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Home Office Decor IDEAS

Home Office Decor IDEAS

Hey Guys I’m Angela and you’re Watching the Runway Done my way Today’s Episode is all about Creating your Own Pinterest Style Office Now I’m not going to Overwhelm you with Information Today but I am going to share with you my few key Pieces The Few Ikea hacks that I did A few Ways to stay organized and then I’m going to share With you one Little quick Diy at the end of the Episode my first Tip is to Keep everything extremely Clean and Organized if You do Have Glass Pieces you Don’t want any Fingerprints on Anything you want to Make sure to wipe Down all your Accessories as, well Okay, you, guys Moving on you May Recognize the lack Shelf Behind Me by Ikea So it’s the ikea Left Shelf what i did I want to use it for a jewelry Display and as Is you Can See There’s a shelf every About 12 inches Or so so what I did was I didn’t Connect every other Shelf and that allowed me to Put my Displays Up and Have it Look Nice and Symmetrical the Only Thing I do want to tell you is Obviously if you Don’t Connect the Shelf you’re Gonna Have this little circle Where the Shelf is supposed to go? So all i’m going to do is use These Angry the Avery concept my absolutely I’m using These avery All-Purpose Labels the little Circles and I’m just going to go ahead and place it over each hole to camouflage the holes This is a super simple Little FiX-it tip like I said I’m using the avery Labels Just to place over the holes and Voila They are Gone as you Can See it Camouflages Them Perfectly it’s Effortless and Inexpensive Another Thing you want to do if you want to pinch your style Office is to Take Care of These Cores There’s Nothing Fashion about Cords I know that We can’t Get Rid of Them Completely? But what you can do Is I’m Just using clear packing Tape and I’m going to take up as much of the Slack as Possible And tape it to the back of my Desk This is also an Ikea Desk that I am now using as A Console and I’m using for some Storage Space Because Obviously the glass Desk doesn’t Allow Any of that so i’m going to go ahead and Use just Scotch Shipping Tape and I am going to tape as much of the Cord to the back of the Desk and This is Another Easy Inexpensive FiX-it Tip using Packing Tape to tape the wires to but Back above my Desk This Is what it looks like When You’re Done super Easy Moving on to my little Diy Project That I came up with I’m using a canvas you Can Use any Size I’m using my easy Read Ruler and a nail I’m Creating Holes Every inch and then I’m Moving Down About six inches and Creating Another Row I’m Gonna Continue all the way Down the Canvas I’m Placing it on the Wall and then I’m using this to organize my earrings Obviously you Can Space it However you want Depending upon how big your earrings are This will be an Ongoing Project as I get more earrings Last but not Least is to Customize your Own Desk Play With your own information Mine Says Goal getter This is Easy you Create it in Photoshop print it out on a piece of Paper and Place it on the Plate Moving on to the key Pieces in my office I knew I wanted something not to glam for this side of the Desk So I went for A faux leather and Wood bed Bench Creating More of A masculine medieval vibe Which helps Balance out all the Glam in the Office Moving on to the Desk you can’t Always lighten your Workload but you Can lighten your Workspace as You Can See this Desk has a glass Top with A gold finished Sawhorse Foundation I got this one at living spaces it’s Called Their Jenica Desmos Moving on to the chair I went with a vibrant Jewel tone Burgundy velvet Slipper Chair It has the brass Nail, heads I got this at Wayfarer Comm As you can See i’m using my Old Desk as a console and Storage Space this is the Best Collection from Ikea Moving on to my lamps These are also from Wayfarer They have A 31 inch tall Tube iron Lamppost I’ve Done in A gold finish They Have a Black Retro Style Shadow Lamp Shape With A clear crystal Accent on the Top and the Bottom of the Post I’m super Lucky to have These Picturesque Windows in my office so I went Ahead and Splurge on the 25 inch Bellissima Crystal Chandelier from house.com It has A black modern drum Lampshade with a gold satin Lining The Crystal Filled Candelabra Body Makes it an Exquisite Statement Piece Peeking Through the Window at night All right so that is the Beginning to my pinterest style Office Hopefully some of These Tips Were Helpful for you as you can See my main colors are White black and Gold My Accent, color is Burgundy so next Week I’m going to be Showing you how to add Patterns and how to create an Inexpensive Fashionable Art Gallery Wall This Weekend You Guys I’m going to be Showing you another way to Repurpose A Floor Mirror I have a lot of mirrors as you know I have a floor Mirror that I’ve Had Forever It Takes Up a lot of Space so i gifted it to A friend and we’re Going to be Doing a really cool Diy This Weekend at her House so stay tuned for that and I’ll see you next Week

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  1. Happy Thursday to you! I just came across your channel it came up as a recommended channel! You are an amazing creator so I thought I'd ask you if you would be interested in doing a project together! I think we could come up with something fun if your interested! Hugs** Kelly

  2. love displaying jewelry as art,because that is what it is! beautiful,clean office! will use those stickers for covering,great tip!

  3. Hey Angela! I always look forward to your videos, so many awesome and budget-friendly ideas. I mentioned a while back I'm from Huntington Beach and lived on Balboa Island for a long time. I'm back in town at my parents in HTB, settling my son in to college at OCC and would love to grab a coffee if you have time. Starbucks on Balboa Island? No idea how to reach you other than posting here, so my apologies if this seems stalker-y. LOL. 🙂 Be well!

  4. Wow! I love the shelf hack as well as the canvas used for earrings. I'm always looking for jewelry storage/display ideas. Thanks.

  5. Girrrrl! You are a goal getter! I love your style! It's beautiful you really put it together so well great job! Thanks for sharing

  6. WOW!!! You are so creative and talented. I get so much inspiration from you.i love the custom desk sign. Those crystal lamps from wayfair, that purple chair and black bench….OMG! So inspiring! I look so forward to your next video, thank you so much for just being you! ♡

  7. This is more my vibe. Not that pinky little girly vibe everyone else does. This is grown and sophisticated ❤️

  8. pretty space! did you know you can take the warning label off the lamp cords? Yes, just carefully peel them off. you may need a pair of scissors to get it started, but it makes quite a difference. also, you could tape the cord to the leg of the table if you wanted to hide more of it. cant wait for your next video!

  9. Love this video! Can you please copy the link for the gold lamps again–it's not working. Or, can you share the exact name of them so I can search for it on wayfair. Thank you!

  10. Beautiful! . I want all of that! Lol, you could get white pvc pipe to hide the remaining cords on wall and use velcro or the command strips to attach it to wall. ♡♡♡

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