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  1. Hey Matt, I need a deal on a home appliance. I need to find a good deal on a new refrigerator for mom. can you help a brother out. where to go, particular brands? she wants it to have an icemaker with water/ice dispenser too. some direction please?

  2. Looks great! Our home has two smaller lamps and I like the modern look of this one, thank you for sharing your review. We're told it really may help those with respiratory ailments, just yeah, might not seriously feel it always or at first & …what's the harm? Salt does purify. Thanks again, Matt for your vids 😀

  3. Matt, so many positive comments – your product selections are so useful to many people! Thanks, Joyce😊

  4. I've always loved the look of these lamps. Now with your endorsement I think it's time to buy! I don't know if I believe I'll sleep better but I do agree with you that it's really beautiful and relaxing! Keep those great deals coming!

  5. Matt – u do a great job!! Cannot believe the range of products you review!! Keep it up – Mad hatter

  6. We have a similar one & it's a great nightlight!!! I agree with Matt, not sure about the holistic properties but it looks nice 😃a

  7. Love it. I am ordering one today. My friend is a massage therapist and she bought one and swears by it. Thanks!!

  8. well i dont knw if its the same bt last month i went to kewra ( northern pakistan ) i saw how it was extracted and after viewing everythng there werethese lamps as some other things tht people were selling there and another thing i noticed inside the mine was tht es i cold breath better and the gide told s tht many deseases are cured throught this salt mine .. i invite u to visit it to 🙂

  9. I did try the pillows and love them.  Took a little getting used to how high they are, but definitely and improvement.  Not sure about the salt lamp, though.

  10. Re, the salt rocks, I have a space, on my nostalgia shelf that holds my Pet Rock, Mood Ring, and a Lava Lamp. I think this would fit in nicely. 😁

  11. Maestro, I don't know if I'm sold on the health benefits of this lamp (Have you ever seen a lot, if ANY, healthy Himalayans walking around?) and I'm afraid if one of my grandkids or a neighbor's dog gets ahold of one of these rocks I may find them sticking them in their mouth, sucking on them like they were hard candy or worse yet, lodging one of them up their nose or something. (This would apply to my grandkids, not necessarily to the neighbor's dog. Unless, of course, one of my grandkids succeeded in jamming one up the neighbor's dog's nose! NOT A GOOD THING! But I digress.)
    With all that being said, however, I do like the way it looks.
    Congratulations to Missy for winning!
    Last thing, and a peculiar observation on my part, but your skin looked much better in this video than when you were filming at the news station. I guess being home not only makes you feel better but makes you look better as well! 😀

  12. Negative ions are associated with the seashore, waterfalls, and being in the forest. It is not magic, the sense of well-being isn't imaginary, there is a higher concentration of negative (as in charge, not bad) ionization in these places.
    Stress, city living, and being around electricity all of the time throws us into an overly positively charged state, which accelerates oxidation in our bodies, and we become unbalanced, with a depleted immune system.
    The salt lamps are subtle, and the slight warmth of a small bulb increases the release of negative ions into the air.
    Using kinesiology (muscle testing) dramatically shows the impact of these salt lamps.
    Pink Himalayan salt is also highly recommended for their trace minerals and best used in cooking. If the Tibetan monks like it, it is surely good.
    I've had them at work next to my computer and at home next to my bed. I love them. The impact is not noticeable, may be only placebo. It seemed like they have a calming sensation.
    What sold me was when I was shown how much stronger having a piece of the rock on my person helped to ameliorate the weakening effects of my mobile device had on me.
    Thank you for looking into it and having an open mind.

  13. Bought one.  It's rather small.  It may be too small for our large bedroom. It is pretty but if I were to buy another Himalayan salt lamp I'd buy a larger one.

  14. I have a similar type lamp I like you am not sure of the health benefits but it's unique and I like the lighting

  15. Found a lamp on clearance at the grocery store. Those lamps are expensive! I got it for my boys at a steal of $8.23. Glad I'm watching reviews.

  16. Hi Matt! Just found your channel, and I'm loving your quick reviews and of course saving us money with your deals. Thanks for sharing! I just got the levoit elana salt lamp that I will be posting my unboxing on. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  17. Not convinced in the holistic health benefit claims. Would need to see some hard science back that up.

    As for the people who swear by it, again, not convinced. Some people will swear by anything, if they want to believe strongly enough. I have no doubt there's a placebo effect at play.

    On a positive note, I do think Himalayan salt lamps look nice, so they're not a complete loss.

  18. I don't know about all the health benefits. But I have chronic insomnia and this helps me sleep. Its a warm glow that feels really soothing and calming.

  19. Just a warning to others, take what he says with a grain of salt. He gets paid by these companies to review their products.

  20. I think there beautiful just to have in the home i just bought one at terra 20 yesterday ill give it time and see if it works or not

  21. There bs 😂 there isn’t salt mines in the Himalayan’s they come from India and ect. Yes it’s a nice lamp but if it took the positive ions which cause cancer and pretty much stops cancer? Don’t you think it would sell a lot more?

  22. Regular salt does the same thing. Apart from the ambient glow, it sucks moisture from the air…just like table salt. If you like moisture in the air, this is not for you

  23. Mac would you answer a question? Mine is on my book shelf headboard. I wake up with something like a headache, but once I am out of the room, I am fine. It has only been four days. Will this change? I live now in a coal heat house and have coal dust to clean off surfaces when I dust along with the usual dust. I do get headaches, so could this be working on me, too?

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