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Home Decor Ideas w/ Marie Osmond & Alison Deyette

Home Decor Ideas w/ Marie Osmond & Alison Deyette

Alright, are you over the cold and dreary
days of winter? Are we there? Well here to show us simple ways to spiff up your home
for spring time is lifestyle expert, Alison Deyette. It’s good to have you back! This
is a great segment because you don’t want to spend a ton but a way to freshen up with
limited income! Yes, think of it like how I work in fashion
so I sometimes take inspiration from my wardrobe. My new dress is from Azeda, so I took inspiration
from this dress to add color to my living room to show simple, stylish, impactful changes
that are affordable. The first one is wall paper. A lot of people think that it is too
time consuming. However, there is a new company called tempaperdesigns.com, it is self-adhesive,
you can put it up on a wall, one roll will cover 8 x7, about 75 to 98 dollars and it’s
so simple. It can be temporary or permanent, however you want it, you can change it by
the season! What I like to even do is put it on certain levels of the steps on the stair
well for a little pattern. The next tip I wanted to share are trays. They are functional
for serving but can also be used in the sense of style. This first one I made, I bought
it at a thrift store for 7.50, I used cabinet stain, I prefer stain over paint because it
preserves the wood, piece of wallpaper and glass I had cut, made this beautiful tray!
All inexpensive, most of us have things with which we can curate a tray! This tray is from
prettysmitten.com, you can choose a background, enter your initials and they will monogram
trays for you. Those start at 80 dollars. Next, I wall take you to our wall of art!
These are all from minted.com who are very well known for their stationary but they just
started doing artwork. What’s fabulous is they all start at 48 dollars, are all made
by independent artists and are limited edition. Sometimes your friend has the same thing as
you from Pottery Barn and you just feel like it’s not special anymore. I love that it’s
affordable; you choose the frame, size and its limited edition. You choose three to five
and can swap them around. It’s a great fresh pop of color. Now
we move onto the
living room.

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