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Home Right Steam Cleaner Clean With Me Video!! See it in Action!

Home Right Steam Cleaner Clean With Me Video!! See it in Action!

Hey everyone Diana and Janet here with Two Moms Review and today we’re going to review the home right steam cleaner. If you’re new to our channel please consider subscribing to our channel so that you guys know where to find us to find videos about a clean home happy kids and good sleep. In our first video we showed you how the steam cleaner worked and this time we’re gonna show you using the steam cleaner on actual messes around the house. So follow us around and see how it works Okay, so this has been a long project going but I am trying to clean all of the grout in my travertine and my main living area. It gets really really dirty so this has been so fun because it is so easy Okay, so even just that quick clean look how much dirt that took out. This is the door that just goes to my garage my husband up and walks in with greasy hands, so so I know this is two mom’s review but my husband who is helping me film today asked if he could try the steam cleaner He said it was so fun that he wants me to record and him to clean, so he’s just in the bathroom There’s toothpaste that’s dried on You know they get that kind of watermark down there behind your sink This really is amazing! So this is my stove here in my kitchen and you know that gunky greasy stuff that forms on the top of the stove I’m gonna see if it gets that off. I’ve tried all kinds of cleaners and stuff to try to get it off and It works, but it’s usually a lot of scrubbing so let’s see how quickly this does the job Are you kidding, that’s it? Did you know that was one night I spent three hours You were asleep Maybe I want to steam clean overnight So we had a Super Bowl party a few days ago, and so our stove is a little bit messy. Let’s see what it does Here’s the thing, I could get the stove that clean it just takes a lot longer Now if this steam cleaner would just take out the garbage for me that would be something. Here is a mystery spot On my couch by the time I found it, it was already dried on. I’m not sure what it is. My guess is maybe yogurt That was easy my shower is tiled with travertine This is normally my go to cleaner for the bath and the shower But if you read these instructions that specifically says do not use for travertine the trouble is travertine is really porous and love the way it looks but Soap and grime it really gets in there especially on the shelf So the soap builds up in the poorest parts of the travertine, and it’s really hard to clean I just have to scrape it off, so we’ll see how it works Wow looks like stone again. Why don’t let me get them both? look at that no more soap in the crevices. I Don’t know if any of you guys ever get those crayons that are meant for the bathtub that they say are washable. They are washable But I think it kind of takes it smears and just takes a second, but it does come off you have to scrub it so let’s see how it does with that Okay, so this is elephant T. Elephant T. is my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. She carries it everywhere with her and yesterday when we were out and about she dropped it on a really disgusting floor And I don’t want to put it in the washer in the dryer because it’s got a music box in it and it’s gonna ruin It but I do want to get rid of the germs and bacteria that it’s probably crawling with now. I could spray it with Lysol but she always likes to have to suck her thumb and hold it right next to her face, and I really don’t want the that chemicals to be that close to her and her face and it’s by her mouth We’re going to use this and I’m going to try to clean up with this I’ve mentioned this before but our house was kind of a fixer-upper when we bought it and we didn’t notice this for a long time, but this is the railing and After years and years of people touching it it has built up this gross film on it so we’re gonna see how well this gets it off. We have to be careful about with the heat We don’t want it to hurt the wood, so we’ll see if it takes it off quickly That’s amazing Okay Well that was fun I can’t believe how quickly that came off. Let’s do some more. Hey look, there’s more up there Let’s do this side right here come here do this Wow right here see that You know you don’t realize how dirty it is until you start cleaning it, and then you make it clean spot And you’re like oh oh and I got to do the whole thing I Really think somebody would need to be careful when they’re doing would Test it in a place Test it in a place that’s not really visible usually So that make sure it doesn’t damage the varnish or the oil or whatever you have on your wood Yeah Well, I don’t know we’re gonna try. This is a spot that I just found in my daughter’s room I I’m guessing I was guessing ? or maybe a popsicle that dried But let’s see what it does with that Okay, so you know what we only worked on this for about four four or five minutes and It’s not all the way gone. We’re gonna keep working on it, but it’s not crunchy and hard anymore and it started… It’s definitely lightening up Okay, so this is gum that one of my cute kids managed to get on our carpet on our stairs And I have learned the hard way to not use the steam cleaner with gum because it makes the gum sticky and soft and it turns it into a bigger mess than it already is so this is actually how I get gum out of a carpet at my house I just Cut it out but if you have a better way to get gum out of a carpet I would love to know about it, put that in the comments below. All right sorry about the bad lighting here, but this This right here and also right here is acrylic paint that my son Painted onto my railing he was three so it’s seven six years ago, and I spent about two hours scrubbing it off, and I couldn’t get this off so We’ll see how this steam cleaner works with that You know how much time this would’ve saved? Hey, what’s that spot over there go ahead and clean this whatever. Yeah, whatever that spotted Thanks for watching this video on our review of the Home Right Steam Cleaner We hope that you enjoyed this video, and I’ve really enjoyed this product if you like this video, please consider hitting subscribe below Thanks for watching and let us know if you have any questions that we can help with in, the comments. If you have a homemade steam cleaner or Another steam cleaner as well we’d like to know your experience with it so put that in comments below as well. Our link is in the video description if you want to help support our channel. Thank you!

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  1. Do you find the steam cleaner really loud? I bought one but I actually had to wear earplugs because it was so loud. I'm thinking I received a faulty one.

  2. I was convinced after I saw the dried toothpaste. Too bad it won't pick up hand towels thrown on the floor too. lol

  3. OMG ! I forgot about the bathtub markers when I was a kid. I loved those things. I've been intrested in the HomeRight Steame Cleaner maybe this fall I'll get one

  4. Thanks for the tip about the gum, I have some stuck on my sleeping bag (Tony!!) I wont use my steam cleaner on it..tried an ice cube already..might try Goo Gone, just dont want to damage the material

  5. I just got it and the handle is so hot!!! I’m wearing a glove and the steam is still too hot. It’s shooting out the back.

  6. Hi ladies. New to idea of steam cleaning but very interested in the end result of using it. Not to sound wierd but I know you said this will clean/disinfect whatever you clean. I was wondering if you could maybe to a black light demo to prove the cleaning power of steam. Again not to sound wierd but just a thought in my making my choice to buy a steam cleaner. Wondering if you still recommend this product line. Thank you for your video!

  7. Two mom's review and I'm a husband watching this, planning to buy a steam cleaner for the household…. Just to let you know we men are not dead yet in the household… PS: Incidentally, my wife is just now cleaning up the bathroom…

  8. You have a good well trained hubs lol 😛 :D. Who says men can't be house trained, your hubs definitely is :v 😀 :p

  9. Diana would you like a good tip for your cooker hob ?. This sounds really daft but it should work. Spray some furniture along it, wipe it off very lightly. It'll then repel all the grease & all from forming on it. I used to do that on my fridge door , before I got my steamer. I have the Dupray neat for my sinks taps etc , & it's brilliant.

  10. To get gum out of a carpet put an ice cube on it, & the ice will soften it, enabling you to get it out without cutting bits out of your carpet. All you have to do once the ice cube has melted or has almost melted wipe up the gum & the water with a clean cloth.

  11. I really enjoyed the authenticity of this video you are highly believable when it comes to this presentation Thank you for you energy

  12. For stuck on gum – I've heard people try to freeze it (or at least get it really cold) so it hardens and then you can break it off. Use an ice cube wrapped in a thin towel and rub it on the gum.

  13. To remove gum from carpet: use ice cubes, it freezes the gum & you just break off small pieces at a time,. I comes off easy when frozen from the ice. It will crumble, so just brush it off quickly before it warms back up again

  14. Fyi…best way to get gum out of carpet or clothes/even hair is to place an ice cube on it…let it freeze and it should pull right off.

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