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Home Decorating Basics : Modern Home Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Basics : Modern Home Decorating Ideas

Hi. I’m Ann Myrick. And today, I’m going to
show you how to work with decorating a modern style, modern home decorating. Modern home
decorating would be more of a minimal look. It is more using pieces of contemporary or
modern furniture. And it tends to be, one way you can recognize it is it tends to be
more minimal. It tends to be, instead of having the chairs angled, they’re usually coming
at you straight on. Instead of having a lot of things on a table, many times there might
be one incredible piece of art or one incredible light with one more thing. It’s just very
minimal and very clean in the look. What I’m going to do is I’m going to work with just
showing you ways to; there’s already not a lot in this room, but I’m going to show you
ways to just kind of take it down and create it more of a modern look. What I’m going to
do is take some of the extra accessories off. Now, one way you can do this; I’m going to
show you different ways to do the table, just as examples. This is just a silver tray with
books on it, which just leaving it just like this without a lot of things on the book,
is very clean and has a very good look. But another thing you can do is, if you want to
take this away, another way I can change this up. And again, this is just playing. This
is just taking what you have, working with what you have, putting it down, stepping back,
looking at it. Do you like it? Does it work? But this is another way. Just that makes a
very clean, very contemporary look. You have the marble, which is a great texture, against
the wood. And then it has the old dried orange in it. So that makes it very clean. Over here,
you can take the
books off and just have, see the wood. On this table, you could have the one lamp and
then you could have just one
small stack of books with the candle. So modern feel, modern look, is more minimal, very clean,
not a lot of little things, not a lot of clutter. And you want to use texture. This is Ann Myrick.
And that is how to decorate a room with a modern style look.

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