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Home Decorating Basics : Updating Items Around the House

Home Decorating Basics : Updating Items Around the House

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick, and today we’re going
to talk about how to update what you already have. I’m a decorator and I work with clients
all the time, and one thing I really notice is some people will buy something and that’s
it, they won’t touch it after that. They might’ve put it in a spot for the last 10 years and
it doesn’t move. And one of the things that you want to, if having a freshened, updated
house is important to you, some of the things, it’s those little things that are really important.
Lampshades can get real dusty and cobwebby and dirty, and sometimes they can have little
burn marks on them. So it’s always good to clean your lamps off and to update them. These
lamps were very old lamps that I inherited, and they had what I would call a grandma’s
shade on it. It was just a bell shade and just very grandmother-looking, and what I
did is I found these great shades on sale and this lamp was not really meant to be a
contemporary lamp, but once I put this great drum shade on it, it made the lamp just totally
look different and more contemporary, which I loved. Little things, like the potpourri
that you have sitting out. Everything that you have sitting out in your house should
be something that adds to your house. If you have potpourri that has dated colors in it,
and it’s mostly dirt and it looks bad, chunk it, throw it away, put something else in your
bowl, don’t keep that around. I would change those out every six months to a year. So change
your potpourri out. This is something where they’re starting to do like dried fruit and
things like that, and so, maybe instead of using potpourri, do something else, dried
fruit, or a collection of buttons, or a collections of pipes, whatever you may have. This is again,
a little accessory, but it’s pretty sick. It’s a, I love living plants, it’s a real
plant, but it’s at the point where it just isn’t very decorative any more. It kind of
looks bad. So, so many times I see just dead plants where people just need to throw them
away and start over. So look at your things. These were black candles, and I’ll go in a
lot of times and people will still have very, their very dated candles, and so, instead
of putting your old candle out, get a new box of candles, so they look black instead
of brown. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how to update what you already have.

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