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Home Décor Tips from a Visual Designer

Home Décor Tips from a Visual Designer

(bright music) – Just a little design tip when you’re designing. A lot of people tend to
do things in even numbers. For me, I like to do things in threes. It makes things look a
little bit more natural and it doesn’t look very staged. You can see these things here. Obviously it was a set,
but again it’s threes. Again with the threes, I
did the pillows in threes. I chose different textures. You can see different geometric shapes. I think it goes with the
aesthetics of my apartment. It also ties into with the
banners that I showed you. That’s something to think about when you’re designing your space. Never try to make it look too staged. Just make it a little bit more natural. Three is always an odd
number, or whatever. Whatever number you choose. That was stupid. (laughing)

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