just make my own. On the other side I actually
just have two of my hats, hanging on the wall just
because I like to incorporate, my fashion, makeup stuff like that as
also kind of like decor, sometimes too. He is also fake believe it or not, and I got him from Target and he was $100, but it was $100 well spent, because I just love this plant, I feel like it looks so
real especially down here. Over here behind the
plant I have a mirror, I actually kind of think
it looks kind of cool, with just the mirror kind
of like just you know, it’s like I’m a world traveler, and I just like have so much stuff, that I just kind of like have stuff, you know it’s like bohemian vibe, when you just gotta
have stuff on the floor, at least to me so I never found anywhere, that I wanted to mount this mirror, so I kind of just left it there, and I kind of just think
it looks cool like that. The reason why that mirror
is not being used anywhere, is because it used to be
the mirror that I used, for like my vanity, but now if you come over here, I have a real vanity mirror
with the real working lights, oh yeah. And this is an Impressions vanity mirror, they’re pretty pricey, I will tell you that right off the bat, but I honestly think it
has been so worth it. I have tried the whole DIY method before, but nothing beats the real thing. These things are really sturdy, and really really nice, and I like the fact that it has a light, that you can like adjust
and like dim the lights. And it’s just very sleek clean looking. So I have this on top
of just an Ikea table, and I also spray painted, actually spray painted the
legs of this Ikea stool, and this Ikea table gold
to match my aesthetic, and I also made this little
fluffy cover this stool. This is like when I’m doing
just my everyday make up, and getting ready really quick, I like to just keep some
everyday makeup products, over here and a few brushes, this is by no means my
full makeup collection, and if you guys have seen
my makeup collection video, you know that I have a whole
separate room for that. We have my other kind of night stand area. This is like my real night stand, because I sleep on this side of the bed, so this is like where
I really use the table, and that’s why I have my
lamp and my alarm clock, diffuser speaker. This thing is like 21 things in 1, but it’s mostly meant
to be an oil diffuser, that’s mostly what I use it for, but it also has an alarm clock. Then we have this little poof, which is also a brand new purchase, that I actually just bought this morning. I go to Target like everyday, and if I see something
that’s like white and fluffy, or pink and fluffy or gold, I’m pretty much gonna buy it, so this is the white and fluffy thing, that I found this morning (laughs), it’s just like a little
poof ball stool thingy, and I felt like it matched
with a lot of the stuff, that I have in here
and you know it’s cute, like if I just wanna sit
here and put my shoes on, or something like that. Over here I just have this basket, which is holding some extra throw pillows, and above it I have this
really pretty woven tapestry, which is from Home Goods I think. They’re starting to sell these a lot more, for affordable prices because
if you get like a real one, made off of Etsy they’re like $500, but I found that one
for a really good price. I got this so long ago it’s like a little faux sheep skin rug, I believe I got it at Home goods, and I just have my
little slippers you know, looking real cute. And then I have my full length mirror, which I got from Home Goods
a couple of years ago. I found it like really lucky, because it was one of the
only ones that had a nice, white frame. Over here on the other side of my room, facing my bed over there, is my kind of like entertainment
center for my bedroom. I recently upgraded to a larger TV, I used to have like a
little small TV like this, and I couldn’t really
even see it from my bed. So I upgraded to a bigger flat screen, and I have it on top of these cubbies, I have three sets of these cubbies, which I ordered off of Amazon, and I use them for my shoe storage, or at least part of my shoe storage, because I have a lot of shoes, so this is where I keep
mostly all of my heels, and it also doubles as a TV stand. And then I have these
two fake plants here, which I believe are
from Home Goods as well. Home Goods and TJ Maxx and Target, are my top kind of three
places to get fake plants. And above the TV on the wall
I have this really cool, handmade art piece that I
got at a local boutique, here in Austin, it’s like a paper mache bull, is that a bull, a bulls head? Something like that (laughs). It’s got like hand painted details on it, and gold foil leaf on
the horns which I love. And then over here this
is my secondary closet, I’m gonna show you guys
a little peek in here, it’s messy as well as my main closet, I’m gonna show you guys this one first, because it’s smaller so
we’re doing a little better, in this closet. But this is what I call
my accessory closet. Now see I told you guys I
cleaned up for this video, but I didn’t clean up that much, because this is really kind
of the reality of this closet. It holds all the rest
of my overflowing shoes. I have like my slide collection down here, all of my shiny sparkly shoes, I have my Fenty Puma collection in here, I have quite a few Fenty Puma slides, and I also have the creepers, and the FU slides. So I like to kind of keep these
on display on these shelves. I don’t really wear them that much, because honestly some of
these are kind of like, collectors items (laughs), and I don’t wanna get them dirty. And then I kind of keep
my jewelry up here. I have sunglasses, earrings, necklaces hanging
from the little rag, a bunch of random stuff up here, and then on this side I have a little rag, that’s holding my hats, scarves, purses. But over here on the other
side is my real closet. And honestly it doesn’t look too bad, comparatively to how it normally looks. I mean I did do a closet
organization video, so if you guys go back
and watch that video, you can kind of see how it looks, when it’s like in its
prime freshly organized, and color coded. Right now though its got
just clothes all over here, I got my suitcase from
a trip I just went on, still full of dirty clothes. Nothing is color coordinated anymore. A lot of stuff is not even on the hangers, this is the reality of what
my closet normally looks like. But my favorite part of my closet, is actually this top shelf
that goes all the way around, up here and that is my wig collection. Well actually it’s not
even all of my wigs, because they don’t all fit up there. I came out with my own wig collections, so I have the Raven Elyse
blonde wig over here, I have all my blonde wigs
going into my orange wig, purple wig, blue wig which
you guys have not seen yet. So over here by my vanity
is the door to my bathroom. I like my bathroom because it’s spacious, and there’s lots of storage. But yeah in terms of decor, I mean there’s not much in here. I recently just got this
little piece of art, from Target. It says ‘start each day
with a grateful heart’. I liked it because I really like the font, that it’s written in
and it’s gold and black, but I really do like this quote, and I wanted to put it in my bathroom, because that’s where I start my day, and it’s just like a nice
little reminder to be grateful. I also recently got this little basket, because I felt like it was cute, to put like the dirty towels in there. And then I also have this towel over here, which has the letter R on it. This is the towel that we don’t use okay? We don’t wipe our hands on this towel, it’s just for decoration. Over here is my bathtub
which looks a lot more neat, and clean and just all pretty, because I hardly ever get a chance, to like really take a bubble bath. But when I do I go all out
and I have my little tray, where I can like have a glass of wine, a glass of champagne. Another thing that you guys definitely, need in your bathroom
is a waterproof speaker. This can literally go
inside to the shower, you can also use it just
as a regular speaker, but I use it for inside of the shower, to play music it’s Bluetooth, so I just play music from my phone, and I’m just jamming out. Okay so I’m going back down this hallway. This is just the laundry room, that’s boring I’m not gonna show you that. And then this is actually Ziya’s bathroom. So she has her own separate bathroom. This is where I comb her hair
and she brushes her teeth, and she uses the potty
and she takes baths, in her own bathroom. So I have like a few little
cute things for her over here. And then back here is
just where her bathtub is. She has a cute little shower
curtain which is from Target. Coming through here. This is my studio room. And yeah this room is just
kind of always a mess, because I have so much stuff, that comes in and out of here, and so much stuff that I’ve
been trying to store in here. All my equipment is always out, and I also have this rack over here, that holds like my back drops, I have like some sparkly
fabric and stuff that I use, as well as like some merch, I have some of my old pink
shambles shirts in here. Above that I have a white board, where I can keep some video ideas. I have my 100,000
subscriber YouTube plate, but y’all know we are on the
road to a million subscribers, I’m hoping to get my gold 1
million YouTube play button, really soon and I can
add this to the wall. And then over here I just
have a bulletin board, which is holding a lot of
just like little memories, and photos and postcards
from different like YouTube, related events and PR
packages that I’ve gotten. Over here is, I forgot what we named her. We named her a while back but
I forgot what her name is, but this is my dress form
from my fashion design days, if you guys didn’t know I studied
fashion design in college. I haven’t really used it since then, but one day I am going to use her again. Then I have these shelves
which have some of my makeup, collection on it. I have my high school diploma, and my college diploma, yes I am a graduate. And this table is where
I sit down and film, all of my like sit down videos, so like a makeup tutorial, a hair tutorial, a chatty like talking video. I sit in here and I film, I turn all my lights on, I set my camera up there, I have my little mirror right here, so this table is always
just covered in makeup, and just what ever I was
using in my last few videos. Over here in this closet, is where I hold my makeup collection. So I have makeup scattered
like throughout my house, but this is like the
makeup mecca over here, where I hold mostly all of my stuff. I have like these acrylic
containers on this top shelf, things that spin around, things that have draws that’s
holding a bunch of stuff. I also have these little plastic bins. And yeah the only other room
in here is Ziya’s bedroom, which is right over there, but I actually just recently
posted a whole separate video, about her bedroom, so if you wanna see what
her bedroom looks like, I will link that video
down below for you guys, but other than that, that is pretty much my
whole entire house tour. Again I am building a new house, so I’m saving a lot of my decor ideas, and inspiration for the new house, but in the meantime, I still wanted to give you guys this tour, I still wanted to decorate, and kind of finish this
house out a little bit, because I am still gonna be
living here for about a year, until my new house is done. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this house tour, and got some decor inspiration. Comment down below if
you have any questions, about any specific items, I can try and answer you guys. And yeah give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, subscribe if you haven’t already, and I will see you guys in my next one. Bye.

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