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Home Hunter March 15, 2020

Home Hunter March 15, 2020

– [Announcer] “The Home
Hunter” with Tiffany Hunter. For over 35 years
“The Home Hunter” has been helping people
find their dream home and learn about
home-related products brought to you in part by, Arizona Wholesale
and Those Callaways. (upbeat music) – Good morning and welcome
to “The Home Hunter”. It’s time to take advantage
of our great spring weather and go house hunting. And the timing
couldn’t be better. Interest rates are still
favorable, prices are fantastic and there is a great
selection of homes and condos on the market. Plus we have a lot of products and services to help make
your house your dream home. So let’s get this show started. We’re out here on location at this beautiful Brown Homes
community with Mike Brown. Tell us about this community. – Hi Tiffany, thanks
for coming by. We have a great new community
down here in Casa Grande. It’s called Los Portales. We have nine floor
plans ranging from 1400 to 2400 square feet. And we have our new series, which are the
attached RV garages. – [Tiffany] Which everybody
loves the attached RV garages. I mean, that’s a big thing
that people really get into. And your homes offer so
much more besides that. – [Mike] Well,
thank you very much. It’s what we do, we’ve got
nine foot ceilings as standard, eight foot doors, Low-E glass and 15 seer
air-conditioning units. – [Tiffany] Wow and what
are the prices out here? – [Mike] So we start
in the low 200’s. – [Tiffany] That’s
it, oh my gosh. – [Mike] It’s a great value. – [Tiffany] I was gonna say
for this home, this area, I mean that is so affordable. These are gonna go fast. – [Mike] We are having a lot
of success in this community. So if you’re
interested in a home, we’d love to have
you come around. – [Tiffany] Well in saying that, now tell everybody exactly
how to get out here. – [Mike] So you’re going
to go South on I10, from Phoenix to
McCartney Boulevard. Go West to Pinal, go South to Kortsen, go West and we’re a mile down
on the north hand side street. – Okay and I do, I tell
everybody, get in the car, come check it out
because they need to see these for themselves because
this is a great area. So really appreciate
you having me out here. – Thank you. – I know so many people
have that honey-do list that you have a million
things that need to get done and no one in your house
will or can do them. So that’s why you
pick up the phone and you call Hammerin’ Joe. We’ve got Joe Rarey. You can do so many
things that just takes the ease off of everybody else. – Well thanks Tiffany. that’s what I try to do and that’s what I
really enjoy doing, is being able to take a
whole list and knock it out. Make the customer very happy
and so everybody’s satisfied at the end of the day and
the place looks better. That’s even better, I take
a lot of pride in that. – Well you obviously
do a great job because you’ve done so
much work at my house, but also this time of year,
there’s so many different things that people want done
before it gets hot. So this is a great time to be
getting on the phone with you and get on your schedule
so you can come out and do all the different things. Because you can, I mean
there’s, I can’t even, the list goes on and on of
everything that you can do. – [Joe] Well it certainly
is a great time, especially anything that’s
outside or outside related. Once it gets hot, it
becomes much more difficult to schedule things. So right now is a really
good time to do that. We’ll make it an
extra special time because anybody who calls in
in the next couple of weeks, mentions “Home Hunter”, I’ll
give them a 20% discount. – Wow okay well, they need
to be calling you anyway, but that’s even more incentive. So all they have to do
is mention “Home Hunter” when they call in. – That’s it, yup
the magic words. – Well and they
need to be getting on your schedule right away because you’re in high demand because you do such a great job. People want you, so they
do, they need to get on the schedule if they
want to get you in there. – And it’s a busy time
of year, certainly so. – It really is. All right well as always,
thank you for joining us. – Thanks Tiffany. – I always love Those Callaways because they make life
so much easier on you when you’re trying to
buy or sell your home and they always have the fun of, we get to hear about the
best homes on the market. So we’ve got Joe
Coleman to tell us about another amazing home. – Yes and this home
has been updated and then updated some more. It’s just picture perfect. Move-in ready, just
bring your stuff. It’s almost 2,500 square feet. It’s got a 10 foot
eat-at kitchen island with a built-in cooktop, which is just perfect
for parties or busy
morning breakfast. It’s got a generous
master suite, a pool, of course it’s in
the wonderful 85254. So it’s close to everything. – [Tiffany] which everybody
knows is my favorite. Okay and but then there’s
always the question, there’s, I mean,
there’s so much more that you have probably
about this home. – [Joe] Oh yes,
it’s got everything. I mean, we could go on
and on and on about it. – [Tiffany] Well
and then of course then I always get
excited, you know, cause it’s in the 85254. What would be the price
for something like this? – [Joe] It’s only 625. – [Tiffany] Really, in 85254? – [Joe] Yup 2,500
square feet in 85254. Completely done, so
it’s just move-in ready. – All right well, someone’s
going to be moving into there very quickly and then all those that
are not as fortunate enough to get to move into that one. I know they’re
gonna be calling you because you’re going to get
them in their dream home. – Absolutely. We’ve got a huge pre-market
inventory in 85254, so just call us and we’ll
help you find anything. – All right, and then
obviously if they need to sell something as well, then you’re going to hook
them up with that too. – Absolutely yeah. – All right, well thank you
so much for joining us again. – Thank you. – [Female Announcer]
Do you want a new pool or maybe you need to have
yours repaired or remodeled? Well we have just
the company for you, Above and Beyond Pools. That’s right, Above and Beyond. They’re the best. After all, they do
go above and beyond. Call today, (480) 830-9209 or visit their website
at aabpools.com. I’m pleased to welcome
back with us today. We have Martha with
Arizona Wholesale and we have Darren
Renson with Monogram and of course we’re going
to start with you Martha. Remind everybody about
Arizona Wholesale. – Well, we’ve been in
business 76 years, we have– – It’s crazy. – We had a showroom in
Scottsdale, Tucson, Phoenix, we supply builders,
homeowners, remodelers, just need a single appliance. We do appliances, flooring,
countertops, and cabinatry. – [Tiffany] You do the works. – We do the works
and water systems. – And then we always have
the fun stuff of Monogram. What’s going on with you guys? – Yeah, we have a lot
of exciting things happening in Monogram. You know, we’ve been around
for well over 30 years and we’re launching two
new collections this year. We have the new
statement collection, which is a beautiful
transitional appliance look with mixed metals,
touches of brass, and then a brand
new category for us, which is a contemporary look, called the minimalist
collection. Gorgeous extrusion aluminum
trim, beautiful handles. You know we just showed
these two new collections at the kitchen and bath
show in Vegas two weeks ago and I’m excited to
say we actually won, both best in show
and best booth. – [Tiffany] Congratulations. – [Deron] Yeah,
people are loving it. So we’re really excited about all the new stuff
happening at Monogram and we’re excited to
have all of our stuff on display at Arizona
Wholesale as well. – Well that’s my favorite, that we get to go in and
see all the little vignettes and what it would look
like in our kitchens. I love that. So people definitely need to
get into one of the showrooms and check it out
because there are, there’s always good stuff
going on with you guys. – Yeah, absolutely. We’re all excited and
we’re excited to have the new product out there and I think customers are
absolutely gonna love it because we just have
some fantastic stuff to bring into the
marketplace today. – All right, well
that sounds wonderful. So everybody needs
to check it out. Thanks for joining us again. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – We’re out here on location
at True View Windows and Glass and we are here
with Vince and Chad. And tell us about the company. – The company’s been around
right around 17/18 years. Family owned and
operated, so we’re local. We service all
parts of the Valley. We do replacement
windows, new construction and retrofit residential
and commercial. – [Tiffany] Oh wow
and what about, I know one of the big
things that people are into is the sliders as well. Do you guys have that to offer? – [Chad] Yes. So multi-slide doors
are very hot right now. – [Tiffany] They are. – [Chad] They can open
up a such a big space for parties, for
different events. – [Tiffany] Well and
also, I mean people don’t think about this. I had a room that
looked like the dungeon because it was so dark
and as soon as you put a slider in there and the light
that comes in, it’s amazing. But also a lot of people are, I know I don’t
understand it correctly, is the dual pane or– – Yes, yes. The dual pane. It’s the Low-E is what
really helps these days. It’s a triple
coating on the glass, which blocks the sun’s heat
from coming into the house. Works really well. – [Tiffany] Oh, nice
and I’m sure you have tons of different brands. – [Chad] Yeah, Pella, Simonton,
Ply Gem, Milgard, Cascade, you name it and we
pretty much have it. – [Tiffany] Perfect. All right, well I’m
always telling people that they need to
come check out. They can come see the showroom and kind of get an idea of
everything that’s out here. So, thank you so much
for having me out here. – Thank you. – We have an amazing
community here about today and we have Michael Coppers
with William Ryan Homes. I’ll get that right. Tell us about this community. Yeah. So Cordoba by William
Ryan Holmes is actually one of our longest
standing communities in Estrella mountain ranch. – [Tiffany] I love that area. – One thing that’s been
really incredible is, we are now guaranteeing
their energy costs for two straight years and have now found the lowest
Herz ratings in the entire Estrella mountain ranch area. – You’re kidding? – [Michael] Yes ma’am. – Oh my gosh. Well that’s going to be
reason alone to go over there. So what about the
homes themselves? What kind of square footage
and stuff are we looking at? – Yeah, anywhere between 2,400 and all the way up
to 4,200 square feet. – [Tiffany] That’s crazy. – [Michael] Yes. – [Tiffany] And what
about the prices for something like that? – [Michael Soon to
start in the mid Three’s and the finished product
will be somewhere between the mid four’s,
unless you go to a two story and then we’ll be somewhere
around the early five’s. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
those are great prices and Estrella has
so much to offer and the fact that
you’re guaranteeing, how can you do that, two years? – [Michael] Two years yeah. We actually had an
independent company come in and give us a certification that is literally
like an insurance plan for two straight
years to the dollar. – [Tiffany] Wow. Oh my gosh, like
I said, I love it. And William Ryan homes, you
guys have amazing homes anyway, but the fact that you’re also
offering that in Estrella, like the community
itself is amazing. So people need to
just come out there and check it out if they
haven’t already seen this. – Absolutely. Estrella’s growing, it’s one
of the most established master plans in the entire
Phoenix Valley and we’re really excited
to still be there. – Well, perfect. They need to check it out. Thank you so much
for joining us again. – Thank you. – [Female Announcer] Don’t
you just love to walk into a beautiful clean
house after a busy day? Well, that’s where Valley
Sparkle Cleaners comes in. It doesn’t matter whether
you need a one-time cleaning or a regular schedule to
keep your home looking great. Call Valley Sparkle
at (602)-348-3525. Mentioned “The Home Hunter” and receive $50 off
your first service. Call today, you deserve it. – I’m pleased to
welcome with us today. We have David Pollesche
with KC’s Home Fragrances. Tell us about this company. – The company was established
in 2002 by my wife Leslie. It’s a premium
fragrance company, specializing in home fragrance. We have a blend of over
a hundred different oils that we make here locally. We brought one today,
our lavender-vanilla, which is one of our
most popular ones. These oils are made to use
in a home, use an office, use in your yoga
room, your gym room. They’re a great blend. They last a long time. In this type of warmer
which we brought today, this is what we call our tulip. – [Tiffany] It’s beautiful. – [David] It’s a
touch base warmer, where you can adjust the level. You basically just
put about the size of a quarter of
the oil in the dish and if you’re warming, say
two to three hours a day, you can get five to seven
days out of that oil. And a bottle like this can last
you a very, very long time. – You’re kidding? – Oh yeah and it’s
a great concept. And our store’s both
at Tanger outlets and at the shops in
Norterra, we have a– the centerpiece is our oil table and we have over a hundred
different fragrances. You come down on a Saturday
and you watch people smelling and remembering mom,
remembering grandma, remembering this when
I was in high school. It’s a great thing and then
they can take that oil, bring it home and
enjoy it in their home. They can give it as a gift, they can give it to their
sweetheart on their anniversary because fragrances
tend to bring back those type of memories. – And then you have these
that are supplied as well. You’ve got the different
types of these as well. – We have over a
hundred different
warmers to choose from. We have nightlights
to choose from. We have diffusers you
can use our oils in and we have what we
call mist humidifiers that you can use
them in as well. They all work with the
premium blended fragrances. – Oh, that sounds fantastic. All right, so they can
order it on the website or go to one of your stores. – Either way. – You’re making
life way too easy and I love it because
you’ve got the different– they could do the decor, but I love that you’ve
got so many different of the fragrances that
they can choose from – And once they try ours, they’ll never go back
to anything else. – I believe, I believe that. All right, well thank you
so much for joining us. – You’re welcome. – [Female Announcer] Situated
halfway between Phoenix and Tucson in the
Casa Grande area, Robson Ranch offers
the ideal location with stunning home designs and countless social
opportunities. Recognized as one of the top
50 best master plan communities in the country by “Where
to Retire” magazine. Robson ranch offers the
ultimate active adult lifestyle. Robson ranch residents
enjoy luxurious, multi-million dollar amenities
including championship golf, 16 pickle ball courts, a state
of the art fitness center, outdoor and indoor pools,
tennis, creative arts, dog park and countless
other activities. At Robson Ranch Arizona,
there are four distinct series with a total of 16
different floor plans that can be personalized
to match your lifestyle. For more information
called (800) 770-7044 or visit robson.com. – I’m happy to
welcome with us today, Dave Wright with Kinetico and I know there are so
many different people with what you want is soft water
or there’s reverse osmosis. Kind of tell us some of the
stuff that you guys are doing. – Well, Kinetico has a vast
array of different products available for homes
and businesses. Mainly the biggest
concern with the water in the home is calcium
build-up and chlorine and Kinetico has a system
to basically take care of all that for
the entire house. Softens the water, removes
that calcium build-up, so you get no more of
that white crusty build-up on the faucets, fixtures,
appliances, dishes, and then chlorine removal
is so critical too because chlorine is one of the
biggest contributing factors to dry itchy skin. So softer skin, better
hair, clothing, eyes. I mean every facet of
the water is taken care of by a Kinetico water system. – [Tiffany] We love that. – [Dave] Absolutely. – [Tiffany] Especially since
we have such hard water here in Arizona. – [Dave] Yes, we do. Some of the hardest
in the country. – [Tiffany] I know, when
people are joking around about you can tell the
difference if someone has the system or even
just staying in a hotel that does not have the system
of what a difference it is. And like you said,
it’s like the dry skin and it’s a huge difference. But the other thing is
like a reverse osmosis. I love that we have ours just because okay you’re saving
all of the filling up the– or I should say going through
all the plastic water bottles but you guys have some really
cool systems there as well. – We have the Kinetico K5
drinking water station, so it actually in a way makes the reverse osmosis
system kind of obsolete– – [Tiffany] Oh really? – Because of the
things that it can do. It can remove bacteria,
it can remove virus. It provides a faster
replenish rate and it provides the
most water production between filter changes than
any other type of system out on the market. – [Tiffany] Really? – Clear ice cubes, cold
purified, drinking water from the refrigerator, better
tea, coffee, juices, cooking, everything like that. – Well I know I love
having my filtered water because if I didn’t have it
I would probably go crazy because same thing,
I know they say, oh you’re allowed
to drink the water. Well I don’t– you don’t want to drink
it out of the faucet. It makes a big difference. – Absolutely. Carbon filtration helps with
removing a lot of the taste that’s in the water, by also
removing the chlorine as well. But the reverse– but the K5 drinking
water station absolutely removes all impurities
from the water, giving you that clean,
healthy, safe drinking water. – Well, obviously bottom line
people need to call Kinetico and get these things if they
don’t already have that. – Absolutely. – Well, thanks for joining us. – Thank you for having me. – Everyone loves having
trees in their yard. They offer shade and
green to your landscaping and improve the overall
appearance of your home. But actually taking
care of those trees is a time-consuming
difficult chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Tree trimming in Phoenix
and surrounding areas has never been easier,
thanks to Trees by Mike. They’ve been servicing the
Valley for over 30 years. Proper trimming, thinning
and pruning ensures that your trees will lead
a long, healthy life. So it’s critical that trained
professionals take care of all of your tree maintenance. They’re knowledgeable
staff can do it all. So whether you need an emergency
service due to a storm, need a tree or stump removal
or need a tree trimmed, they can help you out. They even offer a regular tree
trimming maintenance service, so your trees are always
looking their best. Plus get 10% off any
service over $500 when you mention
“The Home Hunter”. Call Mike today
at (602) 579-TREE or visist his website
at TreesByMike.com. All right, if you
don’t already know, you should know that
Furniture Affair is my very favorite store, because of everything
I can get from there. Besides furniture, all
the decor, everything. And we have Nancy Rhodes
to remind everybody about Furniture Affair. – Well Furniture– – [Tiffany] Not that
I didn’t just do that. – You did. You did a great job. Furniture Affair is a
12,000 square foot showroom and our furniture
primarily comes from the builders models and
we are jam packed right now. It’s a great market
for home building, so it is a great market
for model home furniture. – [Tiffany] You’re
always jam packed. There is always something
new coming in, which is great because if you
don’t see something that you absolutely
want right then, there’s gonna be some chance that it’s gonna be there very
soon within the next week. But you also have the designers
that can put everything and help you put everything– – [Nancy] Yes, come in. We do a lot of work with the
RBO’s and winter residents. Come in, we’ll put
everything together for you, but come in on Thursday
through Sunday from 10 to six. We are open only four
days because we need the other three days to restock with all of our great
discounted merchandise. – Well, they have
to check it out. Remind them where
you’re located. – We are located at
seventh street and Bell, the north-west corner. It’s 350 East Bell
Road, come on down. – All right, well they need to. Thank you so much
for joining us again. – [Female Announcer]
Ridgeview and the Foothills are two stunning
neighborhoods located in Dells master plan community,
offered by Mandalay Homes. It features a new club
house with amazing indoor and outdoor amenities, plus
just steps away are miles of Prescott’s most
beautiful hiking trails and easy access to
shopping and events. Ridgeview has three floor plans and the Foothills has
five unique designs ranging from 1400 square feet
to over 2100 square feet. Perfect for active
adults or families. Prices start in the
mid three hundreds. Call 866-DELLS01 today
for more information or visit their website
mandalayhomes.com. – Security is such
a thing that keeps you at ease in your life. You need it. You need someone like Mark
Perkins with Alert 360 to make you feel
more comfortable. I know nowadays it’s like
crazy if you don’t have all the different kind of bells
and whistles of security to kind of see the coming
and goings in your home. – Yeah, I mean I know the
thing that I liked the most, I think we agreed on
is the doorbell camera. – It’s my favorite. I absolutely love
that because I know when my kids are
coming and going, who they’re coming
and going with. But the same thing if a
package has been delivered, if someone decides to
try to take a package, it doesn’t matter
throughout the day. Absolutely, that is my favorite,
favorite thing that I have. – Cool and the other good
thing about that too, if something were to occur,
like on the neighborhood apps or what not, you
can always upload and download those images and they come out
crystal clear too. – Yeah, that is amazing to me. But also all the
other things that give you kind of that sense of ease
of just the different things that you guys provide. – [Mark] And it all
integrates into one app, one system, one pretty
much, one motherboard, one hub, that’s it. It’s gonna have other
different items, trying to talk and work with each other
that’s probably shouldn’t or probably you wouldn’t
want a in your home and, but the good thing with
us is all centrally located. One item, one brain, one thing,
one app, keeps it simple. – Well and yeah,
in the same thing. I love it. I can be anywhere, I can
go to my phone and say, “Oh I forgot to arm
the front door,” or whatever it may be. I love that it is something
that is that app that kind of keeps me, what’s going on
whether I’m at home or not. – Yeah, the geo fencing
and letting you know, like I said, it’s
just a precaution. So if you were to forget
or if you get to outside of your area, your where
you’re normally going to be, you can either arm or disarm
or just leave it as is. It’s all pretty
much up to whatever, however you want to set it. That’s the freedom about
what we offer you guys. – Well, I love it and I know there’s a “Home Hunter” special? – Correct, “Home Hunter”
specials keep going on strong. I’ve got a lot of your
customers that watch this show, you know, right when
they buy the house, the next thing they do they
get with the home insurance and then they get with
us or they get a painter and it’s been working
out really well. So that home, yeah, we’re
going to keep this going yeah. – All right, so they just have
to mention “The Home Hunter” and you’re gonna hook them up. – Just gotta call my
phone number, (503)
309-9510 that’s it. – Perfect. Well thanks for
joining us again. – Thank you. – [Female Announcer]
When was the last time you had your roof checked? Our roof is one of
the most important but ignored things
about our homes. Jack the Roofer can check
your roof, repair it, or if necessary, replace it. Small jobs, big ones, it doesn’t matter
to Jack the Roofer. This outstanding
company wants to do what’s best for his customers. Don’t wait for more
rain and leaks, call Jack the Roofer
today at (602) 996-7443 or visit the website
at JackTheRooferaz.com. Call today, Jack the roofers
the best, (602) 996-7443 – In Arizona, most of
the time we want to live in our outdoors and we
have the perfect person to help make all
of that come true. We have Greg Roland
from Grow Land and okay I know we were talking, technology has now
entered in the backyard, I shouldn’t even say has now, but it’s amazing the stuff
that can be turned on and off and everything
in the backyard. – You know, the
technological advances now in the industry
of irrigation and outdoor lighting are just
shooting through the roof. And we’re on the, like the
front end of all of that with Wi-Fi controllers that
have apps for your smartphone and for your iPhone
and from your iPad. We just did an
installation this last year with over a hundred LED lights– – [Tiffany] Oh my gosh. – [Greg] On a property,
all each individual bulb controlled by Wi-Fi. You can change the
spectrum of the colors. – [Tiffany] You’re kidding. – [Greg] You can control
the speed, if you want them to change colors, you
can set just this– like you can set it on Halloween and have just the dark
purple and blue colors and then it rotates
through those colors. You can control it by your
phone, we can control it. So if you have a system
that’s down or a system that needs to be
augmented or changed, we can make those adjustments
from wherever we are and here’s the best
part about that is, if you have an irrigation system and you have a break
in your property and you have running
water down the street, you can call us and we
can take out our phones and we have your phone,
your systems on our phones. – Which we know
just happened to me and you were able to
turn it off immediately. – We can turn it off
immediately from our phone. You just saved yourself an
expensive emergency phone call, I mean an emergency
trip for a shut-off and we didn’t even
have to do that because we could turn it
off right on our phones. – Well, everybody
needs it in their yard. Thank you for joining us. – Thanks for having me. – [Female Announcer] Origin at
Gateway Quarter by Shea homes has an amazing new community
for you to call home. Located in Queen Creek, this neighborhood is
perfect for the family. With a park that has
all the usual activities plus balance beams, climbing
boulders and even a tree house. There are floor plans that range
from over 2,500 square feet to almost 3,100 square feet,
with three to five bedrooms and four to five baths. Prices start in the mid
to high three hundreds. Call today for more
information at (480) 367-3640 or visit their website
at sheahomes.com. – We’re here today to talk
about the Home Value Hotline. – I love that the
Home Value Hotline has a free no obligation, seven
page report about your home. So it’s a value of your home and it’s real values
from real people. – It is a special site. It offers many resources
in remodeling, refinancing, appraisals and preparing your
home for sale and much more. – They also offer
free email alerts for when a home goes up for sale or when it actually sells
in your neighborhoods. So you can know everything
about that as well. – There is so much
information that people can gain from this
and the fact that it is free, no obligation. People should be
jumping on this website. – Even if you’re
not looking to buy or sell a home this minute, you should go to the
site HomeValueHotline.com and you can get the true value. Most of the sites are not
as realistic as this one. – Correct, so people really
need to check it out today. The salvation army and
home ownership industry have a wonderful partnership
we’d like to tell you about. Addiction is the problem
and the salvation army can provide the
solution with your help. There are five family store
locations throughout the Valley for you to purchase
items or donate goods. So if you were moving or purging or just have things
you no longer need, please call +1 800-728-7825 or visit one of
their five locations. Remember your unwanted
items can save a life. Call +1 800-728-7825 today. It’s always an adventure
having Ricky Caymus with us because he gives us so much
insight on the mortgage and so we’ve got AmeriFirst
Financial, tell us. – You know, they may not
recognize me cause I– – You took your glasses off. – I had my glassed
off from last time – I love it. – All right so, we’re gonna talk about down payment
options, right? There was a study done that
most first time home buyers think they need 20% down, which is really stopping them
from jumping into the market when they really should be
jumping into the market. Kaye Scholer which is the number
one stat company out there, showed that Phoenix, in this
year is gonna go up by 6.5%, which is huge in real estate, being that real estate
averages about 3%. It’s double and we are the
top market in the country by way of appreciation. Last month, which was
February, grew by 0.6%. Okay so 0.6%, month over month, we’re at a six and
a half percent gain. Well if you’re waiting,
you’re waiting you’re way out of being able to get
approved for the home that you might’ve
been able to buy four or five months ago, right. Based on whatever their
debt to income level is. So you know, don’t
let down payment or credit stop you from
trying to buy a house. There’s lots of
options available. – It baffles me that they
won’t just at least call and say or go to the website
just to see where they stand because you can tell them, hey, this is where you are,
this is what you have to do. If you’re not right there. – Exactly, we bullet point out
exactly what they need to do. Pay this thing off first,
but don’t pay this one off. Let’s call this collection
account together. You know, that kind of thing. And then I need you
to save up 1500 bucks and then you can buy this
house because of the programs that are available,
especially for teachers, cops, military, first responders,
they have additional money that they can get for
their down payment. So don’t let any
of this stop you. You just call, don’t be afraid. We don’t care, all of
us have issues trust me. We all got skeletons, right. – We do all have that. – Just don’t worry about that. Just pick up the phone. We got you. You know, we’re not
gonna tell anybody about your credit score, we
don’t care we just want to help. – Perfect. Well they definitely need
to pick up the phone now. – Here wait. Now they recognize me. – Okay, now they recognize you. Okay they’ll pick up the
phone now, thank you. We hope you enjoyed
the show today. If you have any
questions or comments, you’re welcome to give us
a call at (602) 331-7292 or visit our website
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finding out how you can get your company on “The Home
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all your air conditioning and heating needs. I’m Tiffany Hunter
and I look forward to seeing you again
next week at 9:00 a.m, right here on ABC 15. Thanks for joining us. (upbeat music)

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