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holiday home decor on a budget

holiday home decor on a budget

[Music] welcome back if you’re looking for new home accessories like a lamp or a mirror you probably know the cost of home decor can certainly start to add up so why not roll up your sleeves and try upcycling and the expert is here upcycling expert Sara Tara’s insky joins us now with three easy ideas to decorate our home on that budget welcome back okay so I’ve got three things projects that I’ve actually done in my house that I love I want to share with you today first is a bar cart so we’ll move our hot I mean okay so this you know I like a tall bar cart Derick was just saying that this was actually a diaper changing table so we have a before shot at all right so what you do I got this for less than 30 bucks on these Graco bark I mean these great cup bar carts diaper toys yeah diaper changing table that’s a new name yeah basically I just purchased this made sure it was you know sturdy it wasn’t like all broken up didn’t really matter what the would look like because I just lightly cleaned it lightly sanded it and then I took my favorite I love metallic spray from yes and I just spray painted it and that was it now I wanted faux marble shelves so here’s the deal I found this stuff at Walmart or not and it is you don’t have to stick it to the shelves it just lays there it’s beveled so the glasses looks like marble I just cut out three pieces of it here’s a piece that’s already pre-cut you guys can just lay that on there and you know what if it spells something you pick it up and you don’t have to use it for a bar just use this for a cookie party for my daughter as well like you can use it for brunches or whatever and then you just kind of I like a mirror on a bar cart because I like the reflection you know and then you can just kind of just amazing your transformation and so many bark arts i I feel they’re almost mini sized yes like a kid sized playset yeah really put anything on it and you know really cool about this one there’s wheels on all four sides not just on two you know how some Barker’s yes you can just wheel this wherever straight from the nursery to the kitchen which is what you need okay next one we’re gonna do is a sunburst mirror and I have one of these in my bedroom that I love so I’m gonna show you how to duplicate that one first you will start with paint stir sticks so I wanted one that was thick or not pointy so you could use chopsticks or something like that but you can get these at any home improvement store free do they look at you a little strangely and then you get your little stacks and your neighbor and yeah you know exactly they also have longer ones thicker ones weight or you know what Derek if you really feel bad about you can buy these two so it’s up to you and they’re not very expensive this is the outdoor after yeah that’s the one that I have in my bedroom so that’s what the big and the small but today we’re just gonna do the small so I like a gray stain patina look so I just stained these gray and then what you’re gonna do this mirror you can get one if this was from my house but you could get one or the thrift store any hobby store so the main key with this is you want to make sure it’s see my I used my fabfitfun box yes it level it out you want to make sure back is level so you just I just hot glued a piece of cardboard in oh because a lot of clocks have sort of like a hollow back to them yep exactly so then you want to take your sticks and I’m gonna let you guys do this you just stick them stick them down and hot glue them so you want to start with one you want to kind of go whatever pattern you want it does not have to be exact and just stick them down on the Sunburst by the way back in the 50s and 60s they didn’t call it mid-century design Jack this but this was a very popular design or silhouette back in the middle of the century it was super and now actually has been for a while yeah yeah where it doesn’t really matter they can be all different legs heights you can disperse them however you like and then you want to once you get them all on there you want to let it glue for or excuse me set for about 15 minutes Courtney’s using a hot glue gun I’ve multiple that’s pretty impressive yeah only thing I have octi that’s good though you’re doing a great job and then you know you can do it take the bigger ones and you can put them in let’s just hold this up to show people I mean we get the idea but you go all the way around and that’s a good way by the way yes that’s the weather it’s just a weather third gray stain yep let’s move on to my lamp okay so well we’re gonna do two lamps today first of all I have a white lamp with the black design on I think we have an after picture that will show ya it’s in my bedroom yeah so that was a thrift store lamp that I bought and this was a designer lamp that I saw that I loved $900 so I’m like okay I could make one of those yeah for a lamp so I was like that’s not good overlapping business I know seriously so we’re gonna go ahead and work on how I did that one okay and also this was a little lamp that I found that was like brown it was a horrible color is it for Mary its mary had a little lamb mary had a little lamb I’m sorry mary had a little lamb get it I didn’t get it okay well Derrick this is now painted turquoise so this is actually a lamp for my daughter imma let you guys work on so it was like kind of an ugly color mary had a little lamb and i spray-painted a turquoise and then you’re gonna want to take the hot glue gun again and go ahead and put some I’ll let you do this sticking don’t be nervous this is just gonna go in my daughter’s room what a cool idea and then you just stick the pom-poms all right I bet the girls would love that they won’t or you can do it on a lampshade but you I mean this lamp was five dollars and when you get all done with it you can have this fun pom-pom lamp all right while Courtney’s doing that let’s show okay guys how you did that this was a navy blue lamp and I spray painted it white and I went ahead and did a little bit of black paint on the bottom and so for this design you basically just want to start with your pen this is a Sharpie paint pen oh no a Sharpie that one made me nervous oh don’t be nervous and then you just come down and you just draw your line and then you just kind of come all the way over to the side like this wait and you’re just going into like a random and a random pattern and then you just go down again and it does it doesn’t have to be perfect but you know I just did a random powder and then you want to come back through once you get all your lines kind of wrapping around the lamp and then I just kind of came through him it takes you about thirty minutes but then I would just kind of do thicker spots and then leave some thinner just to give this like really cool effect so you’re retracing your steps that’s sort of thickening up parts of the line that’s it and it turns out to just really cool look and you just keep doing it all the way around and then when you’re all done with it you want to get some spray glaze it’s a clear glaze okay yep and then you spray it and it sets and it stays that way Sara thanks so much to connect with Sara just check on the scene on Houston life tab of our website always great ideas thanks Adam laughs too

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