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House Cleaning & Organization Tips : How to Declutter a Home

House Cleaning & Organization Tips : How to Declutter a Home

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today we’re going to
talk about decluttering a home. The big thing is containers. If you have in all your items
and everything you have, if you have a place to put it, then it helps contain the item
and it helps keep it really neat. What I’m going to show you today is we’re looking at
this side table that has books on it, picture frames, all types of things. And it’s like
how can we clean this up and make it look a little bit more unified. So what I’m going
to do is we got these great baskets that have a lot of texture. Now I’m all into mixing
materials. Because I think it creates interest, so what I want to do is just take these baskets
and I’m going to put the books in it. And then we can either – we can set them in this
way, or we can set them in this way and then still have like something – well I don’t have
well, we could still have something else sitting here if we wanted to. But we will do this
and then we’ll take another basket and do the same thing. Okay, that’s one way to do
it, so using containers. Another way is these I got at just a discount retail store, and
then another thing is I love garage sales, estate sales, what I love to do is put things
in interesting baskets. This is just stationery, I am a card writer, stationery writer, and
so I like to keep all my stationery together. And I found this cute little basket at a garage
sale for a dollar, and so I just put everything, I would just put it in neatly, and then I
have an interesting container, maybe a little container that would hold my pens and pencils.
So, containers, garage sale, buying them at a store, great to use for decluttering also,
important to go through the closets, go through your children’s rooms, and things that you
don’t – no longer need, sack up, take to Goodwill, take to Salvation Army, and really just each
room go through and decide what doesn’t need to be there, what is really trash, what is
really things that you’ll never use again, and just sack all that up, and take that out
of your house. And those are ways to declutter. This is Ann Myrick, and I have just talked
to you about decluttering.

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  1. I thought the baskets were a great idea. Maybe she loves to read a different book every night. Keep up the good reading habits, I noticed your Bibles and Christian books. You may want to donate the one's you've read and perhaps hang your photo frame =-)

  2. A place for everything and everything in its place, easier said than done but good tips and I'm getting there, just a problem with paperwork and clothes/jackets/coats any suggestions?

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