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Home Décor | Broad Appeal: Living With E’s

Home Décor | Broad Appeal: Living With E’s

Now, this is the kind of kitchen
they’re all going for now, – Oh!
– Industrial. Oh my God, it makes my heart
beat so fast, you know? I feel right anxious. Yes, if I had an Ativan, I’d pop
one under my tongue right away. Oh gosh, it’s so cold here. Yes, bitter cold. There’s not a bit
of warmth to it. No, it’s all that bleak
stainless steel, you know? It’ll put you
in mind of a morgue. Or an abattoir. And not a kitchen
table in sight, sure. No, only an island. Oh, lonely, lonely,
lonely, old island. Yes, with not a chair in sight. No, you can’t sit down
in the kitchen anymore, you got to be cocked up
on some kind of old stool. Yes, and up so high, it’s perilous. Because if we take a fall,
you know, at our age… Oh yes, you fall and
break your hip, that’s it, – it’s over.
– And next thing you know, you’re tied into a chair
in the hall, into St. Pat’s. Keep a good thought, Eulalia. Well it’s hard to do,
here in the autopsy room. – Yes.
– Oh my… You could cut up a body
and have the clean up done within an hour here. Yeah, no worries about
the blood splatter. – Nope. (sighs)
– And the lighting, oh my God. Oh yes, it’s
blinding, industrial. I’m willing to
confess to everything, right now.
(faint buzzing sound) Yes, when I see subway
tile too, I always think, when’s the next train
coming through here? And the refrigerator,
where’s the fridge? Well usually, they have it
done up to look like cupboards. Oh yes, you wouldn’t
want a visible fridge. – In your kitchen.
– No, no. Oh. Oh I’ve lived in bed
sits smaller than this. Yeah, convenient though,
to delay decomposition of the body. I’m looking now for something,
to get for Tim and Moira. I told ya Tim and Moira redid
their kitchen just like this. No. Tim and Moira redid their
kitchen just like this. – You don’t say.
– Yes. And they had me over last
night, to have a look at it, and I was supposed to,
ooo and ahhh, you know. And practically genuflect,
in front of the high altar, – you know, but…
– And what did Moira cook for you, in her new kitchen? – Oh yeah, that’s the kicker.
– What? Nothing, she ordered in, she was afraid she was gonna
get food stuff, you know, splashed on the new
back splash, dear. Oh, kill me now. Oh yeah, don’t say
that too loud in here. Somebody might…
hoo, hoo.

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