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Home Decor with DIY Tassels and Trims | Hobby Lobby®

Home Decor with DIY Tassels and Trims | Hobby Lobby®

Hi! I’m Kaley with the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio, and today we’re diving into trims, tassels and fringe. Let me show you how easy
it is to dress up store bought items and update pieces found around your home. But first, let’s cozy up with some pillows.
Don’t you love how comfy and stylish these look? All I did was stitch the trim — found
in our fabric department — along the edges of two of the pillows. Then I used fabric
glue to attach some more across the belly of another pillow. I couldn’t let any of the lovely tassels go
to waste, so with the extra pieces I went ahead and made a tapestry for my wall. It
matches my pillows perfectly and really completes the space, don’t you think?
These drapes needed some color and texture, so of course I pulled out the trim and tassels
to get the job done right. Pile on as many rows as you want, using a sewing machine or
fabric glue to secure each one. The last project I want to show you is this
made-from-scratch blanket—and it’s way easier than it looks! All it takes is sewing a couple
pieces of jersey knit fabric together with lots of tassels sandwiched inbetween. Isn’t
it adorable? Well, that’s all for today! If you’d like
more trim and tassel inspiration, be sure to click on the project sheet link. And hey,
why not check out our other how-to videos too? Thanks for joining me today. I’ll see you
next time here at the Hobby Lobby Creative Studio!

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