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House & Home: Plaster Lamp

House & Home: Plaster Lamp

Here’s the video full of tips for another great project, from the experts at Home Hardware. I wanted to challenge myself to recreate that handmade plaster look that’s so popular right now, using only cheesecloth, plaster, and paint from Home Hardware. I wanted to apply this technique to very shapely figure, so I found this $5 lamp at a thrift store which was a perfect candidate for my experiment. I decide to approach this project the same way I did with paper mache as a child, so I began by cutting the cheesecloth into uneven strips. Next, I had to make the plaster itself. Usually the formula is 2 parts plaster to 1 part water but because of the grayish tint of the plaster, I decided to substitute 1/2 of the water for “Mega White” paint by Beauti-Tone. The next step is the most fun part of the project, it’s really easy. I just took a small stack of strips, dipped it in the plaster, removed the excess, and applied it to the lamp base. I’ve never done this before but it seemed pretty foolproof. Just dip, apply, and smooth it out as best as possible. I was trying to keep my hands clean but it turned out it was a lot easier and a lot more fun to do it without gloves. So after covering the whole lamp, which surprisingly didn’t take very much time at all, I left it to dry overnight and revisited it the next day. When it was dry, I realized the cheesecloth texture came through a bit more than I was hoping for. So I sanded down the rougher bits and then applied a second coat of plaster. This time I didn’t use the strips and just applied the plaster directly on to the lamp with my hands. So I let it dry once again and finished it off with some light sanding. To my pleasant surprise, this DIY experiment worked. I really think I did achieve that handmade plaster look with only a few materials and what I think is a foolproof technique. Home Owners Helping Homeowners with Expert Advice

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