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Hey guys, welcome back! This is gonna be a little bit of a different
haul. I went to Home Outfitters, which I think is
a Canadian store? I’m not sure… it’s a home goods store. I went into this plaza and the Home Outfitters
there had big signs up that they were closing that store and they were like, liquidating
everything that they had. So I popped in to see what I could find, and
I managed to grab a few things, so I thought I would share those with you! So everything in the store was like 20%-60%
off… these I believe were… either 20% or 30% off, they’re dryer balls. I’ve been wanting to try them, cuz supposedly
they’re good for your clothes, they save you money as far as buying dryer sheets… I’ve never tried them before, and I haven’t
been able to find them anywhere, so since I saw them and they were on sale – I think
they were like $4.00 after the discount – I thought I would grab them and see if they
worked. I got two of these Coca-Cola branded dish
towels, primarily because I drink a lot of Coke and I thought they were cute. The discount was on the lowest ticketed price,
so the sticker here – you probably can’t see it from here – original was $9.99, it was
on sale for 70% off, so it was $2.96, and then it was, again, another, I think 30% off
on top of that? Ended up being like $2.00 each, and I realized
when I looked at my receipt that she only rang me up for one; she grabbed both together
and only rang up one. So… I basically got two for $2.00. Then I got these ridiculously adorable pillow
cases. I don’t know if you can see the hedgehogs
on them – they are so insanely cute, oh my god! They actually had a full sheet set that I
REALLY wanted to buy, but being that it’s Martha Stewart, it’s of course, expensive…
so the lowest ticketed price on it was just the original price. On the full sheet set, they were originally
$80.00 dollars! For cotton sheets! They were on sale for $48.00 – that’s the
full sheet set, that’s not the two pillow cases! The two pillow cases were regular $50.00,
on sale for $30.00, which is still ridiculous [laughs], but… they’re SO cute, and I was
debating… I really wanted the sheet set, but it’s really
expensive, and I really shouldn’t spend the money. What I needed was two more pillow cases – I
didn’t really NEED a sheet set. And really, I’m a grown-up, and I don’t really
need a full set of hedgehog-printed sheets… even though I wanted them. So I got just hedgehog-printed pillow cases
instead! And then the last thing I got… … was this! It’s a Samsonite suitcase, it’s one of the
smaller ones, like carry-on size. It was regular $275.00, I got it for $110.00,
I believe it was 60% off. I’ve been wanting a new suitcase; I bought
at the Canadian National Exhibition a few years ago… it’s a nice suitcase, but like,
one of the handles broke on the first trip I took with it, so I wanted to get something
a little sturdier. And, I mean, it’s a name brand suitcase, it
was nearly $300.00 that I got for just over $100.00. It’s a bit of a big spend, I wasn’t planning
on spending that much money at this store, but I mean, when you find a good, name brand
suitcase that’s on for 60% off, you wanna pick that up! So I did that… and then I used it to take
all my purchases home [laughs]. It’s really light, it’s really sturdy, I really
like it, and I hope it will serve me well on the rare occasion that I take a trip! So that’s the end of my Home Outfitters haul,
like I said, I just popped in because they had a clearance sale happening, picked up
a few things… Hope you enjoyed, if you did please give me
a big thumbs up! Feel free to leave me a comment, also please
subscribe if you have not already; I’d love for you to join us here, and I will see you
in the next one!

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