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Home Hunter October 6, 2019

Home Hunter October 6, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] The Home
Hunter with Tiffany Hunter. For over 35 years the home
hunter has been helping people find their dream home and learn
about home related products. Brought to you in part by Arizona Wholesale
and Those Callaways. (upbeat music) – Good morning, and thanks
for joining us once again for the longest running real estate talk show
in the United States. We’re here to help you
find your dream home and learn all about
home related products. This is still a
fantastic time to buy, so make yourselves comfortable,
and let’s get started. We’re out here on location at this beautiful Brown Homes
community with Mike Brown. Tell us about this community. – Hi Tiffany, thanks
for coming by. We have a great new community
down here in Casa Grande. It’s called Los Portales. We have nine floor
plans, ranging from 1400 to 2400 square feet. And we have our new series, which are the
attached RV garages. – [Tiffany] Which everybody
loves, the attached RV garages. I mean that’s a big thing
that people really get into. And your homes offer so
much more besides that. – [Mike] Well thank
you very much, we do. We’ve got nine foot
ceilings as standard, eight foot doors, low E glass, and 15 SEER air
conditioning units. – [Tiffany] Wow, and what
are the prices out here? – [Mike] So we start low 200s. – [Tiffany] That’s it? Oh my gosh
– It’s a great value. – [Tiffany] I was gonna say
for this home, this area, I mean that is so affordable. These are gonna go fast. – [Mike] We are having a lot
of success in this community. So if you’re
interested in a home we’d love to have you come out. – [Tiffany] Well, saying that, now tell everybody exactly
how to get out here. – [Mike] So, you’re
gonna go south on I10 from Phoenix to McCartney
Boulevard, go west to Pinal, go south to Kortsen, go west, and we’re a mile down on the
north hand side of the street. – Okay, and I do, I tell
everybody get in the car, come check it out. Because they need to see
these for themselves, because this is a great area. So really appreciate
you having me out here. – Thank you. – I know everyone
has little pests and different things that
are just an inconvenience. And if you don’t have Dave Burns from Burns Pest Elimination then you probably have more
pests than you really want. – More than you should anyway. – You should, I know. But no matter what a lot of
people are getting termites, and you just don’t
think about that, but there is a lot going on. – Yeah, you know a lot of that has to do with our
monsoons right now. So we had a really
weak monsoon season. – [Tiffany] We really did. – We really did,
not a lot of rain. But now as we’re starting
to end down summer, fall’s starting to roll in, we’re starting to see
stronger monsoons, storms, starting to see a
little more moisture, that’s a sign for termites. – Oh yeah.
– Termites are drawn to that moisture in Arizona. You know we have a very dry
climate most of the time so the termites are always
looking for moisture ‘coz that’s safety for them. So you should always
have your home inspected by a professional. – By you.
– Burns Pest Elimination. – [Tiffany] Exactly. – Call us, we’ll
come out for free. We’ll come out
take a look at it. And what a lot of
people don’t know is you can get
warranties on your home without ever having
to do any treatment. All you gotta do is call us
and we’ll explain it all. – That is fantastic. – Yeah.
– And I do wonder, how often should someone have someone come out to
look for termites though? – You know, if you don’t have
a regular pest service with us those guys do it every month when they’re out on
a regular service. But you should have someone
look at it at least once a year, just to give you
that peace of mind and ensure you don’t
have any problems that maybe you’re not seeing. – Well they just have to
have you on a regular basis and so then you don’t
have to worry about it, because your guys will
identify if it’s there, so we’re good. – And you know we have one
other thing with the monsoons. As the monsoons get heavy,
we have the desert toads. Keep your pets away
from the toads, they’re very very
poisonous to the pets. – Yeah, that’s crazy. You wouldn’t even
think about the toads. – Yep, people up
north, Scottsdale,
Cave Creek, Carefree. – All right. – Take back your home. – Thank you. I’m happy to welcome
back with us today Martha with Arizona Wholesale. And first, I know we’re
gonna talk about Milestone, but first tell everybody
about Arizona Wholesale. – Well Arizona Wholesale
is a Arizona based company. We’ve been in business 75 years. We have a Scottsdale
showroom, a Tucson showroom, and a Phoenix showroom,
and in the Phoenix location at 20 Street University we
also have a open line showroom. – All right, and I
love there are so many different variety of things
you can get in there. But okay, Milestone. Tell us kind of about
what they’re doing. – Well Milestone is
one of our suppliers. So we get Heston grills
from them for our builders, Coyote grills, Petrozone, which
is kind of an Italian make, kinda old world looking,
Uline and Elica. – Oh cool, and so with Uline,
okay they have something fun. – Yes, Uline is the under
counter refrigeration, and they just came out
with a brand new ice maker. It makes nugget ice. – [Tiffany] Oh my
gosh I love it. – So it’s nice,
soft and crunchy, you can make it real
soft and crunchy or you can make it
a little firmer. And this particular
unit also has a filter you can get into to change
it out, so it’s much easier, we need filter water. – Oh absolutely. – But it also has a cold
water dispenser all in it. It’s brand new to the market. – Oh, nice, I love it. And they make such
a great product. And it’s something they
can come into the showroom, and people can check out
all these different things? – Yes, they can come
into the Phoenix showroom or the Scottsdale showroom,
we have them live. So you can get a
nice glass of water with soft crunchy ice in it. – I love it, all right,
well everybody definitely, I’m always telling them,
get into Arizona Wholesale because there is
gonna be something that they need over there. So thank you so much
for joining us again. – Thank you so much. We’ve got someone that
builds some amazing homes here with us, we’ve got Nick
Blue with Blue Sky Homes. Oh my gosh, you guys have like these gorgeous
homes that you do. Kinda tell us what your
projects and what you’re doing. – Sure, well first thanks for having me again
Tiffany, I appreciate it. – [Tiffany] Of course. – Right now we’ve got over
40 projects in the Arcadia, north central, and
north Scottsdale areas. And we’re doing a lot
of energy star homes. So these homes are at least 50% more efficient than
standard new builds. On top of that we’re
working with clients a lot to help customize to give them the home they’re
really looking for. ‘Coz when you get to the
price points we’re in people are picky, and they
should be, ‘coz they’ve earned that right to be picky.
– Exactly. Well and you’re not limited
to one area though, correct? Like if someone has a
lot and says this is it, I wanna do whatever it is
on this particular lot, you can come and do it. – Absolutely, so a lot
of our business right now are people that walk
into our homes and say I love this home, can
you put it on my lot, or can you put it in
this part of town. And we just take our plan, and they work with
our design team and then we give them a home that they’re real excited
to own for years to come. – Well and you can make
their process so easy through the whole thing, and
then they have, oh my gosh this gorgeous dream
home, that’s it. – Absolutely. We can also do it at
a fraction of the time and on a cost savings
versus a custom build. – [Tiffany] Really? – If you just go
to a custom builder and say design this
beautiful home for me it’s going to be astronomical. Because we do a fair
amount of volume combined with we’re
working with floor plans we’ve built before, we can
save a lot for the customer. – Oh that’s fantastic. All right well I know
there’s a lot of people that are needing your
services out there. They want these
beautiful dream homes, so they need to be
picking up the phone, calling you and checking it out. – That’d be great, we’d
love to work with them. – Well thank you for
joining us again. – Thank you Tiffany,
appreciate it. Architectural Stone Elements
is a world class purveyor of fine hand carved stone art which consists of limestone
and cantera stone. There are so many ways to
add the wow to your home, enhance the kerb appeal by including spectacular
main entry facades, window surrounds, sills,
balustrade systems, to stone water
fountains in the entry, planters to add colorful
flowers and greenery. Another option is adding stone
details inside your home. Fireplaces add a comfy
touch to your house, that adds warmth and elegance
to your living space. Architectural Stone has a
huge selection of styles and materials for
fireplaces and mantels, plus they carry a variety
of surrounds for doors, range hoods, moldings for
chair rails and crown molding. You have plenty of
affordable options to add that special
touch you’re looking for. They can create a custom design or you can simply choose
from their vast inventory of ready to install
stone products, plus right now any
of the following natural hand carved limestone
fireplaces, surrounds, or door surrounds are available for the unbeatable
price of $2950 each. That includes installation if in the Phoenix
metropolitan area. Based in Phoenix, Arizona,
Architectural Stone Elements welcomes you to come and see
the amazing products on site, or they will visit your home to help make the process easier. So if you’ve been
waiting to purchase limestone and cantera stone
products, wait no more. Now is the time to buy. Call today at 602-620-9059, or visit their website at
architecturalstoneelements.com From our yard to your home. You can make your
house look brand new by just adding a coat of paint. But you don’t want to
add that coat yourself, you need to have John Gonzalez
with Master Hands Painting. – Hello, how are you? – Good, how are you? – I’m good, I’m good. Very dandy.
– You just make everything look so much nicer and prettier
and newer when you come in and just paint
– That’s a good thing. – anything and everything. – It is, a little coat
of paint goes a long way. I mean that just adds so
much beauty to a home, different colors, you know
we like bold, bright colors, whatever, we’re good. We have all kinds of
washable finishes, some people are gonna
want flat finishes, but they don’t really
last real well, they’re not real washable, even the washable flats
are not very durable. But yeah, we got
some good stuff. – Well and I know
one of the big things you still have going on
is painting the cabinets. Like people are still really strong doing that.
– That’s our big home hunter favorite. We do a lot of cabinet
refinishing every month, and then a lot of garage floors. You know we do a
lot of cool things. We do a lot of work
with senior people, I do work for retirement
centers now, and it’s cool. It’s nice working with them, but you know they get
taken advantage of a lot. A lot of guys come,
claim they have licenses and they’re not.
– And they don’t. – You need a licensed
contractor on everything you do. You have no recourse. – Absolutely. – So I’m doing a house right
now that’s in Fountain Hills, and the contractor was
licensed, but he did wrong, and the recourse was there. She got all her
money and here we are trying to fix it for her. – So obviously they
need to have the best, they need to be calling you.
– Master Hands in Chicago style decorating. We’re here for ya. Summer’s here,
snowboards are coming, very busy time for everybody. – Well thank you for
joining us again. – Thank you. – If you’re buying
or selling a home you know you have to
call Those Callaways, because they’re gonna be the
people that help you out. And of course, once again we
have with us Kelly Callaway. – Hello. – How are you? – Wonderful, how are you? – Good, and I know you have
an amazing home for us today. – I have a really,
really great home. It’s in a gated subdivision,
it’s in Highland Manner, it’s a mountainside
custom built home. – [Tiffany] Oh nice. – It’s absolutely beautiful. But the way they built
the home is amazing. It’s a four bedroom,
four bath home. 5155 square feet. – [Tiffany] Oh nice. – [Kelly] But it
was built in 2000. It has Omniblock construction with additional two
inches of exterior foam. It has Pella triple
paned windows, with sunscreens and tilt shades. Knotty alder doors and
cabinets, open concept kitchen. The kitchen has everything from granite on.
– Sounds gorgeous. – [Kelly] It’s an amazing house. Even down to the garage
floors are a beautiful epoxy. I mean, you know, it’s from
start to finish in this home. You can tell it
was a custom dream. – Okay, and the big question,
what’s the price on this? – This one is 950,000. – That’s a great
deal for that home. – It is amazing with all the
finishes they did in this home. – All right, it’s a perfect
dream home for somebody, so they definitely
need to call you. – Yes. – Thank you for joining us. – Thank you. – [Narrator] Are your trees
getting a little out of hand and you don’t know who to call. Then pick up the phone and call Trees by Mike today
at 602-579-8733. Mention Home Hunter and
get an extra 10% off of any job that’s $500 or more. They do a fantastic service,
call today, 602-579-8733 or visit their website
at treesbymike.com – If you’re like me
and don’t have the time or desire to actually
clean your own home, you can get someone
like Karina Cruz, Valley Sparkle Cleaning. You guys do an amazing job, and obviously come in and
keep my house nice and clean, but tell people kind
of about your company. – So we’re a residential and
commercial cleaning services. We service valley wide. We do anywhere from move ins,
move outs, one time, recurring and it’s super easy to book
with us, you can do it online, you could call, text, and
then you are on our system and you get reminders. So it’s super easy, we don’t
need to text every now and then you just get a reminder and
the crew just shows up on time. So we’re always
connected with you. – And like you just said,
the crew shows up on time, they do an amazing job. I do love that I’ve
got the reminders. I kinda count down the days
until you’re coming anyway, so I always know when. But I also love that you can
do whether it’s every week, once a month, every other week, but also if it’s just
say special occasion. You said even just you have
company coming to town, or a party, whatever it may be, you can just come in
and do all of that. – Yeah, we do one times. Or if you’re moving out and
you need your house cleaned up, we do move outs, move ins. Pretty much everything
within the cleaning. – Yeah, that’s another big one because a lot of
people when they are, when they’re moving out, or
when you get into a new home that’s supposed to be clean
it might not be there. So bottom line they
need to call you and you’re gonna get
them all taken care of. – Yes. – Well thank you for
joining us again. – Thank you for having us. – [Narrator] Evolve and
Cantilena by Shea Homes has new homes that can match your living space perfectly
to your lifestyle. Located in Peoria and
close to Lake Pleasant you’ll have all the outdoor
amenities you can ask for. There’s six floor plans
with three to six bedrooms, two and a half to four
and a half bathrooms, plus two to four car garages. These stunning homes range
from 2300 square feet to almost 4500 square feet. Prices are great
starting in mid 300s. For more information
call 480-367-3667 or visit their website
at sheahomes.com – It’s very exciting
to have back with us, we have Nancy Rhodes
from Furniture Affair. Which everybody knows is my
favorite furniture store, because my entire house
is furnished by you guys. – And now Liz is copying you. – I know. – Yes. – So everything, okay, so just explain to
everybody really quickly. – Well Furniture
Affair specializes in the resale of
model home furniture. And boy do we have a lot
of furniture right now. It is a great time to
shop at Furniture Affair. We have 12,000 square
feet of furniture that is from model
homes, showroom samples, designer close outs,
all at discount prices. – [Tiffany] I’d say
the prices are amazing. So remind everybody where
you’re located, and your hours. – We are located at
350 East Bell Road, that’s the north west corner
of 7th Street and Bell. We are open Thursday through
Sunday only from 10 to six, because we need that
other time to restock. But you really need to
follow us on Facebook, or sign up for our emails because I do all
kinds of crazy things. You don’t know what
might go on sale. – I love it, well they
need to check it out. Thank you. We have another amazing
community to hear about today, and we have Wayne Funk
with Bellago Homes. Tell me about this community. – So this one is
at the foothills of Superstition
Mountain in Gold Canyon. It’s a really beautiful setting, I think one of the prettier
settings in Arizona for views, and certainly 36 holes
of Jack Nicholas Golf, a $20 million club house.
– Oh that’s great. – [Wayne] Pools and
amenity are just beyond anything people have
imagined, or maybe seen. I think one of the really
pretty settings in Arizona. – [Tiffany] Well there’s so
much to do out there as well. – [Wayne] Yeah. – [Tiffany] I mean there’s
a lot to offer in that area, and it’s just gorgeous. – [Wayne] Yeah, and so
our little community is we have 29 lots, right
close to the club house, they’re called club villas, and a bunch of them
are on the golf course. – [Tiffany] Oh nice. – And they’re really
fitted like custom homes. They’re really incredible. You have room for
pools, guest casitas. I think you can do up to
four baths in these houses. – What kinda square footage
are people looking at? – They start at 2200 square feet and go up to 3500 square feet. – Oh that’s wonderful. And what kinda prices
are we starting? – They start in the 480 range. – [Tiffany] Oh that’s great. – Yeah, so really
incredible for a golf view and the mountain
views are spectacular. – Oh they really are out there. – Yeah, it’s incredible. I think actually closer
than the north Scottsdale to downtown Scottsdale, ‘coz actually you’re
right on the 60 Freeway, on the 101 and
right to Scottsdale. – All right, well it’s a
great location, great prices, so people definitely
need to check it out. – Yeah they definitely
can come check it out. – Right, well thanks
for joining us. – Good to be back. – [Tiffany] We all know
that window treatments play an important role in
decorating your new home, or remodeling your
existing home. There are all kind of
things to consider, like design of the room,
function of the room, how much privacy you need, and how to manage the amount
of light you let into the room. Sounds pretty
intimidating doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. The talented and experienced
staff at Brandt’s Interiors can help you sort through
all of the decisions to find the perfect
solution for your needs. Brandt’s opened its
doors over 72 years ago. There’s a reason they’ve
been around do long. It is there commitment to provide exceptional
service and products. They’re one of the
valley’s premier sources for quality blinds,
shutters, draperies, shades, custom window coverings, as well as wallpaper,
upholstering and more. They are a proud distributor of Hunter Douglas
Gallery products and offer almost every
other major brand in the design field. Let the friendly
people at Brandt’s use their knowledge
and expertise to help you put it all together, from design to installation. Plus they have their
own full service drapery and upholstery
workroom on site. Go visit their showroom
at Cactus and Tatum, near paradise Valley Mall. For more information
call 602-996-3040 to speak with one of
our design experts about your interior
fashion products. For additional ideas
and information visit their website at
brandts-interiors.com It’s your house, now it’s time
to make it your dream home. I’m pleased to welcome with
us today Brandon Menaged with Extreme Energy Solutions. First tell us a little
bit about your company. – Well we are a
certified contractor for the two major electric companies
in the State of Arizona. We specialize in home
energy audits, installation, duct seals, air seals,
things like that. Keep your home as
tight as possible, keep your electric bills down. – I was gonna say with
summer they get crazy high. – Yeah. They do get really
high right now, and a lot of Arizonian
people think it’s normal to have high electric bills. But we can actually
drop them by up to 50%. – [Tiffany] Really? – Yep, and the cool
thing about it is depending on your
electric company they actually kick in to
help you save more money. So they’ll give you up to
75% towards your total bill to do your necessities,
installation and duct seal, things like that. – I did not realize that. – [Brandon] Yeah,
it’s really cool. – It is cool, and
you guys can come in and basically take care of it? – Yeah, we’ll do it all. – Okay, and I know you have
some kind of a special? – We do have a special
going on right now. So it’s normally a
$99 home energy audit, but for the summertime
special we’re giving you a $100 Visa gift card to
offset the $99 charge. – [Tiffany] You’re kidding. – [Brandon] Yeah, so
it’s a win win situation. – Do they have to mention
anything or do they just get it? – Just let ’em know that
you’re calling from the show, you seen us on the show
– So they can just say I saw you on the Home Hunter and then they’re
gonna get that deal? – Yeah, and we’ll
give ’em the deal. You also get a goody
bag, depending on
your electric company has like five LED light
bulbs, some goodies. – That’s fantastic. – [Brandon] Yeah,
it’s really neat. – All right, well people
need to call you right away and get all scheduled. – Yeah. – All right, and not to forget
to mention the Home Hunter. – Yeah, mention the Home Hunter. – All right, well thank
you for joining us. – Thank you. – [Narrator] At Pebble Creek,
a Robson Resort Community active adults are redefining
luxury retirement living. You get world class
resort amenities with new luxury homes that
meet your high standards. Not only can they
personalize your home to suit your individual style, but you also have a
selection of clubs, classes and social opportunities
to match your lifestyle. The Pebble Creek
Community in Goodyear is an ideal location that
is close to everything. There are nine luxury model
homes, four villa models, golf courses, sports
complex, live theater, and so much more. Prices range from the
high 200s to the 800s. For more information
call 623-935-6700 or visit robson.com – In Arizona most of the time
we wanna live in our outdoors and we have the perfect person to help make all
of that come true. We have Greg Rowland from
Grow Land and okay, I know we were talking technology has
now entered in the back yard. I shouldn’t even say has now, but it’s amazing the stuff
that can be turned on and off and everything in the back yard. – You know the
technological advances now in the industry of irrigation
and outdoor lighting are just shooting
through the roof. And we’re on the front
end of all of that with wifi controllers that
have apps for your smartphone, and for your iPhone,
and from your iPad. We just did an
installation this last year with over 100 LED lights – [Tiffany] Oh my gosh. – [Greg] on a property all, each individual bulb
controlled by wifi. You can change the
spectrum of the colors. – [Tiffany] You’re kidding. – [Greg] You can
control the speed if you want them
to change colors, you can set just this like
you can set it on Halloween and have just the dark
purple and blue colors, and then it rotates
through those colors. You can control
it by your phone. We can control it. So if you have a
system that’s down, or a system that needs to
be augmented or changed, we can make those adjustments
from wherever we are. And here’s the best
part about that is if you have an
irrigation system and you have a break
in your property, and you have running
water down the street, you can call us and we
can take out our phones and we have your system on our phones
– Which we know this just happened to me. – Just happened.
– And you were able to turn it off immediately. – We can turn it off
immediately from our phone. You just saved yourself an
expensive emergency phone call. An emergency trip
for a shut off. – Yeah. – We didn’t even have to do that ‘coz we could turn it
off right on our phones. – Well everybody needs
it in their yard. Thank you for joining us. – Thanks for having me. – We’re here today to talk
about the Home Value Hotline. – I love that the Home
Value Hotline has a free, no obligation, seven page
report about your home. So it’s the value of your home, and it’s real values
from real people. – It is a special site,
it offers many resources in remodeling,
refinancing, appraisals, and preparing your home
for sale, and much more. – They also offer
free email alerts for when a home
goes up for sale, or when it actually sells
in your neighborhood. So you can know everything
about that as well. – There’s so much information
that people can gain from this site, and the fact
that it is free, no obligation, people should be
jumping on this website. – Even if you’re not looking
to buy or sell this minute, you should go to the
site HomeValueHotline.com and you can get a true value. Most of these sites are not
as realistic as this one. – Correct, so people really
need to check it out today. – If you haven’t
heard me talking about one of my favorite products we’ve got Jim Van Heemst from
HydroShield here to explain exactly what this is,
‘coz I love this stuff. – Yeah, well great
to see you again. HydroSheild is
surface protection
for your shower glass, your shower tile, your stone,
your grout, your countertops. So even quartz that
they say is stain proof. – The un-stainable, yeah. – It needs some surface
protection that we can provide. – Okay, and I’m always
bragging about the fact that having boys in my house
they are not going to do their shower doors,
they’re just not. And so you treated these and all I have to do is like
take a cloth and wipe it off. I don’t have to worry
about, and the spots, they just literally disappear. – It’s that easy, just a wet
cloth will clean your surfaces, no harsh cleaners are necessary, keeps the air
clean in your home. And we just love to come in,
you know if you’re buying a brand new home, or have
a new kitchen or bath, come in day after
you’re handed the keys or have access and
protect it from day one, and keeps everything looking
brand new for a long time. – Well and also even
if they have stuff that might already have
a little damage to it, you make it look like it’s new
before you actually treat it. – Yeah, and we can so
the restoration as well whether it’s cleaning or
stain removal, we can do that as well to get it
back to looking new,
and then protect it. – All right. Well if people haven’t
done this already they definitely need to
be giving you a call, so thank you for joining us. – Thank you. – The Salvation Army and
home ownership industry have a wonderful partnership
we’d like to tell you about. Addiction is the problem,
and the Salvation Army can provide the
solution with your help. There are five family store
locations throughout the valley for you to purchase
items, or donate goods. So if you’re moving or purging, or just have things
you no longer need, please call 1-800-728-7825 or visit one of
their five locations. Remember, your unwanted
items can save a life. Call 1-800-728-7825 today. It’s always fun to have
with us Ricky Khamis with the AmeriFirst Financial, ‘coz there’s always
interesting stuff you’ve got to share with us. And I understand you’ve got the, is it the first
responders and military? – Yeah, you know what
as a former military – [Tiffany] I was gonna
say, you’re former military. – Yeah, army 91 to 95, and
what most people don’t know is in 95 I went
through all the testing for the Phoenix
Police Department. – Oh wow. – So I was that close from
getting on with Phoenix, and ended up going a different
direction, obviously. – But now you can help them in a whole different way.
– Now I can help. And I’ve made it my mission
to help these guys and girls. So I have a group of
agents that I work with, who are all very like minded, that we give back to
that community of people that we consider completely
selfless for what they do. – That’s awesome. – So the loan
program that we do, we don’t charge any
bank fees on that loan, which saves them a
bunch of money already, and we put them at a
special discounted rate. And then our agents that
we’ve partnered with, they give back 25%
of their commission to help further reduce
their interests rates. – That’s incredible. – So you cannot
beat this program. – Okay, so obviously
I know you have so many other programs
too for other people. – Yeah, absolutely.
– But that is a huge thing and it’s awesome that
you’re doing that for those
– Yeah, for military, police, nurses, you know, first
responders, and former military and current active duty, we
really take care of these folks. – All right, well
all they have to do is pick up the
phone and call ya. – You know, jump on the website, that’ll be the easiest thing. – Okay, cool. – Fill it out,
take five minutes, and then we’ll handle
everything else. – Perfect, well thank
you for joining us again. – Thank you. – Thanks for joining
us for the Home Hunter, we also hope you
visit us on Facebook, become a friend of the show and get all of the
latest updates. If you have any questions
or comments on today’s show feel free to give us a
call at 602-331-7292, or visit our website
at HomeHunterTV.com Don’t forget to look
for Trane products, trusted nationwide as a leader for your air conditioning
and heated needs. After all it’s hard
to stop a Trane. I’m Tiffany Hunter, and I look
forward to seeing you again, next Sunday morning,
right here on ABC15. See ya then. (upbeat music)

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  1. Is Gene Siskel alive here on earth in the year 2019 because brain cancer did not kill him on Saturday, February 20, 1999 and is Roger Ebert alive here on earth in the year 2019 because he did not die of a melted jaw on Thursday, April 4, 2013, did Tiffany Hunter wear her tiffany heart-shaped necklace, gold jacket, gold sweater and black pants when she interviewed Ricky Khamis from AmeriFirst Financial on the Home Hunter show on Sunday morning, October 6, 2019 at 9AM on ABC 15, but why were the 2004 Fox Searchlight Pictures movie "I Heart Huckabees," the 2008 movie "Burn After Reading" and the 2019 movie "Gloria Bell" officially mentioned on the Home Hunter show on Sunday morning, October 6, 2013 at 9AM on ABC 15?

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