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Heather’s Top 10 Favorite Movies (Part 2, Bill did Video Part 1) Men, Women Fun & Relaxation over 50

Heather’s Top 10 Favorite Movies (Part 2, Bill did Video Part 1) Men, Women Fun & Relaxation over 50

Hey awesome ones, hey awesome ones. So perhaps
you have seen Bill’s top 10 favorite movies. Again just to let you know we did
this video on our favorite movies. It ran about an hour long….our favorite repeat
movies. Yeah watch over and over again, but
the video that we did was about an hour long. So hey this is part two and it’ll
be, my favorite movies this time that we’d watch over and over again and also
I’m going to talk about some documentaries some TV shows and also
Christmas movies. Sounds good. It all starts in just a few seconds. do you want to know my top ten? I certainly do. Well
I don’t think a lot of people have heard about my number one movie, but it is
called, Regarding Henry. Oh great movie. Really and you know I was
really surprised when I met you that you even knew about this morvie. It stars
Harrison Ford and we talked about rags to riches
this is riches to rags. Oh yeah riches, maybe not rags you know .Yeah but what
happens, what happens to him is….don’t give it away,
but….but anyway I just want to….without giving it away, it’s one of those stories
where Lamborghinis and Rolex watches and all the stuff that people accumulate
thinking that if they accumulate all this stuff they’re going to be happy and
the story is really about realizing that those are really not what makes a life
and what makes happiness. Yeah exactly what you truly love and
value in life. Hey don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having
you know a Rolex watch or you know a big expensive car not at all,
but you’ve got to know where your priorities are you know ,I mean I always
said to Heather and this is another shock or coming from me.
Heather it’s just a car. What? You know as much as I love a nice car, you know if
something happened to it, fine but if something happened to her or little
Hurricane or the kids that’s completely different. So it’s all about the
message I think in that movie if you agree. And I’m putting that on
my Christmas list. I don’t have that movie. I want to see it over and over
again. The next movie that I have here you’re going to probably find a trend
with me because I’m really rags-to-riches. I love these. You’re
very inspirational. Yeah I love inspiration and maybe
this is where I get the whole sharing of inspirational things
you know from a lot of what I read a lot of what I I listen to even YouTube
videos that I watch a lot of. This one, Pursuit of Happyness
True story, yeah well based on a true story made by
Hollywood, but it was a great one with Will Smith and his actual son was in
as well. And that was definitely a rags-to-riches yeah.
Oh that’s exactly right yeah and and I’m not giving it away because now most
people know about the movie, but no that one was great great movie. So the next
one I have here, yeah this one’s a weird one to have on my list is, Limitless. And
you’re seeing a bit of a trend here but what I liked about this movie, I
mean that we have a lot of dark areas in it as well but Robert De Niro, Bradley
Cooper. What is that the human brain, like what
we’re capable of it and that’s what….. everybody sees movies through a different
way and that’s one of the things that I love about this movie is potential. You
know and kind of rags to riches to that one. Very good movie. Alright so the
next one on my list is, Joy. This is a true story, made in Hollywood and it was
Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, Oh Bradley Cooper again and no I don’t
have a crush on him, but this was a great great story and she was one of those
home network shopping kind of people and also what I loved about her was she’s
really family-oriented she….she really tried so hard to to help her family love
her family and I really resonated with all that and you know like helping out
people in our family and all that sort of thing. And she did it at her
own cost. I’m not saying you have to give everything that you have up for other
people, you need to love yourself as well, but great story there, a great story.
Good choices so far. Yeah I’m…. so the next one that I absolutely laugh out loud at, was
Turner and Hooch. And it’s about this big dog and Tom Hanks is in it. The first
time I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing. I just thought this was so hilarious and I
remember I went over to your mom’s house one day and I was kind of watching her,
you had to go somewhere with your brother and I turned it on and I just
couldn’t stop laughing, I think she thought there was something wrong with
me because she’s saying are you okay, you’re laughing an awful lot and I just
I’m sorry I’ve seen the movie like six times and they still laugh out loud. So
Turner and Hooch is a really great movie. The other thing is that the other day I
said to Bill, oh one day I want to go to an actual movie theater and and what
movie did you say….it was an animated movie with superheroes….. Oh The
Incredibles.- and I went no way, you want to take me to see that? I
would love to see that like how many guys over 50 take their wife out and say
let’s go see an animated movie, it was just fantastic. But it’s…it’s one of those
animated movies that is geared towards adults. Yeah you know the humor
especially the humor that’s dated, maybe back in the 70s and 80s that you know we
would get more than a kid. It’ was great. Love it. We go to the late shows when we
see that though, so there’s not 20,000 kids there, just screaming and yelling
and throwing popcorn and stuff like that, but no that was a great movie and
you know Bill we go and see The Fast and the Furious, remember that time we went
and the chairs all moved and so we do see the testosterone movies
definitely we do that too, but about a week ago we saw Christopher Robin. Yeah
yeah Heather mentioned that. Christopher Robin I love love love love.
I’m a big fan of tigger, but it was so amazing and Pooh had all these messages.
So if you ever see it listen to Pooh, he’s the bear and that was really great.
It wasn’t really on my list, but I wanted to mention it.
Number seven of course has to be Titanic. That was on my
list. I know I stole it, but the first movie Bill took me to, this is my first
date movie, was Day of the Jackal. There’s a lot of gore and shoot him up some stuff like
that so I think I’m gonna not call day of the jackal my big romantic movie.
Titanic is definitely , so that’s on my list.
Number eight is Forrest Gump. For me another classic. Yeah the first…I’ll tell
you something. First time I saw Forrest Gump, I thought it was so sad. I thought it
was kind of sad. I didn’t get it. I didn’t really get it and then people kept
saying you know oh gosh you didn’t get it, maybe you should watch it again. So I
watched….of course it’s on television like a hundred times, so I watched it
again and then I started to get it. I really started to get that there was a
lot of messages, right the humor it wasn’t really making fun of somebody it
really was great, I mean I just felt sensitive I think the very first time I
saw it so and some of you might feel that way watching some movies but now
that I’ve seen it I realized that it is it is a beautiful story of especially
with your brother what a lot of people can do who have challenges and I mean it
was a Hollywood story, but it still really really inspires me and inspires
me in a way that when I do see people like your brother I know he’s a
wonderful human being and I’m very very proud of your brother really yeah. Okay
um next one, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Classic well it’s a….
and this is the 2000’s version with Ben Stiller. I think they made it back in the 50s or
something like that, but this movie it’s about ordinary people and let’s
face it 99% of the world ordinary people and living their lives, but how wonderful
each and every human being out there is and how you might think I’m just me and this
sort of thing, but you touch people you know you really you really touch people
whether you’re a fantastic mother a fantastic father a fantastic teacher or
or employee or whatever he was an employee and it’s just….it’s just….if you
know, excuse me ,if you know the story of The secret life of Walter Mitty, he was a…like a mild-mannered guy who dreamed about himself as the hero in all these
different scenarios you know, like a fighter pilot and so on and so
on, but to me the message of this was you, are already a hero in what you
do in your daily life, you just you just don’t see it and that’s why I love it.
And the other thing I loved about that movie, just before we move on to the next,
the sound track.New he’s gonna say that. You’ve gotta check it out. Yeah it’s just
wonderful. I think so anyways, but you gotta check it out.And we have that
on our ipod. We play it quite a bit. Ok and so last but not least for me is,The Matrix.
Boy does this sound great with woofers and and speakers if you’ve got surround
sound .Oh my gosh this is great again um another and I know there was a whole
series of this, but it was another kind of those movies where I don’t even know
how to explain it, it was kind of, it was cutting edge at the time because of all
the you know yeah slow motion / special effects yeah it really was
and I also found at times do you take the red pill or do
take the blue pill, sometimes we do have a choice there and from you know the
most amazing life in the world or reality and you know he chose reality.
Again I’m not giving much away but I don’t know did you find I’m kind of deep
with these stories. Let me just dissect this a little bit because anyway, but that’s that’s
what I love to do, so let’s talk about documentaries. Right, right, so….to
me the best documentary and I’m not the only one that said this….is an Academy
Award winner from 2012 and I have the t-shirt on – Searching for Sugar man. Now
we can’t tell you a lot about this doc but Bill and I loved oh we love history,
great documentary Searching for Sugar man. If you get a chance to watch it, watch it
right to the end. it’s a true story that
will blow your mind, yeah it’s just amazing so I just wanted
to mention that. Also documentaries Planet Earth. This is a BBC,
unbelievable you know how they they look at the earth, yeah just the video the
photography they’ve done in making it was stunning, yeah so you know definitely
take a look at and you want to watch it over and over again and you know just
it’s just amazing they go into the oceans and they they’ll show different
clips from different things, so it’s just amazing. The other thing I want to say is
do you have some favorite TV shows that you use too much maybe even from the
past? Like Bill and I we love….. do-do-do-do-do-do…..
the Twilight Zone and these are all broken into the complete second season
and that sort of thing we actually marked down which ones we’ve watched and
you can watch like 30 minutes of these things at a time you know, those times
where you just you got 30 minutes or you maybe you have an hour, but you don’t
want to watch TV all night and boy these ones get you thinking as well so…. We’re almost done right now, but I think
I would like to talk about Christmas time. And where are our Christmas ones. I think
they all fell down here somewhere, but I’ll just talk about them.
Christmas Vacation. Classic…. it is classic. Just that what’s that type of comedy…..
slapstick, thank you, that type of physical slapstick type comedy I just
love it. Who are they…. who is in it again. Anyway
it’ll come to me, sorry I just drew a blank, like but you guys know who it is anyway,
Chevy Chase of course, but it’s the kind of movie especially around
Christmas time that when the family is over you can have that playing, it’s good
for your mom, it’s good for your brother, it’s pretty clean and everybody enjoys
watching it. So you can see that one over and over again and we’re gonna
leave you with I would say our favorite over and over and over again
Christmas movie…..Die Hard? No what’s our favorite real movie that we would
just go to any time we’re kind of feeling down or anything, what’s the
favorite movie. The Family Man. The Family Man, people are probably out there
going what? I thought it would be A Wonderful Life. I like
A Wonderful Life, don’t to be wrong, but The Family Man. Nicolas Cage Tia Leone,
yeah just oh great cast, again riches-to-rags,
pretty well yeah ,yeah mr. it’s almost like that red pill, blue pill
which path do you take and sometimes you take the wrong path or the wrong pill
and this is about a second chance. Yeah you know about finding what you really
love and who you really love and you know there may be people watching out
there that don’t agree with some of the things that we’re saying, but it’s
obviously called The Family Man and I’m not taking anything away to say that he
was a hotshot Wall Street guy who didn’t need anything. He didn’t need anything, I’ve got everything in my life, well okay then he sort of takes the red
pill sorry and is put into a family so magic, I think it was an angel or
something you know like ,we’re just not doing it justice ,no no but it’s better
you but how being a family man changed his entire life. So there you have it, we
might as for bringing somebody else into the picture here because usually, need a
haircut again….usually little hurricane he’s curled up on the couch with us when
we’re sitting back and watching movies and he’s kind of enjoying them with us
and of course we enjoy all of our subscribers. I hope you would, you like
listening to our movie choices and that sort of thing and remember that Tuesdays
are inspirational food, travel all that sort of thing and then of course Fridays
are beauty and fashion and I don’t know it’s just we love to share
this with you, this is kind of like a fireside chat and we thought let’s just
share with people when we’re looking forward to seeing those comments we
really will notice new yeah always know what you you loved what you thought of
our choices yeah that’s great. So I guess until the next time we speak
again and enjoy those cold rainy awful days Cozy up,
enjoy a movie and keep it awesome. Keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to
subscribe and join us on our videos.

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  1. Hi, it's Heather here, if you want to see links and more info on our favorite movies check out our new storefront at https://www.Amazon.com/shop/Awesomeover50

  2. Great list! Titantic was on the other night and even though I have seen it many many times, I watched it again and cried again! BTW everyone has a crush on Bradley Cooper!!

  3. "Christmas Vacation" was hilarious!!!!!! Chevy Chase!!!!! I watch it every year. "Home Alone" is also pretty cute and I do like "Die Hard" as well! I am glad you got the "Forrest Gump" message ! My son is 20 and on the Autism Spectrum and I am the proudest mom ever! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your time in making this video. We enjoy your choices as well. Another fun movie is Six days seven nights with Harrison Ford and Ann Heche. My hubby still loves the testosterone movies but that’s ok, we take turns seeing my movies which he secretly enjoys! Lol

  5. You both have great choices! The Waking of Ned Devine is a really cute one from our list of giggles! Sending you love and laughter!

  6. We've had "family movie night" for almost 18 years. Started renting VHS from Blockbuster, then DVD, then DVD from Netflix and now streaming from any service (Netflix, Amazon…) We've been working our way through the AFI Top 100 American Films. We've seen some movies that we never would have watched otherwise. Another very fun movie night is at #HATM. This is a group of mostly historians on Twitter who all watch the same Netflix streaming movie at the same time (that's the hashtag "Historians at the Movies" )and comment on it. Bonus if you make a dinner themed to the movie. Last week we watched "42" and from the historians we got great links to articles and info on athletes that crossed the color line in the 1940s to desegregate major league sports. (My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol (1951))

  7. Great suggestions! Some romantic films I rewatch each year are: "The Mirror Has Two Faces"….."The Way We Were"…..When Harry Met Sally"..Romancing The Stone….The Bridges of Madison County……The Notebook……The Prince of Tides….Starman….Murphy's Romance..Comedies are: Fun With Dick & Jane, Liar, Liar, Private Benjamin, Adventures…."True Lies"….Medicine Man….Entrapment….Casino Royale……The Lakehouse….Legends of the Fall….A River Runs Through It"….Inspiration "Chasing Secrets" and "Miracle In The Woods"…Fave Christmas movies: Christmas With the Kranks, Home Alone I and II, Polar Express, The Holiday and Little Women (of course)….

  8. Loved regarding Henry, such a great movie…..haven't thought of that one in quite a few years. My boyfriend likes all those Chevy Chase Christmas movies……we sit and laugh at those, I can walk away but he can watch it 3 times in a row….lol. I loved Forrest Gump, I seemed to lean more toward Bill's picks last week, haven't seen some of yours but you inspire me to watch them.
    Have a great day. always here Mary

  9. Great Review…..Regarding Henry is one of the Best Movies….A good Series is Love Come Softly Series, What about Bob is One of My Faves Too……Thanks You Two Awesome People….Oh and Hurricane too!……Jackie

  10. I like you two! Your personalities are so warm and caring. I like the old Star Trek shows, Twilight Zone, Miss Fisher Mysteries, Midsommer Mysteries – basically things that are clean, some suspense, mysterious. Movies that make you think and have you trying to figure them out. Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire, etc…shows that demonstrate real live people who receive an unexpected boost. Not really movies, but things I enjoy watching.

  11. I did watch some of the movies you mentioned in this video, some I like too… but I won't classify them as my favorite 😅
    My favorite TV shows past and current are: NCIS, Bones, NCIS LA, Rizzoli & Isles, Body of Proof, Elementary, Boarder Security (different countries), Emergency (different countries), Ambulance (different countries), house hunting shows and makeover shows…

  12. Hi Heather: Good list! My all-time (old) favorite is "Gone with the Wind". Saw it as a kid with my parents; loved it since. You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Jaws (first one), How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (fun rom-com), Phantom of the Opera (as I LOVE the Broadway show; movie is fabulous), John Wicke, Law Abiding Citizen – wow, there are so many. My faves run the gamut from old to new, heavy & dark to light & "fluffy"! Love your picks, too. Your hubby seems like a real sweetie – God bless you three. Rosemarie xo 🙂

  13. Hey Heather and Bill…………Ohhhhhh…..I made a note of " Regarding Henry " and " Limitless "…..they both sound really good. " Forrest Gump " is one of my all time fav love stories, whenever it is on, I have to watch it. I LOVE a good doc, thanks for the heads up regarding " Sugar Man ", that one is also on my list as well………have you and Bill ever seen the doc " Chasing Ice " it is amazing, check out the trailer, it might be one you would like to see. Awwwwww……" Family Man " YES, an amazing movie, I love it……..one of my all time fav Christmas movies is " The Homecoming " it is the story of the Walton's Christmas, and it brings back so many lovely memories from the 70's………thanks s much for sharing Heather, definitely some must sees here, take care 🙂

  14. I love "Christmas Vacation". It's so funny & familiar. BTW, my 2 favorite parts are about the super-sonic sled & the mad squirrel, lol! I love "Forrest Gump" & "Mr.Holland's Opus". They both go through the good ol days and the music is great too.

  15. Hi Heather
    Great selection of films you have there. There is definitely nothing wrong with watching inspirational movies.💕

  16. Hi Heather &Bill,
    I loved the film Turner andHooch,
    Also loved Big film, with tom hanks, and the Money Pitt, also with Tom Hanks,
    National lampoon Christmas vacation, like to watch that at Christmas every year:)
    Watch a lot of animated films with my grandson, I like Ice age, animated film,
    Back to the Future, with Michael J Fox, new film coming out soon:)
    Thank you for sharing it’s fun talking about films😄

  17. Although I don’t like horror films I really enjoyed Sixth Sense . Bruce Willis .What a great movie . But I’d guessed the twist straight away. Still enjoyed it.
    Love your choice of films Heather except maybe for The Matrix . I didn’t enjoy that one.
    Christmas Movie? The Holiday . Jude Law 💜

  18. Hello AWESOME ONES. Those were inspiring & wonderful movies, Heather. The first time that I saw Forrest Gump, I cried. I found it to be heartbreaking, humorous,& inspiring. I love Tom Hanks movies, & he's one of my favorite actors. Another of his movies that I love is "The Road to Predition". There's so many faves to choose from Tom Hanks library of films. I think that I'd like to check out the Secret Life of Walter Mitty; I've always heard good things about it. There are so many AWESOME movies that I truly love, I could make an extremely long list; LOL!!! Here's a few 1. An Unmarried Woman(Jill Clayburg) 2.It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World 3.The Proposal 4.Funny Girl 5. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 6.Misery&The Stand 7.300 (I think that Gerard Butler is such a HOT/SEXY man. I think that he's a great actor & I love his accent. 🙂

  19. Heather, here's a few more of my favorites: cool hand Luke…the bounty hunter…Camilla(Jessica Tandy,Hume Cronyn&Bridgette Fonda)…running down a dream(a Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers documentary which features Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, & Ringo)…Woodstock: 3 days of peace, love & music…the Andy Griffith show….Gunsmoke…the Rifleman….Steel Magnolias…. Postcards from the Edge….Sullivan's Travels. See, I could still go on, but I won't. LOL!!! You & Bill have got great taste in movies, I love both your lists. Great video my lovelies, give my favorite little Yorkie a big hug.:)

  20. Oh my gosh – is Planet Earth just not the best?! Incredible that they took years putting those together. And Bradley Cooper may be my favorite actor. But my favorite television series – hands down – is Downton Abbey. If you haven’t seen it, it’s amazing. They took such great care in recreating all of the time periods it spans. Your two movie favorites videos were just great. Made me look for a few of them on Netflix and Amazon.

  21. Lovely list. Forrest Gump is a wonderful movie, and Turner and Hooch is just hilarious. Great choices, Heather. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. I have NEVER seen Forrest Gump! You really nailed it, Heather! I think I'm looking at it from being sensitive…I'll have to reconsider it now because of you!

  23. I love this. Heather you have wonderful taste in movies!! I really am a fan of Documentaries as well. You are both a breath of fresh air for those of us over 50!!

  24. My favorite Christmas movie is "November Christmas" with Sam Elliot, I also love Christmas Vacation, make sure to catch it every season. I have watched it like 100 times. Great movie. My favorite movie of all time is "Giant", watched it about 100 times also!! The Godfather 1 & 2, Murphy's Romance, Legends of the Fall, Bridges of Madison County, Forrest Gump, Man From Snowy River (love movies filmed in other countries), Shawshank Redemption, Rear Window, Some Like It Hot, Dirty Dancing, The Birds, Terminator 1 & 2. I also love animated movies, my favorite is Shrek (all of them), The Incredibles, Cars, Toy Story and Despicable Me…they are fantastic now. Can't watch movies with animals , they always die and I cry and just can't take it. Thanks for sharing your choices. Some great ones.

  25. Thank  you Heather for your movie list!  I'm always looking for a good movie.  I watched, "Searching for Sugarman" and just loved it!!!  What a great movie and documentary!   You guys were right, you have to watch the whole movie.  Thank you again!

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