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  1. I don’t understand the point of the video, obviously the machines will win the effort and time category every time

  2. For some reason I conclude that the reason why the handmade’s better was, because of his sweat that went to the food. It sounds gross but old days (maybe now) still does that.

  3. Just to let you know you keep on talking when you did the pasta machine so you keeped on talking and talking so wanted more time

  4. Did anybody notice that when he’s giving the points for chopping the onion he says hand made gets 2 points but the counter only adds one look for yourself at 3:31 just look at the right side

  5. I'm Chinese, so every time my mum makes dumplings; she would have to knead the dough for like 30 mins. To be honest, it's not worth the time and effort.

  6. He should take all the time points away from the machine for how long it’ll take to clean it all and how much you had to work to earn the money to buy them

  7. Well I think it would be better to use an immersion blender instead of a food mill. It’s easier to clean and it makes everything smooth.

  8. This just proves he is lazy YOUR MAKING PASTA AND MEAT BALL AND SAUCE some people have nothing to make it with and make this a lot and done complain for example my family we make this a lot and don’t complain and I’m 12

  9. But isnt cooking supposed to be art, and we all know the best of artwork can only be made by hand and not machines.

  10. Disagree on a number of counts:

    Taste alone was not enough to justify doing it manually? Erm, OK Tasty…

    Too much waste making the tomato sauce. There was flesh not just skin and seeds being thrown away

  11. Thumbs down due to this being posted in July in America and hipster is wearing a winter snowboarding beanie. Another thumbs down because clean up of all those complex machines was no figured into the process. Who wants to clean a meat grinder? Not me.

  12. love it!!! i still prefer pasta machine though since it's much more consistent texture. and using hand for grinding meat is crazy for me lol

  13. “It should be like bread dough”
    Does this man know anything about pasta? Egg pasta dough is much firmer than bread dough when they reach the same amount of stickiness/tackiness. Unless it’s super rich it’s not as soft.

  14. Since my family is from italy we make tomato sauce every year. And at the end we celebrate by having a big feast. And it’s supposed to be by these set of rules that make ancestors came up with and that is everything by hand. And I laughed the hole time on the meat ball making cause we make sausage and I always have to do it. I swear it’s not fun a pain in the ass so I feel you

  15. he forgot that handmade pasta would give him the feelin of satisfaction and would feel good that he made this alone so he would have pride while the machine made would give a normal satisfaction and feeling

  16. I really don't have any of those machines except for the one he used for onions and it is nice to know that I can make handmade pasta just with a knife and a little effort 😀

  17. I orefer to do every thing by hand, the obly thing i wouldn't do by hand is the meat grinding. Ill keave that to my butcher

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