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Home Economics: Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

Home Economics: Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

so the overall theme of this year’s Biennale
is Reporting From The Front specific examples about architecture is tackling
social political economic issues this year in the British Pavilion we’re
representing an exhibition called Home Economics and the concept of the show is to present five new models for domestic life and a new brief for the home and
it’s really a response to what the curators perceive as the front line of
debate about the British home and the housing crisis, which is widely debated
in the UK, but I would say is a worldwide issue so the curators chose a new concept
for considering the design of a home which was to consider the amount of time
that you inhabit a particular dwelling and they’ve divided this into five
categories, five periods of time and they’ve invited a different designer
to consider a model for the home for each of those time periods. The first
time period is Hours so what would your space look like if
you were going to inhabit it for a number of hours and they’ve conceived a
kind of collective space a sort of giant living room which is for a number of
shared families or individuals and they really pose the question how far would
you be prepared to go in sharing your living space and even sharing your
possessions? In Days the concept is home is where the Wi-Fi is and this space really addresses the sort of increasing mobility and the sort of perception that
accommodation is really not so much the space you’re actually inhabiting but the world that you take with you as your personal online identity in the Months gallery we
present a home without housework which is really considering the idea of the boarding house and reinventing the boarding house as a sort of rented accommodation so it presents a totem
which contains the sort of essentials for life that is a sleeping area and a bathroom essentially and then all
the other spaces of the home are conceived as shared spaces and then we move on to Years and this is really considering the home as a as a form of commodity so this proposal is really for a shell
house or what they’re calling a naked house and it presents the sort of essential components that are required to get a mortgage the idea being that everything that you
invest in that property is really what you want it to be rather than an
unnecessary investment just in order to sell it and then finally Decades is really the home for life it’s really conceptualising home into rather than different rooms for accommodation it’s thinking about space in an entirely different way in terms of the atmosphere and the functions the designers have considered wet and dry light and dark and different types of
atmosphere and the traditional functions of a home sort of mixed up in
a new kind of way well the exhibition is very pared
back and minimal, there’s very little text in it and essentially it’s like a full-scale architectural model so it’s a bit like walking around one of
those kind of cardboard models that architects have in their studios with just a few objects to hint at the functions of the space but the curators were very conscious of
wanting this show to appeal to a very wide audience and for also for a level
of interaction with the exhibition so that there are lots of opportunities for
people to climb on the exhibits and lie down on the beds so really the visitors almost become part of the exhibition the minute they walk in

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