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  1. OMGOSH I laughed so hard when Rick told u he licked it. Lolol at least u know it's real. 😉 I love anything to do with salt. Sounds weird but I have healed many things with salt. Thanx for the video

  2. I have the Amir Essential Oil Diffuser!! Love It! Peter from Amir is very good at his job!! Than man needs a raise! I contacted him through FB and he responded quickly! I'll be checking these products out! Thanks Noreen!

  3. Those are awesome. The block one very nice. Sounds like the benefits are phenomenal. Thank you for taking the time to share something that is helpful to our health. Much appreciated. Hope your having an amazing day. 🙂

  4. Omg I laughed so hard when Rick said he may have licked it. I so needed that today thank you 😊

  5. Love Himalayan Salt Lamps. Have a little one that holds a Tea Light Candle. Want to get some for the house when we settle. They are just awesome for relieving headaches and just cleaning the air. They are also great to have close when using the computer.

  6. I own one of the night lamp one. But I was not sure if I can leave on all night because it felt a little warm right before I was going to sleep. So it's okay to leave on all night?.thanks for this video.

  7. I love my Himalayan pink salt lamp. I have it on at night while I sleep and the quality of my sleep has greatly increased…almost immediately!

  8. I love my Himalayan salt lamp! And I wish that it had a regular light bulb but mine comes with a smaller light bulb. I hope to replace all of our lamps soon because I really do feel like they do help me and our family!!!

  9. I love my salt lamp, and yes they do taste salty. Mine is a large table top version. I had placed mine on a shelf in my bedroom as it gives a beautiful romantic glow. A few months later my shelf began to bow, then I realized my shelf was soaking wet and my books had been wicking up the moisture. Salt crystals had dried into the pages of my books. My shelf had to be replaced. Problem solved, it now rests on a salad plate and I check and drain off the water every few days. It looks magical and I still love it.

  10. My doctor has one in his office! I just thought it was pretty but after sitting next to it I found that the air surrounding the lamp felt lighter and fresher.

  11. The salt lamps are beautiful. ***Just a heads up thou in a youtube video a lady's cat was making it a habit licking them, and she did not realize it, and her cat got dehydrated, and sick and eventually died because of licking the salt from the lamps. Please don't be upset for me bring this topic up, just giving people a heads up who have animals. Enjoy the pretty lamps, and just keep an eye on your pets safety.

  12. I have one of these lamps, I love it … planning to get a couple more now … I love the "pinky" romantic glow they give.

  13. My dd had one and put too large a bulb in it and had a fire. She gave me the same one with the same bulb so I've unplugged it until I can replace the bulb.

  14. WARNING, real Himalayan Salt may contain Fluoride Uranium Plutonium Strontium
    Cobalt Arsenic Cesium Barium Mercury Lead Radium Thorium Lithium Beryllium Boron
    Sulfur Scandium Selenium Cadmium Tellurium & is unsuitable for use as food
    or industrial use without purification to remove its many more Impurities

  15. My Sister gave me a Salt lamp a couple years ago. I got it in my Bedroom, and a smart timer turns it on about 6 hours a day. I have had no real maintenance to do other than dusting it. I can't honestly say I have felt any health benefits, but they are nice to look at.

  16. Thank you for the input…i always loved pink salt in food as lamps and omg their breathtaking rooms and caves. Today i got one as a gift a small one that changes colors and now since i plugged it in i don't want to let it go, lol…looks like i'm off to get another one ^.^''' Namaste

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