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Home Decorating Ideas : How to Decorate a Foyer

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Decorate a Foyer

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick, and today we’re going
to talk about decorating a foyer. What you want to do is think about the foyer being
the first room that makes the impression. It’s the first room that people see. You want
it neat, you want it clean, you want it just to look well, look, go with the rest of your
house, but it is the first room. So, it really depends on the angle of the foyer, the size
of the foyer, what you can put in it. You don’t want to pack the foyer out. And think
about what you need. What happens, do you usually come in the front door, do you usually
come in the back door. What do you need in your foyer. A lot of times I will put benches
in a foyer with a few pillows on it, or I’ll put a lot of hooks up if you can’t see the
hooks when you first walk in the door. So it really kind of depends on how the foyer,
the location of the foyer. In here, we have a really nice, pretty chest, and it has great
drawer space. And then on top, we have a little chest that has drawers. And this is a great
place, I like to, my family always likes to put the keys in the drawers so we can know
where the keys are, but hide them. And you just want to make your foyer really interesting.
You want, having a light on your chest is great. Decorating it, making it look nice,
not too crammed. You can either have a nice picture, piece of art work, or a lot of times
people like a mirror because the first thing you do when you walk in, you can check your
make up, or the last thing you do when you walk out, you can check your make up, or when
you answer the door, you can kind of look to be sure you’re properly dressed and all
of that. So a mirror is good, or a piece of art work. You also want to think about a rug.
We have a large area rug. This is a pretty big space for a foyer. We have hardwood floors,
so we could either put a large kind of area rug around, or we could just put a small,
kind of zippy, more throw rug around. If you put a rug down, you want to be sure that you
have a non-skid, because you don’t want somebody to hit the rug and start sliding. So you want
a non-skid mat there. You also want, if you have windows, you might think about window
coverings. Your chandelier, you want to think about the lighting, how bright it is. So just
have fun with your foyer, and think about how big it is, and buy accordingly. This is
Ann Myrick, and that’s how to decorate your foyer.

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