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Hobby Lobby Shop with Me | Hobby Lobby Farmhouse Decor 2019

Hobby Lobby Shop with Me | Hobby Lobby Farmhouse Decor 2019

Hi everybody its Christina from pretty distressed welcome back to my channel It’s my birthday and I’m at one of my favorite stores Hobby Lobby So I thought I would bring you in for a shop with me experience So come celebrate my birthday with me if you want to see what I’m gonna find in Hobby Lobby today. Just keep watching Okay, so it’s my birthday I’m at one of my favorite stores Hobby Lobby, I’ve loved Hobby Lobby for a long time It has home decor and crafting if you’ve never been inside one One of the great features of Hobby Lobby is they have a really great Hardware selection And I’m on the hunt for some glass knobs for the dresser that I milk painting that I’m gonna be sharing with you guys next Week, so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and hit that Bell notification So if you want to see when all my projects go live You will be notified if you’re subscribed Hobby Lobby is also one of my favorite spots to find home decor I mean, I have Hobby Lobby stuff all over the place. They’re constantly switching things out They have a lot of seasonal stuff, but they have a lot of stuff that you can just use year-round So I’m just gonna grab you and take you on a tour of one of my favorite stores and we’re gonna see what we can Find today so come shop with me So my first find were these really great candle holders I love the wooden ones and then the metal ones with the wooden beads as well this large whitewashed one was $16.99 and the smaller one was $13.99 and then the larger metal one with the beads on it was $17.99 and the smaller one that matched that is $15.99 But the great news is that all this whole section was 50% off Hobby Lobby actually has some really beautiful lamps these are the two that were my favorite that really stuck out to me and they did have a pair which is really nice for Nightstands the price a little a little high for me It was $90, but luckily all the lamps and lampshades were 50% off So next in the glass section these really stuck out to me I love the combo of the glass and the natural wood. These would be so beautiful with some candles in them on a table So the larger one was $29.99 and then the medium one was $23.99. And again, this whole section was 50% off So this section right here is the whole reason that I came to Hobby Lobby today they just have a really cool selection and a really large variety of pools and If you catch it on the right week, they are 50% off I’m lucky this week that they are 50% off So I was able to grab some really beautiful glass knobs for my dresser that I’m gonna be painting and I will be sharing that With you guys next week. I also really like some of the rustic pools that they have this one is one of favorites and it’s only $5 and I also really like these rope ones and hope to use those in the future okay, so I had to show this to you guys because it reminded me of my farmhouse towel rack DIY that I just did I Will link that up above so you guys can check it out but this thing is $80 and you can use a 40% coupon off on it to get it down a little bit, but I made mine for much cheaper So I just wanted to show those to you Okay, this I also loved in the kitchen section This is just really beautiful by itself, but it would be a great place to put a cookbook. It was 1999 This one’s not on sale. So you would have to use your 40% off coupon and you can only use that one So you have to choose wisely what you want to use it on? So this whole aisle was like the kitchen section and I really loved this little saying and just the clean look of it in the natural wood and I love the little beads up at top and this is only $11.99 so I’m not that mad that this aisle is not on sale Another sign that I really liked kind of in this section is this thankful sign It really reminds me of the Jimmy dawn like iron Artwork that you see on fixer-upper if you guys like to watch Joanna Gaines and Chip and for a little pop of color. I keep being drawn to these florals They have four different ones and I really want to buy these for my house, but I’m such a neutral deli I haven’t taken the plunge and done it but these are a great price. They’re $24.99 each. These are a really great item They’ve had these for a while these tobacco Baskets, these are super affordable for this item. I mean you can spend Hundreds of dollars on these so I think these are a great dupe and you can’t beat the price. They’re 50% off right now I didn’t get mine at 50% off. So it’s nice that they do put these on sale right now And then the smaller ones are $14.99. And then the larger one is $39.99 and they have a couple of different finishes They have a whitewashed one and then one that’s a little bit more natural. Okay? These are another one of my favorite items. They have the best Moss balls that are really affordable as well Just like the tobacco baskets and my store is usually out of stock right now They only have the large ones in these So every time I come over to this section to see if they have any of these in stock So I love hitting up the floral department to look for just little greenery or pops of color to put in vases For you know all my styling and shooting my furniture and stuff and I love this. Eucalyptus. It’s only $5.99 Great find. They also had another Eucalyptus in a separate section that’s like a bigger type of a spray Almost and it’s a lot thicker and more substantial. So this one is $19.99 None of this floral stuff was on sale, but it is from time to time So just keep your eyes peeled my favorite wreath that they have is their Magnolia wreath It’s really realistic looking the back of the leaves are brown, which if you’ve ever seen a real Magnolia That’s how they look so this is a really beautiful Wreath it is $60. But guess what this section was 50% off. I don’t think wreaths are usually 50% off So this is a great deal So here’s the things that actually made it into my basket of my glass knobs and that little sign and then the wooden candlesticks So here is where I’m putting my candlesticks ironically enough they are next to a sign the gift thanks sign is also from Hobby Lobby on a separate trip and Here are the baskets. I showed you guys I got mine a long time ago, but this is how I style mine So these are the moss balls that I showed you in store. This is the large one right here and then these are a Medium sized one that they did not have in stock when I was there and then these little guys come in a pack of four And then that little sign I showed you I ended up trading out something on my little collage wall here in my kitchen nook So I think it looks really cute here And it’s about eating so it’s perfect right here in the little kitchen nook. And the funny thing is Let me see. I think everything on this wall is from Hobby Lobby it is that I’ve collected over the years Thanks for spending my birthday with me and coming shopping with me. I hope you guys enjoyed this video Thanks for watching it all the way to the end and we’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Happy Birthday! I loved your Hobby Lobby picks! Would love to see some more videos like this; you have great style!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I enjoyed celebrating it with you the way I would too! I love HB so much, I get an anxiety attack when I first get there 😂

  3. Happy Birthday, Christina. I love Hobby Lobby! There is so much to see, and so much to miss 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for showing us Hobby Lobby. Store. I went shopping at HL this week but it is always good to see what other people look at the store. 😊👍

  5. 🎊🎁 Happy birthday! 🎂🎊
    Hobby Lobby is my jam, too. I went there today and tried to control myself, but it’s so hard. 😂
    Anyway,I am a new subscriber and I just love your channel. ♥️

  6. Fun video. Just a tip for sale shopping :)The Tabletop Accessories Sale actually includes the cookbook holder. The sale signs are hung in aisles and on ends where at least 50% of the product is included in the sale, so there was no sign there because most of the aisle is Wall Decor. Unfortunately, the Home Decor product displays on tables in the main aisles are signed every week regardless of whether 50% of the product is on sale which makes things confusing.

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