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Home office tour: my creative room | 100,000 subscriber special | Justine Leconte

Home office tour: my creative room | 100,000 subscriber special | Justine Leconte

Hi, everyone, it’s Justine. You were promised a tour of my home office when this channel reached 100,000 subscribers. We’re over that now. I was in fact waiting to get the award from Youtube, you know that play button that you get, the silver play button that you get when you reach your hundred. It’s going to take another eight weeks to come, so we might as well do the video without it because doing that after reaching 200 would be…would be embarrassing. So let’s just do it without it and first see what’s behind this background. That is…another background. So what you see here, those are two magnetic boards of 75 centimeters by one meter. They’re pretty, pretty high. You can take them off and walk around with them in the room if you want to, or just hang them here and they’re out of the way. It’s paperboard actually which I painted several times with magnetic color, so the entire surface here is magnetic. I like to work with that and that’s my creative wall, so to speak. The only thing missing here now is a frame to make them lie flat against the wall so they’re stiffer. But other than that, they’re done. I’m really happy with the result. And the three rolls that you see above me are the backgrounds I use when I film my videos. If you’ve been watching my channel, you know all three colors already. This bamboo bell comes from Thailand, it’s from a trip. Then on my left here you have the whole office block. It’s half inspiration, half administrative stuff, papers. Everything that has to do with being entrepreneur. I have recommended some of the books here in a previous video on fashion books. It’s a mix of text books, image books, inspiration books. A place that I like to look at when I need inspiration. I have here some lookbooks from my current collection. I have a few stickers. If you’ve ordered something from my shop, you’ve got that on your box already. And I also have some stickers like this size excess a thousand times. So that’s where I have all the furniture and the materials that I use in small quantities on a daily basis. Now here on the opposite wall, on the other side of the room, you have the technical part with all the tools. I’ve been looking for boards like that, peg boards, for a while. The best one that I found where you have those modular elements that you can just take, put everywhere, change whenever you want, the smartest one that I found is Ikea. I was trying to avoid Ikea, but oh well. So over here, I have for instance some threads, stuff that I use on the machine. I have all my rulers, some in inches, some in centimeters. A mix. Fabric scissors, embroidery scissors, pattern making tools, tape measure here also inches and centimeters because you never know which supplier you’re going to have to talk. That’s to do embroidery, my color wheel. Stuff that I like to have handy at all times. So this sewing machine here, Pfaff, is old but amazing. It’s all metal also inside, not plastic like on modern machines. So here it can take anything from silk to leather to felt. No matter how thick the fabric is, it’s going to take it. I added here my measurements because I find it handy. And here I have this little piece. I can put it here as a guide for my seam allowance and then just start sewing. And it goes great. I love this machine. And here behind this door, I have fabric samples –tons of them, prototypes, old pieces of fabric that I might do something with or not. Everything that I want to hide, plus two sewing machines, extra ones. I have a domestic one that can do buttons, specific stitches for experiments. It’s good to have one, I think. And an overlock one with four threads, but those two machines I keep there. I only take them out when I’m actively using them, otherwise the space here gets too crowded. So right now they’re all in here. And then from my desk, I see this wall here. I like the color, I picked the color. It’s inspired by a rose from the deserts which is called the Jericho Rose. I find it a very peaceful color to look at, so I have that in front of me. So it took a bit of work to get this layout. I picked the elements first including this magazine shelf in Massif wood. I let down everything on the floor, to put them the way I wanted them to be later. Then I drilled the holes, then came in the paints. And here I have to share with you one pro tip. Something I discovered and I’m super happy with. It’s called Frog Tape. It’s a green painting tape–masking tape–with which I tape the edges here all around. And you don’t have to paint white anymore, or make it wet before using the actual color, you just start painting. And then remove the tape and you have one crisp line which I find looks fabulous. So this is the final result. Here, I place the hanger with the collection in the center. I like to see in the middle because the rounded curves contrast with all those angles, so I find it a happy combination. But it’s still a mobile piece that I can switch and carry and move around if I need to use the space. So it is on the floors, but it’s not fixed. This high stool…I like the look of it, but it’s going to be replaced by an armchair Because after all, I find an armchair more comfortable and kind of useful in this room, to have a break and not just sit on on the wood. Then here are things that I gathered on my travels. This is a Kokeshi doll which I received in Japan. It was made for me. That is a candle from the Royal manufacturer in Copenhagen, a Christmas candle that I will never burn for Christmas. This is an aloe vera plant which has outgrown its pot and needs some love urgently. A part of my jewelry collection Some essential oil candles that I like to use in my office To recall happy memories and make it smell good I’ve mentioned that in my video on fragrances. And then in the center of the room is the main piece–actually in the entire office–is the table. It’s an Eiermann design, so it’s a very light structure, it doesn’t take too much space. It’s on rolls, so I can really move it around as much as I want without any problem. And it has extensions here. So I can work like this–which is my favorite position–inclined a little bit, or completely flat down or I can go up so much that I can actually stand and walk around the table if I want to . So it’s a completely flexible modular ball desk. My desk is split into two halves, so to speak. There is the digital part–because 2017–with the tablet and everything, hard drives. And then the analog part–which is my favorite part–with some pencils, masking tape, deco tape, more candles. Those are my drawing markers. Some drawing pencils, watercolor. That’s my miracle box. When I open it, it smells like orange blossom, this you know. And more stuff in it: tape, Post-its, clips, colors. Whatever else I want to use in my creative life. So that’s actually the essential part and that’s the only part that is standing in the middle of this room. Everything else is on the walls. And this carpet here was a present from my grandmother She gave one to each one of her grandchildren, and we’re quite a few. It’s at least fifty years old and it’s a very high quality carpet. So obviously it has to have its place in this office. It makes me think of her. It is precious and so because of that, no shoes are allowed in this room. In this room I work in socks. So this is where I work when I work from home. I hope you enjoyed this little tour. It’s basically one room with a lot of possible options. I also get great natural light from that large window which is good to see in work with colors and good for the eyes in general. So when I come in here, take my shoes, leave them at the door, and close the door, I’m in my little bubble, and I get really productive. I wish you a creative day, a creative week. Thumbs up if you enjoy this video. And I’ll see you Wednesday and Sunday again, as every week. Until then, take care, guys. Bye bye.

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  1. hi justine!!thank you for your precious tips!!I love them!!may I ask where did you find your desk??I am looking for something like that since too long 😛
    Thank you!big hug!

  2. Please if you may accept a humble hint for when you search for an airmchair for your studio: do check italian furniture signature Moroso. Specifically designs by Edward Van Vliet. They are playful and I believe they will add a very interesting contrast to you amazing back wall. I am also fond of round corners: place them everywhere on my urban designs! 😀

  3. Wonderful! Love your creative space – it's beautiful. I also have a precious (and very old) rug passed down to me from my Grandmother – it's also in my creative space where I meditate and practice yoga. Thank you for your excellent videos Xx

  4. I so enjoyed the tour of your creative space! I like the balance of clean, uncluttered space with inspirational items. Perfect!

  5. Love your videos, thanks for sharing your space, I love the wall colour you chose! My Mom who is a seamstress also swears by Pfaff, she has had her since her 30's and she is now 70 and still sewing AND STILL WORKING 😉 She actually sews for the company lululemon. She says it keeps her young!! She made me so many beautiful clothes growing up, I could take her into a store and after one look at the item she would go home and make it for me!!

  6. Justine, thank you for putting yourself out there for us to discover! I love what you do, what you say, and how you are. I love how so-NOT-pretentious you are even as you talk about fashion! You impart grace, fashion sense, and quiet strength to us women. If you ever want to come visit (or have business in) Seattle, my family can host you in our guest room and we can be friends! Drop me a line!

  7. Is it just me, who would like to know her digital side of the desk more? Justine please do a detailed review of your gadgets. If any knows, what desktop and tablet she is using. Please let me know. My guess is its ipad pro 12.9 and clueless on the desktop. Thanks

  8. I LOVE IT!!!!
    Congratulations. Really wonderful office ❤️
    I need to get me some of those magnetic boards and a pegboard. And I would love to be able to walk in socks around, but unfortunately I have a problem in my feet and can't walk without proper shoes and insoles. It's definitely amazing to walk barefoot in your "zone".

  9. Thank you for being so generous & showing us your lovely workspace. I too was moved & you inspire me to create more meaningful spaces for myself. Work should be more of a pleasure, & it can be w good planning. Thank You!

  10. Nice video! Very touching about the carpet from your grandmother, it showed your love! It also made me think of mine and made me teary. Thank you for sharing!🌞

  11. A very well thought out space. I love to sew and I adore old machines. They are easy to work on yourself, and I enjoy fiddling with them. The mechanics of sewing machines is just fascinating to me. The new ones with all there plastic pieces just don't hold up to heavy fabrics, forget trying a fell seam with heavy jean fabric. I have two cast aluminium Singers one was my first machine I got as a Christmas present when I was about 13.and only has a straight stitch (it really was designed for light industrial use). Also my mother's 1962 rocket design with the cams that create the different stitches. I have some newer ones but honestly they are crap and I always return to my old ones. I have a couple of questions, how do you get a collection to be shown at fashion week? Is there a committee that you submit samples too? Do you have to get someone to sponsor you? I would love to go to fashion week in Paris and watch a live show, can you buy tickets or are they just for the industry and you receive an invite?

  12. Congratulations Justine. I really enjoy your videos. I am 5 feet 4 inches and my problem area is my thighs but I have really appreciated your fashion tips. What type of perfumes do you like?

  13. Great creativity bubble office you have! The color of the wall you see from your desk is wonderful and the carpet, is the touch of love <3 Thank you for let us in, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  14. You’re so lovely. I Don’t know how I found your channel, but I’m really glad I did! Congratulations on your success 🙂

  15. Beautiful and functional and easy to care for! Love it! Putting an Eiermann desk on my wish list along with my Knolls Barcelona chairs.

  16. I suppose when it comes to their living and working environment, there are two kinds of artists: the ones who model their (living and/or working) space around them according to their artistic vision and the ones who are in the midst of a complete and utter mess… For the first type, as an extreme, comes to mind Piet Mondriaan, who wanted to recreate the whole world according to his vision and started (besides his paintings) with his house. Scale models I have seen of his appartments show every last pencil aligned. Somehow I don't doubt that on the day he died he was found as part of a neat composition… The other extremes, the likes of Andy Warhol, who was a hoarder and whose sister threw away containers of his stuff after his death (she could have been rich…) or minimalist modernist sculptor Constantin Brancusi, who had 3 million French Francs stashed away in a drawer at his workshop.
    You seem a bit more practical than either type 😉

  17. Justine you are living my dream! I am so pleased to take a tour of your office room it is so functional and full of nostalgia. May your dream come true!

  18. Oh hey, my Grandmother has exactly the same carpet in her bedroom (but in bigger size), it's such a pleasure to see it in your 'office'! 😊 And of course, I liked this tour in your room, it's very tidy, love it! ❤️

  19. Hello Justine. Loving the Charlotte ring. What is the make of your design table? You say it in your video but I'm not sure how to spell it.

  20. Thanks Justine for the tour of your wonderful 'Craft Room' – I love it. The loving detail you go into is adorable and useful too 🙂 I have just extended my home to have my own haven for creativity. Amongst many other things, You have inspired me to tidy it up, as its a mess hehe 🙂 x

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  22. Hey Justine, could you help me what sewing machine should I have to buy for me as a beginner, but still able use a heavy duty sew ie; jeans?

  23. I love my old, all metal machine. It is the closest to an industrial machine, as I think I'll ever get (I still want one…I only have three machines…insufficient!)

  24. Je vous adore Justine. Vos vidéos sont magnifiques. J'aimerais bien voir votre garde robe moi aussi. Merci Justine de vos conseils et bonne continuation 👍😊💖😚🌸

  25. You are so adorable! I really enjoy all of your videos. You are so enthusiastic and thoughful in everything you do. Thank you for making me smile and think.

  26. Thank you for the tour! I've been working on trying to get my art studio just right, I'm not there yet.

  27. Thank you for showing us your space! I'm a little late to the game commenting, but I've been binge watching your videos and love your channel! Can you explain, why you have the head shots and your hand photos on your wall behind your desk & what you use those for? PS. I love the rug and the meaning it holds… Thanks again! <3

  28. Loved seeing your space. I wish I could keep mine so tidy. I know your focus is on fashion in terms of what people can buy, but could you do a video or a series on dressmaking for those of us who like to make our our style? Love your channel. Also, do you do videos in French too?

  29. Hi Justine! Can you share what you use for your three drop down back drops? Very clever and neatly out of the way 😉 ~ Christine

  30. Justine, you are amazing. I felt like I was being your friend while watching this tour video. Now I really want to meet you in person one day maybe 🙏 you’re very inspirational and genuine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your charm and talent with us. Love ❤️

  31. Justine, I love watching all of your videos. You are very direct, simple and sophisticated. I love your home office and the way you set it up. I used to sew when I was younger studied how to sew at age 10, 5th grade at Singer Sewing School and have made clothes for myself and other creative items. I also studied classical voice in college and love to sing, but had to restart my life over again 12 years ago after a very lengthy and cruel divorce. I went back to school to become an elementary school teacher, but it's not my passion, just did it for survival. I'm a good teacher, but I'm 54 now, a recent breast cancer survivor and still trying to figure out what field I should switch to. I also once studied Interior Design and loved that too. I watched your video on how you got started in your business and then decisions you had to make for yourself when you found you were not moving upward and your creative juices were stunted. That's how I feel about my singing. When someone knows you're good at what you do, they try to block you. I truly admire the courage you had and still have to make the leap of leaving your position and starting your own business. I'm a gutsy person and have survived many challenges, but starting a business, for myself, is so scary because I feel so alone and always feel 2 heads are better than one. Many congratulations on achieving ultimate success and I wish you continued success!!!! Olivia B.

  32. I just pushed that subscribe button when you said no shoes are allowed in your office because of that gorgeous carpet! I suddenly knew you're the kind of people I like!

  33. I hope you don't take this the wrong way Justine, but you look prettier when you're not wearing make up….or maybe you're wearing it but it's natural looking? Hmm don't know. I wish i was as feminine as you.

  34. A wonderful, peaceful space ("bubble") you have, Justine. J'adore the beautiful rug your Grandmother gave you – it is brilliant. Are the earrings your design? or those you've collected and wear? I really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look, thank you🌸

  35. Thank you Justine for sharing your work space with us! You should see my working space, I have a similar set up just like your space! You can find me on Instagram @luismontenegroferrel / Mr working space combines computer science and fabrics.

  36. Maybe try bare foot once in a while in your creative space? I do that everyday at home. It is a good feeling to have my feet naked and it is cleaner and you will feel the texture of the carpet too. You have decorated a lovely creative space.

  37. Justine I have watched all of your videos and enjoyed them a lot, you are real, straightforward, genuine. While watching your videos I truly learn new things and I trust you, I don't feel like bombarded with adds or sponsored products. Thanks a lot please keep up the great work

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