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Homemade Family Photo Frame

Homemade Family Photo Frame

E I always have tons a family photos
around the house and always looking for new ways to display them this is a fast and easy idea its always
easy to change start out with a picture frame I love
large ones you can use lots of images on bpm years product on a smaller frame to
use one at that that matches your decorating style it can be seen it older and more
antiqued or this one taxes from a tag sale and has been shipped pain on its
not matter the shabby chic sort of like take any ribbon that you like and cut it
to fit for aunt and on the picture frame then
use them tape to hold it in place the ben is a staple gun to secure the Ravens in place you punch
right through the pain take don’t worry about that all secure one
more place and here pull it nice and talk so that the photos hang straight then you just peel painters tape right
of and your staples stay in place it that finished but now you can add your
photos I like to use binder clips because they
come in so many great colors and so many sizes right now it’s really fast waited attack bonus into place and let this one of my daughter and her
little preschool buddy from birthday party last
year also a great way to incorporate little pieces art but always come home
in the backpacks in another photo here you can movies around try different
sizes this would be a great way to display postcards or even change %uh the
ribbon and use that to display holiday cards its picture perfect

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  1. The only problem I have with this is I spent a lot of money on some beautiful pictures and the last thing I want to do is just hang them with some binder clips.

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