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Homemade Vs. 7-Eleven: Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich • Tasty

Homemade Vs. 7-Eleven: Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich • Tasty

hi guys it’s really pasty producer right now I’m in Japan and one thing you might notice in Japan is still a lot of convenience stores and surprisingly food it’s so good and one of the most popular item 8 excellent sandwich today I’m going to try to make excellent sandwich better than 7-eleven one alright let’s get started so I’m going to start with making bread because it takes time we have to prove three times and I wanted to make choco pie which is Japanese like bread it’s like everyday bread by the way this recipe was developed by Sucker I have bread flour so first you’re going to mix sugar and salt and mix very well make a well and then add water milk and East and you’re gonna just like mix it so once it become like an a messy bowl you’re going to start kneading so you’re kind of like meeting against the board like stretching and you want to knead until it doesn’t sticky and it’s kind of elastic ball I don’t remember how many schiappa I in my life it’s almost like everyday so though it’s nice and bouncy so I’m going to incorporate butter yeah so I think we are done the indicator eats the dough it’s kind of shiny and elastic now so I have a running joke I have the editor person for eyeball around here and this is my dobby and we are going to put this in the bowl and put the plastic and I’m going to prove it over there while we are waiting the dough is proofing we are going to make hot water so water is boiling so I’m going to drop egg slurry so it doesn’t break very gentle for 12 minutes if your exam which is very staple sandwich in Japan so like I remember having excellent sandwich for my lunch so right after you boil egg you want to drop into cold water or like ice water so you can use a dish out peeled egg okay so you can peel there also if the egg with super fresh it’s difficult to peel very satisfying so smooth it be so my 8 peeled I’m going to go next step which is separating egg yolk and egg whites I’m gonna chop everything and I will decide how much I’m gonna incorporate I feel like this makes one like half sandwich it’s 5 X that scares me so now you’re going to mix ingredients sugar so so this is very crucial secret ingredients it’s Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise Kewpie mayonnaise makes everything taste better you cannot use any other manner it’s good but um I want to make it as close as it gets texture it’s very similar I think we are there for this video I think we only need a half amount of egg whites it’s a yolk for da excellent so I’m going to above its plastic and put it in the refrigerator well now while later my baby Nicolas so fluffy so it’s proofed and I want to remove the gas in it so you have to punch it and kind of release the gas yeah release the gas and you’re going to form it again and we are going to do second proof close the seam on the bottom you are going to cover we wet towel and wait for 20 minutes now I’m going to shape this dough to hear the sound it’s almost like squeaking in a pain but it’s like a you know growing pain alright so you want to fold it and you’re going to roll it up and we have a chakra mode which is like square mode it’s already oiled and before you put in the mold you want to close the same and you’re going to put this in so you’re kind of like one side not in the center put the plastic this is gonna be the last proof before we bake in oven which eats one hour right so this is ready and you want to drop this so you kind of kill the little bubble you kind of want to give a little shock and then open the lid oh my god it looks great pull it down I’m gonna cut this and we are going to make the sandwich right so this is the excel that I made earlier I think it’s a little too much – I wanna add a little bit cream more than anything I’m so proud of me making shocked by oh let’s see how it tastes so today I made from scratch and give me honest opinion okay here we go the bread is exactly the same yeah I couldn’t see no difference in the bread mmm though this car mmm what you are Minneapolis is any for poison Ida stuff but you know that is a pretty car – oh no poor mother comes in Netanya how do you put you got to go [Music] it’s very creamy mm-hmm I feel it’s not a sweet ass like they come anyone hey I do like it I look how creamy it is but I feel like this one might be a blue and more flavorful I’m sorry my feeling it’s hired I feel it’s because it’s much sweeter it has like a stronger taste to it Oh bent over point high today time alone no come on you’re kinda Jewish community equal to you know [Laughter] [Music] hmm most likely you don’t have access to by 7-eleven egg salad sandwich so this is how you can make it at home this one is relatively easy it’s very cheap to make I encourage you to make it at home because it’s delicious too if you visit Japan you can find a lot of different convenience store and each convenience store have their own egg salad sandwich so when you visit Japan go to any community store pick one and pick your favorite [Music] [Music]

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  1. Oh my, in my mind I want to recreate this recepie but when I search for Kewpie Mayo price my jaw drops it's a freakin pricey like 4$ for a small container.

  2. I wouldn't dare eat an egg salad sandwich from my local 7-11…no way, uh-huh, thanks-but-no-thanks.
    Now, if Rei were to come over and make it, well then — entirely different story.

  3. I subbed to tasty and buzzfeed specifically for Rie! After seeing her on worth it.. she made the channels worth it! Haha yeah I'll leave now

  4. love tamago sandos! i went to 7-eleven every morning when i visited japan, and the egg sandwich was always a must. i was so surprised by how good everything was. i wish we could have japanese 7-elevens in america, but i guess that would make it not as special 😆

  5. How to make the best videos ever
    1. Get an asian person in ur vids making Japanese food
    2. Your video has gone viral

  6. I literally just bought that kewpie mayo because of this video.

    I don't even know if I would make this sandwich

    I don't even like to put mayo on my food

    And the label suggested to finish the whole package in a month before it goes bad

    Dammit Rie!

  7. Hi can you please use something else than plastic to cover food. you can send a great message to your viewers.

  8. Thanks tasty and rie for this video. I really miss eating this.. We don't have this in our country's 7-11 indonesia. So i don't have any choice but to make it my self. Arigatou!

  9. I'll have to try. Our 7-11 here in Hawai'i has a lot of good things I don't think are anywhere else. Like Spam musubi! 😀

  10. I tried in Ikebukuro in the “convini” of the corner those sandwiches and they are really delicious!

  11. theres no reason but redundant semantics that saying de-shelling an egg isnt right. Whats around an egg, a shell.

  12. i used to buy it almost everyday before going to high school, but 7-11 stores were closed now in Indonesia so sad 🙁

  13. I live in the uk where there is no 7 eleven near me so this video is a but random but i saw rie so i clicked

  14. When Rie speaks Japanese is like she's talking with her heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Fan over here

  15. Hi! So I'm about to put the bread in the oven just now, however, I noticed that the video says to bake for 30 minutes whereas the recipe instructs to cook for 40 minutes. Which one should I do?

    Also, while proofing the bread for the third time, The dough rose well above the height of the mold. Should I punch it down to put the lid on? Some help would be appreciated!

    UPDATE: I baked the bread for 35 minutes, however I do feel 40 minutes would have been best. For the proofed dough, I did gently punch down the dough, about 1 cm below the top of the tin and worked like magic.

    The bread came out BRILLIANT. I totally understand what the tasters meant about subtle flavors as the bread was both less salty and sweet compared to storebought, but the texture was perfect nonetheless. Will probably keep coming back to this recipe for a long while. Thank you, Rie!

  16. I want to tell a story I’m 11 my brothers is 14 he is Akers my phone without asking so today I was tired of it so I kick his door in and take so he comes hits my glasses of so I get mad and start a fight and he is choking me and them grabs his sister and puts them to my neck and says I’m going to kill you so I lock his arm thinking of snaps g put slips of the bed them my mom comes in and stops it. True story I’m think how can he do this he is meant to protect me not kill me I’m I’m in tears.

  17. “Deshell is more for like seafood, like shrimp”

    Bruh I’ve never heard someone say DE-SHELL THAT SHRIMP.
    Rie was actually right smh

  18. Japanese like salty foods more than sweet. That’s probably why the Japanese tasters preferred it over the Latino girl.


  20. Umm there’s 7 11 egg salad sandwiches wherever I go to a 7 11 lol there’s legit 4 of them in a 10 mile range from me and I live in the USA why did she say most likely you are unable to get them???

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